Ballmer disappointed, but optimistic about WP7

We all know that Windows Phone has hit some stumbling blocks in its first year of release, so it's no surprise that Microsoft would be disappointed with how it's gone so far.  Still, when Steve Ballmer says it, it's a little unnerving.  “We haven’t sold quite as many as I would have liked in the first year,” he stated at yesterday's financial analyst meeting.

The good news is that he followed up with some words of optimism:

“I’m not saying I love where we are but I am very optimistic on where we can be,” Ballmer said. “We’ve just got to kick this thing to the next level.”

And it wasn't just canned words trying to raise spirits, but words with reasoning behind them.  While acknowledging the lackluster sales of WP7, he also noted that Microsoft had created “a very strong third ecosystem” behind Android and Apple.  He also noted that the partnership with Nokia would be a boost to the brand because they are a "dedicated hardware partner that is all-in on Windows Phones," and thus will help make the push, unlike other manufacturers who have the hands in multiple operating systems.  Nokia is set to deliver their first Windows handsets as early as Q4 of this year, but certainly in Q1 of 2012.

Another reason Ballmer should be optimistic about the future of WP7 is Mango.  We have seen that it has already started creeping out in some places, and the prospects of future devices and upgrades look very promising.  Add to all this what is coming with Windows 8, XBox and Windows Phone coming together in unison, and you have what looks like a pretty nice road ahead.  Sure, maybe we hoped for a little more from WP7 in year one, but with what lies ahead, how could you blame Ballmer for getting excited?

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Ballmer disappointed, but optimistic about WP7


Anyone surprised? They did absolutely nothing to get the platform known, neither did their partners. We, the fans posted on forums, blogs, tweeted about the lack of advertising, bias and they did zip. No surprise at all he is disappointed, he should be ashamed as well.

I'm getting frustrated with a couple of things. 1. The lack of hardware and carrier availability. Windows Phone has virtually no presence on Verizon/Sprint/Tmobile and none of them have announced new handsets coming which makes me think we're just going to see a repeat of last year. 2. The slow release of finished software updates. There shouldn't be 3 months between the Mango RTM and carrier rollout. In all honesty Mango has been ready for prime time since July. Its not good enough to catch up with Android or be one step behind. They need to get way ahead of Google to turn the tide. The frustrating thing is that Microsoft developers are doing just that but their work is not getting deployed until long after it is done.It feels to me like way too much of the success or failure of WP rests in the hands of the carriers. Everything from hardware selection to in store promotion to TV advertising to software rollouts need to go through the carriers. And these carriers don't seem to be gung-ho about upsetting the Applecart. If the carriers continue flooding their stores and the airways with Android and iPhone then Windows Phone will never be anything more than an also-ran.

Please enough with "lack of hardware" comments-it is getting old. The hardware is plenty good enough for 90% of users out there.

I'm sorry to disagree with you but I must be one of those 10 percent who is dissatisfied with Verizon's approach. Compared to other service providers, Verizon has a long way to go in terms of offering a variety of WP devices. Furthermore, in most Verizon stores, the lone WP7 Trophy is essentially hidden in relative obscurity compared to the other brands being pushed. I am eager to see if they will offer an LTE WP7 device. Bottom line: for Verizon (and ditto for Sprint) there is a definite lack of hardware.

I see your point in that Verizon has only 1 device. Yep, that stinks-hopefully it changes with Mango. They probably want LTE devices. Verizon probably too in love with Android.I assume cool8 was talking about the hardware of the devices themselves-like 1ghz CPU's and 512mb and RAM and ROM aren't good hardware...

"We are not happy but...""...WM 6.5 will be great." -> "...WP7 will be great." -> "...WP7 Mango will be great." -> "...WP8 will be great."Same old story every year...

Well I don't have any experience with WM 6.5...but would ya look at that...WP7 is great, Mango will probably be pretty great, and WP8 will most likely be pretty awesome. So...stop complaining...

At least they didn't completely forget about WP7s like they did with the Zune, which is amazing MP3 player that no one knew about; but they aren't far off from that fate either as they have a lot of work to do to get the word out. Though I have noticed over the last two months I have seen Windows Phone advertised at more carriers and it is finally being plugged on the Xbox.Next year will be a much better year for the platform I think.