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Aviary photo SDK coming to Windows Phone, featured on Nokia


Good news for your shutterbugs out there, Aviary (, a photo-editing startup company will be releasing an SDK within the next two months for Windows Phone. The company specializes in image enhancements and providing effects for on-board photo editing on mobile phones. The system is already available on iOS, Android and web applications, so Windows Phone seems like the next logical step.

The company's decision was partially driven by Nokia's focus on photography, especially their use of Carl-Zeiss lenses. According to Paul Murphy, a vice president at Aviary, “At a hardware level they’ve just done everything right".


Interestingly, Paul Murphy is also an ex-Microsoftie and used to work under current Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, so we imagine having some of those connections played a roll too. The SDK will be free to anyone for all Windows Phones but will be first "showcased" on Nokia to show the potential of their software. While the SDK is free, the company brings in revenue by offering more premium features at a cost to developers. Finally, the company has close to 400 partners which they hope to leverage in getting more Windows Phone photo apps created.

Good news all around and we look forward to seeing Aviary tech in future software packages from devs.

Source: GeekWire; Eiffel Tower image via Shutterstock; Thanks, Stephen M., for the link!


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Aviary photo SDK coming to Windows Phone, featured on Nokia


Sounds lovlu. Recently been thinking about language support and feel abit concerned about the lack of it. Any ideas if its just a state now and something developers not been looking in to deep currently? I mean is something technical preventing it? Native language is important to people in Sweden. And its my believes that its hampering potential customers on our market.
Just some thougts