Ballmer: "Mango" phones coming this Christmas

Recently at the Imagine Cup 2011, happening right here in New York City, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave his usual keynote speech.

Towards the middle, he finally gave a nod to Windows Phone and even dropped some info regarding the 2nd generation "Mango" phones that we're all expecting late this year, including Nokia's entry:

"Windows Phone. You know, a year ago we didn't have a phone in the market. Now, we're charging forward with Nokia. We have the second generation of our phones coming out this Christmas, and people are starting to do things they had never imagined before. I love the applications that I saw for the Windows Phone from the people in this room, and the way you're pushing that device, and using that device. It was really exciting for me."

Some folks are interpreting his remarks as a sign of slippage on "Mango's" release, noting how Christmas is a few days post-Fall.

We're a bit more hesitant to make such a claim as it raises the question: Are new WP7 hardware releases tied to the software update? We're betting on "no". New hardware has a much more flexible release schedule and we see no inclination that Microsoft will hold off on the "Mango" software updates for current devices until new hardware comes out. Sure, it could happen, but we're not betting on it. Instead, we'll probably see a rolling out of new hardware over a few months ending 2011 into 2012. In other words, not much of a story here.

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Ballmer: "Mango" phones coming this Christmas


This is also Ballmer speaking -- not the Windows Phone group. He obviously has an idea of when it is coming out, is briefed often, but probably said Christmas to be safe.What if he said Sept. and Mango slipped to October... he probably said Christmas because there is no way it won't be out before then.

I take that to mean Mango will drop Sept/Oct to existing users and of course some new phones will be on hand for that release date, but some may not arrive launch day, and will be released between the Mango update release date and Christmas (Oct/Nov/early Dec). This isn't like the launch of WP7 where everything had to drop at the same time. I just hope there is a more plentiful selection released between Oct-Dec to all the major carriers so there are good choices all around.

Certainly we may not expect Microsoft to hold out on the software update for the release of new hardware.... but... I can ABSOLUTELY see AT&T keeping it in testing for existing users just so they can push Christmas sales of a Mango device.

I for one hope it's not December, I do remember JB saying MS had finished their code for WP7 alot sooner than devices were actually released. So it will be interesting to see how it pans out.One thing that has me slightly concern is the lack of info on dual core, does anyone know if these will be supported? I realise currently there isnt much need for one, but lets say I buy a Nokia phone this fall with base specs. WP8 comes along next fall and ups the minimum specs, what's to say it will run on 2 year old hardware specs?

Well, let's check some facts:1) Mango is announced for autumn 2011.2) Autumn starts September 21 and ends December 21.3) Christmas season normally starts around early/mid November.So "new phones coming out for Christmas" doesn't contradict the Mango autumn release date.

I have said it before and I will say it again.... I want to see Microsoft's calendar, because the language that they use is specific. For instance: Last year this time, we were being told WP7 would be out in time for the Holidays. Specific wording and the devices launched Oct/Nov. Fast Forward a year to now, previous to Steve B. saying this about Mango handsets for the Holiday's, the wording that was used for Mango has been Fall. Again, specific wording, as specific as the Fall and "The Holidays" can be of course. I am hoping that they go RTM with Mango around "Back to School", that will be the point the carriers will start testing! Come on Verizon and surprise me and approve it fast!!

I got torqued reading this so excuse me if I ramble on.I think everyone pretty much thought (myself included) that when mango was released (general feeling is septemberish) that there would be some new devices released with the release of Mango then the usual mass release of devices during the holidays. I'm upset to read that it sounds like he's saying there wont be any new devices when mango comes out. I paid full price for my HTC Surround when WP7 came out because 1)I wanted to be able to upgrade when new devices came out and 2)incase WP7 fell flat. MS wonders why when "analysts" projections come out and WP7 is kind of the same its been when it came out, far behind everyone else when MS throws out general times like "sometime in the fall" or 1st quarter or 2nd quarter. Apple could get away with it but usually they set a day and stick with it.I'm ready to get a new phone now and really want the Samsung Galaxy II if it comes to ATT. At this point I'll take it with Android if Ballmers words hold true and no new WP7 Devices when mango get released. At the end of the day everyone has their preferences of OS's. But they all make calls, test msg's and play dumb games to kill time. I wont be waiting til the "holidays" (seriously that covers like 3 months, this site and MS thinks they can say that and feel like they arent missing their target dates). sry got too many words dancing around in my head to make sense.

Oh man.I really hope the new devices come out asap, as soon as Mango comes out, hopefully in October.It's not that I want a new WP7 device (I wish), I just want the next "generation" of Windows Phones to come out so I can get myself a "first generation" (i.e. all the WP's out now) for

When is Microsoft going to do something about how poorly these phones are being marketed? Go to the Verizon website page for the HTC Trophy, http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/store/controller?item=phoneFirst&action=viewPhoneDetail&selectedPhoneId=5635&deviceCategoryId=1,click on "Explore Features," and one of the first things the video says is that the phone runs Windows Mobile. Really?! Are they trying to sell this phone or make no one buy it? Everyone has to admit it, Windows Mobile was terrible. But Windows Phone is gorgeous, refreshing, and wonderful! Microsoft should have called it a Zune Phone or something because until people (which sadly includes people who have the power to sell the phones) realize that WP7 is a million times better than and NOT THE SAME THING AS WM6.5, these phones are going to continue to sit on the shelves, Mango or no Mango.