Bad Piggies — the build-a-jalopy Angry Birds spin-off — comes to Windows Phone

Bad Piggies on Windows Phone

Bad Piggies, the pig-focused spinoff of Angry Birds, is now available for Windows Phone. The game, which inverts the point of view from the furious avians to the abominable swine, has the player build increasingly complicated and absurd vehicles to get the pigs around the levels, with the end goal of getting their hooves on the birds' eggs. Leveraging a lot of the physics work learned from their previous dud Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies uses all manner of mechanical bits — from wheels and springs to balloons and propellers and wings — to get the pigs moved about the level.

It took a good long while to get Bad Piggies onto Windows Phone. The game was first released back in late 2012 for iPhone and iPad, though it has seen substantial updates and expansions since then, all of which are included in the Windows Phone release. Bad Piggies features over 200 levels of vehicular hijinks and puzzles, and you can open 36 more by earning all three stars on every level. It's available now from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99.


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Bad Piggies — the build-a-jalopy Angry Birds spin-off — comes to Windows Phone


Microsoft's servers are down... We will have to wait... But it's amazing that this game is finally here ! :)

Had to open the wallet app directly and answer silly questions.


(so want to hide my games -- they belong in the hub not the menu!!)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bad Piggies it's free on Android and paid on iOS right? If I'm right I'll buy it, if it's free on both platforms then no.

Free on Android with ads and in-app purchases. There is a paid version in the Amazon store that removes the ads. iOS has a free ad-supported & paid version.

YES! Although it took a while, I'm definitely downloading this game after my phone finishes updating, excellent! Now if PVZ2 would come, I'll be one happy user.

don't the people that actually have PvZ2 not even like it? i heard it was just ridiculous with micro transactions to the point where it's not even playable.

I agree, game is not as good as the first part in my opinion. I played it for a little bit on my wife's iPhone and after completing first world got so bored that I went back to good old PVZ 1 on my Lumia. PVZ 2 is just pumped up version of PVZ with bunch of in app purchases and debatably better graphics. All the charm and beauty from PVZ 1 is just gone...EA just needs more money as usually they don't care about game quality.

PvZ2 was overloaded with IAPs right at first, but PopCap updated it and got them in check. The game is actually really fun now, with no real need to buy IAPs unless you want to make the game easier or get the premium plants.

Yes the store isn't avaibale since half an hour, India region. BTW good to see another Rovio game hit the Windows Phone store. Its not XBOX and still paid...Duhhh....

I mailed them last week showing a poster about bad piggies coming soon to WP which was released in 2012. They replied that they were sorry and will do something about it.
I didn't expect it this soon....

In fairness, getting an xbox banner for your game is hard work. I won't even start to talk about how long updates take too..

Yep this is a well known problem. Still Rovio managed it in the past, even updating their games frequently.
Now they stopped making Xbox games and I stopped downloading them.

It's about time considering it was announced at the same time with the other platforms! Thanks Rovio for not scraping it!

Games are still games, on Windows Phone or any phone. The point has always been and should always be to play them and have fun.

But if they're missing that crucial feature that makes them fun to some people--the social integration of Xbox achievements--then they can't have as much fun playing them.

Theese guys at Rovio are the worse thing I have ever seen. Take this game for example, Its built using unity game engine so its perfectly portable to winrt. Did they release it?

Of course not, they just ignore the platform.

So Good Night and Good Luck to Finland

It actually requires more work to make a Windows (RT) version from Unity than it does to make a Windows Phone version (things like screen size/state change handling, for example - the phone version can pretty much be generated strraight from Unity with no extra coding). Hopefully they can get it out there quickly because in my opinion this is a tablet game, not a phone game.


They've never released Amazing Alex (another great game more suited to tablet) on Windows RT though...


I had given up hope that Bad Piggies would come to Windows Phone...pleasantly surprised, and 99c is a bargain.

Fucking stupid, they say windows store reasonable number of apps and games,well it does, but problem starts when they are paid or not. Most of the free games on android and iOS are fucking paid on windows store. Fucking racist game developers..
Its like, Android has a huge market so publish a game for free and make money through underdogs (windows store). MOTHERF**KING RACIST DEVELOPERS, SUCK IT..

Wow...upset because a high-quality, polished game with 200+ levels costs $1...that is one of the saddest things I've ever heard.


And it's not free on either iOS or Android.


Do you not think developers deserve payment for their work? As far as payment goes you can't get much lower than 99c.


The sense of entitlement some people have astounds me.

Brother, i really want game developers to seriously paid for their work, but it's not about just bad pigges that i am talking about, many of the free games on android and/or iOS are paid on windows store and i am tired and frustrated about it. Is Windows really running that behind for game developers?

Free on Android , comes to windows Phone, puts 99 cents up your ass suck it , its not even xbox -.-

Rovio its like EA but for smartphones.