Bad news: Windows Phone app Joe Belfiore teased has been delayed


We've got some bad news, folks. Remember Joe Belfiore teasing a new Windows Phone app the other day? Unfortunately it turns out that the app isn't quite ready for release yet, so it has been pushed back slightly. Are we any wiser on what to expect? No, but we're still eager to see what Belfiore is getting rather excited about.

Boo. Now before anyone attacks Belfiore for teasing and subsequently letting consumers down, he did manage to publish a tweet that details how the app is being developed and published by another company, so details cannot be revealed unless the company in question wishes to announce the app. Makes sense. Still, we're waiting to see what's on the horizon.

While the app has been delayed, we can't imagine it'll be long before we're all able to head on into the Windows Phone store and check it out. Good news? We now know that it won't be US only and Belfiore did tease a second app that could be hitting the store this week, though it's noted that it's difficult to know when developers will hit the publish button.

Source: Twitter (@joebelfiore); thanks, Agent-P, for the tip!


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Bad news: Windows Phone app Joe Belfiore teased has been delayed



It's cool that we are getting apps, but it just kind of reminds me of a little kid that has 20 gifts to open up on Christmas. Anticipation, anticipation, a n t i c  i    p      a   T    I      OOOONNNNNN!!!!!!  rip open, set aside, rip open, whatever, rip open, where's the next, rip open, ok, rip open wheres my Chase app..*heavy breathing* INSTAGRAM WHERE ARE YOU!!!!, ya maybe here, cool game app?, whatever.. *HUFF* *puff*...That's it? OH I have one more coming but I have to wait? Ya..so I have a bunch of new apps those are so last week. funny.

That sneaky little leprechaun wants to keep that pot of gold to himself! You just wait little buddy, your time will come...

I just hope it isn't delayed too long, otherwise ny excitement might start to wane a bit(but only a bit! I'll still be excited). And it's not like it's Belfiore's fault. He was previously told it would be released today so that's what he told us.

To be fair, I've really been appreciating how Microsoft (or Joe at least) have grown a pair recently and started talking about future apps/features, rather than running completely silent and keeping us guessing. The only real mistake Joe made was calling out Monday specifically, rather than just saying "in the next few days". Would have kept everyone excited and not given the haters something to complain about.

Typical Microsoft, hype something for days and then fail, I am getting rather tyred of this marketing BS from them.
Great products that get obliterated by shit competitors like .... because they can't get their marketing together. When will MS finally learn?

LMAO, calm down. Besides, if you could read at all you'd see it's not Microsoft's fault. The app developers/publishers fell behind and aren't ready to release the app. How is that Microsoft's fault?

Maybe if You could read you would see that it was Joe Belfiore who was hyping the app release for days and as far as I know he is from MS.
The bottom line is don't announce an exact date if you are not 100% sure. And I am also annoyed at all this cloak and dagger shit with every single release of a new MS thing. Just come out and say what you are planning to relese/update give a rough time estimate (e.g. which month to expect it in) and be done with it.
I don't see the point of keeping a product name or a future update a secret until the last possible second.
/end of rant

Yeah, it's so darned awful when a guy does like people want (give advanced notice to app release dates), only to have someone else do something wrong. Microsoft's just so terrible because developers missed their intended launch date.
You know, because nothing in the history of the universe has had delays before, and Microsoft has never released something on the day intended.

I guess you're one of those who blames the weatherman for being slightly off about what time of day it rains.

Its an app, it isn't the end of the world.

Hey John, do you want some cheese to your whine? Seriously, you need to learn to relax - try some yoga, or classical music ... Or what ever gets you down. If you react that hefty to every fly fart you will probably die a heart attack more sooner than later.

You forgot a signature to your comment: " -- sent from my macho garage, while high-fiving my buddies"
Look, I don't care for Instagram either nor am I gay, but have some respect for others for crying out loud.

Agreed. I understand some people use "gay" to describe something negative, however it offends a lot of people- even those of us whom aren't gay.
Lol, at the macho garage and dudes high fiving quip.

Telling someone to "stop being offended so easily" is a massive steaming pile of bullshit. Maybe in your head it somehow justifies your selfish behavior, and makes you feel okay about having a complete lack of respect for other people. But in reality it just makes you part of the problem, not the other way around.

Hahahaha if I was easily offended I would take offense to you thinking you know anything about me. What I do know is it is easier to change oneself then someone else. Thus my making myself tougher and having my self worth coming from the truth I know about me, leads little left for someone to try and tear down by there words. Therefore people should not be so easily offended and those who seek to tear someone down will have little to work with have a good day sir/mam.

