Battery Meter for WP7 shows your percentage left [Homebrew]

For those still rocking a dev unlocked Windows Phone (and who are paranoid about your battery), you may want to check out the cool little homebrew app 'Battery Meter'.

It's just a simple app (with a nice tile) that shows you how much battery life is left in percentage form. You launch it and there you are--no more mystery.

You can grab the app here and thanks to gkoonjul at XDA, for throwing it together.


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Battery Meter for WP7 shows your percentage left [Homebrew]


Is there a similar program not through nhomebrew now? If not whay cant we get something like that? It sure was nice to have that in windows phone and while its not that big a deal it would be nice to have that back!

I'm pretty sure access to the battery API is not currently sanctioned, meaning an app can't get certified in the Marketplace since it uses unorthodox methods for attaining the info.

I just use the diagnostic tool to check battery percentage. Kind of cumbersome but I'm used to it now.

Figured there was no access to it but it would be nice to be able to tap the battery icon on the screen and know how much juice you have left. Thanks hauz.

Is there any similar app for locked devices? If not, is there still a way of unlocking mine? I saw that Miscrosoft or the team responsible for provinding the unlock stopeed doing so by april this year... =/