BandWidth app gets cease and desist from Speedtest.net

Goodbye, old friend

Bad news for those of you who use the free app BandWidth for testing your internet speeds on your Windows Phone, the site SpeedTest.net has sent the developer a cease and desist letter.

Even though BandWidth doesn't advertise itself as a SpeedTest.net app nor uses their logo or name, it does use their servers for testing. Evidently the company decided to exercise their rights and they asked the developer Blake (aka 'microhaxo') to pull the app from the Marketplace. Blake has informed us that he'll do just that noting

"It was a great run, and I'm glad I was able to help so many people."

Indeed sir, it was a mighty fine app that we used regularly for our Windows Phone device reviews. The app was well designed, updated frequently, had no ads and was free -- what more could you ask from a developer?  (We've of course grabbed a XAP from the Marketplace for safe-keeping).

We could almost forgive SpeedTest.net if they were ready to roll out a Windows Phone app but so far we don't hear anything official coming our way.

Pickup Bandwidth v4.2 here in the Marketplace while you still can (ironically, it was just updated today) and check our the rest of Blake's apps here.


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BandWidth app gets cease and desist from Speedtest.net


I. Am. Furious. Fucking take away the of the BEST apps on the platform while simultaneously IGNORING the platform? That's balls.

Didn't know this app existed - would've liked to have it heh.
The silver lining is that at least the Windows Phone platform is known enough for cease and desist letters to even be issued!
EDIT:  Looks like I can still get it from the AU marketplace :)

Of course speedtest is being a female dog. I wish people specially companies just could get along. Ad speedtest why don't come up with your own app for wp7 before you acted like a female dog? But no of course you didn't think of that. Go figure. Dumb asses.

TestmyNet is not bad but BandWidth was more configurable.

For instance, LTE is so fast that that you want to download using the 17mb file instead of the default 4mb. Doing so gave you a better average speed instead of peak (a 4mb file on LTE is literally a split second).

Bandwidth did that plus it uses Geolocation to give you servers more near to you giving more accurate results.

I just used this on my Lumia ten minutes ago. LTE is very, very fast. Was going to delete the app after I tested speeds on my home computer tomorrow but now I might just keep it.

Maybe they tried to make a deal with Bandwidth dev but it fell through...
Will definitely check phone7market

Pretty sure that's not the case. Blake made no money from the app so any deal would have worked out for him. Plus i'm sure he would have mentioned that to us ;-)

Here is a recent tweet from speedtest.net when asked for a WP app:

We've tried to clone our development team for months, but the clones always come out of the vats as Zune developers. It's weird.

One day before that from Ookla (maker of speedtest.net)
"Keeping an eye on WP7, but no plans for an app in the near future. Focused on improving existing apps."

Thanks for the heads up. I just downloaded the xap file from the mkp using phone7market.
I have it installed already but I love having a backup copy even more.

Not available in AU marketplace :(.
The marketplace is small enough, must they really regionally fragment it right now?

If that is the case I'll be uninstalling speediest from my iPad and Android hardware and will refuse to use the site on my desktop. I'll switch to speed.io for that.
Bandwidth was a very handy app to see if something was up with my 3G connection on my Titan. If they're not wiling to support the platform, why not let the few of us use this third party solution or even better, buy it from the dev and make it an official app?

I quit using bandwidth, just too many obviuosly false readings.  I once got 20Mb on Sprint's 3G network. :/

We could start a Twitter campaign by letting Speedtest.net aka @Ookla know that we don't want the Bandwidth app scrapped. They can rebrand it, but there's is no need to scrap it as they don't have a WondowsPhone equivalent app.

usually the indie guy gets a c&d when an official one is forthcoming. It really shows bad form. Perhaps the sudden increase in traffic from WP users was making them look bad.

This is nonsense! What is the reasoning by Ookla? They alwyas encourage hosting servers and such, and if no copyright violation was violated, then why would they? I hope they're releasing their own app... I wonder if they're doing the same to similar apps on iCrap and Android...

twitter campaign....  #dontbelame @Ookla  ....way whatever you want after that.  Don't give in to Internet bullies.

SpeedTest.net should have offered to buy the app from the developper instead of killing it. Idiots!

I emailed speedtest a couple of months ago and their response was they have NO plans on make a app for windows phone. I think I still have the email in my IN box.

Surprised to see so many people upset over this. The app was free and had no ads? I wonder how he managed that... Oh, maybe because he was using another company's resources without permission.