Good for you that you have thick skin. I'm sure many gays, blacks, or any other group with derogatory terms to describe them have thick skin to most stuff as well. Doesn't mean the language used is right or not inflammatory. I don't care to hear anyone using derogatory names in reference to black people. I try to show the same courtesy for others

I agree with you that such terms should not be used. My only point is that those to which such words take aim to harm should not be so easily offended. One cannot escape the fact that if the words held no impact they would stop being used by the ignorant that use them.

There are people who takes things to seriousely. If they do so, then they don't know how to enjoy life.

I dont like racist homhobic bashing of any kind but if you call something "gay" and using ot to mean lame or stupid and not ones sexual preference you need to spell it right.
Ghey= to describe ones lameness or lack of skills, as in online video gaming. example, camping behind that box is ghey.
Thats the definition.

Just a couple of notes...
1. It is homophobic
2. Homosexuality is not a race, so comments made against cannot be racist.
3. Ghey is not a word or a leet spelling. No one finds the need to really add letters to a 3 letter word.
Everyone is entitled to ones own opinion. This is the American way. If he wishes to be ignorant that is his right

I guess it's OK for you to make fun of macho guys in garages, though?  Please have some respect for macho guys in garages and their buddies.
See how easy it is to play your game?

We had a gay app last week. They can only give us so much happiness at one time. Joe knows how to play the game. He spreads it out just enough. Then after some teasing and playing he sticks it in just at the right time. Joe, you a bad boy... ;)

You're  a rough one. I like it when you speak dirty. Call me sometime, maybe we can fill that mouth of yours with something more delightful than dirty words. :)

Mildly humorous, but seeing how disgustingly homophobic and uncaring of others the community is on here is...disheartening. At least our mods aren't like this, and hopefully get around to cleaning up these comments.

That's it, THAT'S IT! This is the baw that stroked the camel's ass. I mean, stroke that baked the camel... I'm throwing my Windows phone under the bus. I'm going with that new Samsung Lumina 950 running that new OS - Lemon meringue pie, v1427. I hear it's badass.

Not sure whether Instagram would be calssed as a "fun" app or not. I guess maybe it would, but then if it was on the verge of being released, why would nokia release "2instawithlove"?

Because it makes Nokia look victorious and the good guy. Even if the app was coming no matter what. Purely a marketing stunt.

Temple run would be xbox right? So would be released Wednesday, and never planned for today. I'm thinking viber and facebook. Potentially instagram.

Im just saying 3 years and still no official NBA app come on now!!

No way, Joe is the guy who single-handedly writes all the WP code. He needs to quit goofing off and get back to work. And those 3rd party devs who are wasting their time writing some mystery app instead of fixing bugs in WP... it's just shameful I tell you. :)

"tons"? mmm no. Sure there are more things that could always be added but it's not missing "tons' compaired to Android or iOS.

Invertme is right. I was bitching and complaining about my 920 & missing features and apps. Then I got a Tab 2. Man Android is a hot mess, that lags like no tomorrow. I also had a Note 2 for a bit too, just to test those waters. I came sprinting back to WP! We may be missing a few features, but it's not as much as people whine about (my former whining included). Those functions will get here and I have no problem waiting anymore. It's much better than going to Android's lag or Apple's little phones. Just my opinion.

Quit being a baby man... People make mistakes. Yeah he spoke too soon, but it's all because he was under the impression because of the company that it'd be out today. Not his fault -_-. Plus he hyped it up so now people are more excited.

Oh for Christ sake.

People are simply NEVER happy. People want to know what apps and updates are coming. MS doesn't want to tell exactly because of cry baby reactions like this. But then when they're silent they're hit hard by the "MS isn't making any progress! Silence means WP is failing! The sky is falling!" crowd.

Why can't people just be adults and stop whining about tiny delays and insignificant events? Use your head... is this really a big deal? Very frustrating to see MS raked over the coals no matter what they do.

There are plenty of legitimate WP complaints. But this isn't one of them.

2instawithlove was made most likely to build hype. Maybe they already knew instagram was coming and wanted to take credit for it.

Or they could have used instagram as an example of how passionate the WP community is, to draw more devs and apps to the platform

As much as I don't care for it, one of these big releases needs to be Instagram. In today's world, you'll struggle to sell phones to the young crowd without instagram.

I've been saying the same thing. No matter how many times we say it, there's still going to be the "elite" who say "instagram is gay and a waste of time".
We need huge names like this to bring more people and devs to the platform, everyone wins :)

The people who care that much about Instagram ain't switching. They always want the latest fad app. They'll see that we don't have Vine and won't want to wait, or it will be the newest game that "all of their friends" are playing. Getting Instagram will cure iEnvy for about as long as it will take to square crop, filter and upload a picture of lunch. I bet that I the comments thread of the Instagram announcement, all the criers will shout "about time, now where is _______".

As I type the skies are growing darker, it is beginning to rain frogs and the ground is breaking up. C'mon Joe, you must release the app for the sake of mankind.

