Australia facing supply issues with Windows Phone 7 handsets

Although yesterday was the big day for Australia and the Windows Phone 7 launch, not all is peachy on that side of the globe. Reports are coming in that there are some severe supply constraints going with various devices and that potential customers are none to happy about it.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, telco's like Telstra are selling the HTC 7 Mozart in 11 stores and that some of those are sold out already. Supplies are expected to be replenished next week and the LG Optimus 7 goes on sale on November 9th, to possible make up for shortage.

Vodafone also failed to put the 7 Trophy from HTC on sale, saying it will do so next week instead. Likewise mobile carrier Optus wont' start selling till next week (Samsung Omnia 7, LG 7 Optimus) and they expect limited stock.

On the plus side, demand seems to be strong but such tight supply on launch does not look good either. Just the other day, HTC was denying any shipment delays witht their lineup, yet that doesn't look to be the case now that things are on sale. Granted, OEMs are probably stretched thin between their Android lineup and now WP7 and supplying "globally" (or close to) within 3-4 weeks is always tight. Still, lets hope we don't see the same sort of thing play out in the States.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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Australia facing supply issues with Windows Phone 7 handsets


This report does not really do justice to the immense bungle that has been the Australian WP7 launch. The fact is, there are a lot more unhappy people this weekend than there are happy people, given only 1 out of 3 telcos managed to get anything released on October 21.

And even then it was only in a very select group of stores in the major capital cities!

Thankfully, it would appear that by the time of the US launch, the situation down here will be sorted out. I was just hoping for an iPhone-like launch, as I've never really been the sort to get in on a platform on launch day. It would have been nice to have been a part of the hype. ;)

Still, we've got worse problems in Australia - like the lack of Zune Pass... :P

Telstra reserved whatever stock they had for people wanting to go on contract as well, but the mozart is retailing for $849, that's more than $100 more than the Desire, for what seems to be 3 megapixels on the camera, and an unchangeable SD, and some bling. I was really not impressed, I think I'll be waiting for a while, or the HD7 from Vodafone.

Not the best orchestrated launch. Perception can be negative when a product launch is lacking an acceptable level of... product. Press coverage starts to center on lack of supply... disorganized start... the Old Spice guy... no multitasking... no cut 'n paste... all they're missing are the WP7 Pride Clowns: http://goo.gl/1bfO

It seems other carriers are holding off on selling devices till they can get enough in next week or into the first week of Nov.

Really it seems the demand did turn out higher than they expected, it seems they're all still hung up on iPhone and Android and thought WP7 would be like WM6.5.

I doubt the same will be the case in the US if that old report about AT&T ordering something like 8 million WP7 device is true. Plus they have a few weeks extra to get shipments in and stock up.

Guys, you've waiting this long, another week or two won't hurt you, I can't get one in Greece either.

same problems here in Germany

T-Mobile starts selling the Mozart November 3d and the Omnia 7 mid of November

Vodafone has only a few LG E900 in the shops, available in the Vdf online shop within 48h

o2 HTC HD7 none it the shops, first online orders have been marked as shipped today

E-Plus nothing at all

It is just one mess!!!! Launch date was yesterday but apparently none of the hotlines knew about windows phone 7

The same problems in france with Orange, SFR and Boguyes

It is such a shame that the big european comanys (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, o2.....) which control almost the whole mobile phone market worldwide screwed it totaly up!!!