Barclays Bank releases Secure Pass app

Secure Pass

Barclays, a UK bank, has released a passcode generator for Windows Phone. While at least it's something from the bank to customers who use Windows Phone, the app itself is pretty poor and limited. It replaces the passcode generator for security verification and looks like an iPhone rip. The app description is a beauty:

"Secure Pass is a one-time passcode generation application"

Sure, it may just be a passcode generation app and nothing more, but it should be a full scale experience that acts as a gateway to online banking. Are you using the app for banking, what are your thoughts on it? You can download Secure Pass from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks Tahiti for the heads up!


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Barclays Bank releases Secure Pass app


Exactly! they are afterall porting to Windows Phone. They could at least have the decency complying to the design language. the app just feels out of place!

They are trying to emulate the look of their PINsentry devices (except the iPhone style toolbar of course).

My god, that's awful... Kinda off topic, but why don't developers try to get the UI and UX right for Windows Phone? Sure, most apps look beautiful, but don't even have transitions, or use custom buttons and animations (like a loading circle, instead of using the dots).
Is it so hard?

Transitions for third-party apps are very slow and somewhat buggy (they are not the same as the ones used by Microsoft) - so I suspect that a lot of developers avoid them for this reason.

how does this work???
thought barclays online uses pinsentry
which needs a a card with chip
or memorable word and passcode for mobile banking

The bizarre thing about this is that so far Barclays did not release similar apps (or at least mobile banking apps) for any other platform also - so that's a real first for Windows Phone.
Then again, it's just a mobile pass app - not a much needed mobile banking app, so Barclays continues to be the worst of all UK major banks in that regard.
EDIT: Looks like this is NOT for Barclays Bank itself, but instead for Barclays Wealth (basically for millionaires - not for common folk like us). So it is not a replacement for PINsentry, boo!

Leave it in the queue and send a note to the developer of why it won't be used. Not Windows Phone worthy. But my question is, how did this get beyond the review board? Isn't there a standard set for Windows Phone apps?