All I want is .WAV file support before anything else wav file. I have to keep an old Android around just to play my office VM....
Oh and then WellsFargo then I will stop complaining :)

Everybody wants to be the one to break a story or show off. Look at me! Look at me! Well, we're looking at you, Joe. Twitter and 24-second news cycles are a bad combination. ;-)

Oh I hope it's Instagram. I can't wait to take good quality pictures of food with my L920, ruin them with some hipster filter and then spam my Facebook wall with them.

(I actually hope it's Data Sense. You know...that app that was announced as a core feature of wp8 and then given exclusively to some north American carrier...)

I already do that with fhotoroom, lol. But wouldn't mind doing it on instagram as well. At least then I don't have to post to Instagram through my lag 2 ...err I mean my tab 2.

I don't think its instagram only because when they launched on android they had their own splash page and signup if you want to be notified when it arrives thing going on. Would people be pleased if we at least KNEW it was coming?

Why because you don't get what you want all the time. Jeez..... People are way too self entitled nowadays....

I don't care if its been delayed I just want to know what app it is so I can decide whether I should wait or not for the app.

Very silly & embarrassing.  I don't care about the app, but the fact that someone from MS tweeted an app would be available and then isn't is the issue.  He didn't tweet it out on a whim I assume, so obviously there is a disconnect within MS or between MS & a 3rd party developer.  It's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

Anyone who is so excited by an app when they have no idea what it will be and then is crushed or angry when there's a couple days delay is simply PATHETIC.

Grow up and realize you can't please everyone... some want to know early, some don't. Ignore it if you don't and it's just like it was never mentioned. Simple.
But most importantly stop whining like a newborn baby and find a cause that has a little more weight and importance. Give maturity a try... it's kind of nice not to we walking around pissed off over nothing all the time. What a miserable existence.

off topic a bit. here are lumia 520 camera test photo, from my country, vietnam. Seems like it's been selling well.

$190 (10% vat included) :)

off topic a bit. here are lumia 520 camera test photo, from my country, vietnam. Seems like it's been selling well.

$190 (10% vat included) :)

oops,somehow cannot insert image :(

eventhough, what kind of app is that, us 7.8 users may not even get it, windows 8 is the star now :(

Sounds like the developers for the app are to blame.  He probably was issuing Tweets based on their ascertion that they'd have it ready for release today.

can some one tell me when will the bluetooth share app be available? been waiting for this a long time! urgghh!

I guess MS will forever temp us with these teasers. at least they seem to come through more often than not.

He probably already has the app and wants to test it out first so he can show off it to everyone lol... Wonder if this app will work only for windows phone 8 only? Will it work for 7.5 & 7.8 users too,?

Isnt this typical any more?  I mean come on...updates dont even roll out on teased schedule and now this.  Its common place anymore.  Im still on 7.8 so whatever it is I probably wont even get it.  Could really careless.  If I could use Pandora on my phone would be nice.  You know what would be super fun...if they released windows phone 8 update for the older devices like my Lumia 900.  That would be the bees knees.

Feels like a child being robbed of there candy.
Now I won't die from this but it is unprofessional and can be seen as a sign of just another problem that Microsoft have in there organization.

Why are people mad at Joe for? If anything the app developer missed their deadline which they probably had promised MS.
It's not MS or Joe developing the app so go direct your crying at the developers for dropping the ball.

That's it!  I'm selling my phone!  You expect me to wait a few more days for an app that I don't even know what it is?!?! 

when people point and laugh at MS and WP users, this is example A. My expectations were tempered when they announced a couple of lackluster games this week, so this other app he mentioned didnt get me too excited. The elephant in the room is instagram. so anything short of that is a disapointment.

It might just be that updated FourSquare we saw at CES but haven't seen yet.
But I'd hope it was something truely new.

Uber isn't what I'd call "fun". Is it even a worldwide service? Besides, we already know that it is not releasing today.

Leaving the debate of "fun" out, it might not be the app Joe was referring to, but still a huge app for the platform. Surprised this app hasnt gotten more publicity in WPcentral.

Where do some of you people work? I need a job that allows me to comment on every article that WP or other sites put out... Fyi, on my lunch break.. Back to work now..

Like it or not, instagram IS going to help windows phone. And instagram is not about the so called crappy filters for god's sake it's the social side. Many pictures were not even applied with the filters, they were edited with another app like snapseed. Instagram got the normal filter which pretty much say your argument of it ruining the photo pretty invalid

Most of the girls I know don't even post pictures on facebook anymore, they constantly post on Instagram, which leaves the girls with Windows Phone absolutely hating it and feeling like they were ripped off with a crappy device. Even though they like everything else about Windows Phone more, the single most important thing to them on a phone today is Instagram.