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At Bat 13 updated for Windows Phone 8, just in time for the Playoffs

At Bat 13

At Bat 13 is a feature rich Windows Phone 8 app that will keep you up to date on all the action on the diamond. The app does a respectable job of delivering all the scores, stats, highlights, videos and news from Major League Baseball. You can even sign into your account to access your MLB.TV Premium subscription, access the Store and listen to streaming game broadcasts.

At Bat 13 was updated yesterday, taking the app to version and get it ready for the playoffs. The update includes a new section dedicated for the 2013 playoffs with filters for all post-season series and teams.

At Bat 13

Along with the post-season scoreboards, At Bat 13 will also have a post-season video section, in-progress video highlights, and lockscreen support that features scores and news from your favorite Major League team.

At Bat 13 was already a solid app to follow along with the Major League Baseball Season and with the latest update, the app will carry you into the Playoffs rather nicely as well.

At Bat 13 is a free app for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Josh, for the tip!

QR: At Bat 13


Reader comments

At Bat 13 updated for Windows Phone 8, just in time for the Playoffs


A good app for sure. Hopefully they don't wait until half way through the season to release it next year.

At the very least it should be easy enough for them to make minor alterations to this year's app and call it a day.

This is a great sign.  I was nervous when it was released that it would languish, but the fact that they're still paying attention to it must mean that it was downloaded enough times.  Hopefully that means they'll have it ready for next year, and maybe even release their At the Park app for us!

It's a good app, but not yet great. Too many bugs and slow refreshes on the scores. But I have hope for the future, this is easily one of the best looking apps for WP8. Keep the updates coming and it will soon be one of the best!

Why not have just an "At Bat" app instead of having to release a new one for each season? (And just release updates).

I think it has a little to do with the almighty dollar. You have to pay for it each season instead of one time with free updates. It was nice that I was able to get it for free on my Android device since I am an Premium subscriber (New to the windows phone game. Just got an 8X to get my feet wet into the platform) 
Was it the same for Windows Phone? 

I assume next years app won't have free audio streaming. Does anyone know if the audio streaming works after this update?

i disagree with the statement that this was a solid app to begin with. while the ability to listen to the radio broadcast was nice, trying to follow the game on "gametrax" was pointless and impossible. when trying to follow it live (like on gametrax), it would open the browser and not a mobile-optimized version either. for whatever reason, the live tile never updated with the scores of fav team, so out it went.
frankly, the ESPN ScoreCenter app is far superior and it covers ALL sports. the only two drawbacks: no live radio feed and you can only pin one team to the start screen.
yup, at-bat SUCKS. plain and simple.

Came late to WP8, no WP7 support, poor customer support, etc. I supported MLB since they first started with support from MSN, yes Microsoft, then middling support thru AtBat12 on my WP7, then dropped. I wish MLB would do something, particularly when MLB pushes yearly renewals. My opinion.

Great!  Hope they speed this app up a little more.  It is sooooooo slow to load compared to other apps.  And I hope they fixed the initialization errors everyone was getting a month ago.  Very annoying.  
And GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Nice and just as I say that, I just tried the app again and got this: "An Internal error has occurred."  FAIL!!!

I can tell you 1 team that is already in the playoffs Red Sox YA BABY YA go red sox they're about to break an all time record! In Baseball.

Thanks MLB for the update!  I use it to listen to live game audio.  I found the mobile ESPN Baseball Scoreboard link and pinned it to the screen. It works well for following live team scores. Also pinned a tile to follow NFL teams and Scores. I believe Mobile ESPN links are faster and easier to use than the ESPN Hub App. Simple is often better.
Looking forward to downloading AtBat 2014 hopefully around next March.

Anyone else having issues listening to Audio Streaming of live playoff games? Works fine in IE on my Surface but on my L1020 I get an error stating "A problem was encountered while accessing the stream" Everything worked fine before the update....