Battery Performance goes free for the day with myAppFree

Battery Performance

The battery is probably the most talked about component of any smartphone, and the reading displayed on-screen is checked frequently just to analyse how much juice remains. Luckily, Windows Phone has pretty good battery management with Battery Saver Mode present just in case you need to squeeze that extra hour or so worth of use out of the device.

To help you out with monitoring your battery drain, there are a variety of apps available on the Windows Phone Store. This collection includes the gorgeous Battery Performance, which is currently available for free with myAppFree.

Partnering with myAppFree, the developer of Battery Performance is offering his solution at no cost to the consumer for 24 hours. As well as being absolutely stunning to look at, Battery Performance boasts the following features:

  • Estimated Talk time
  • Estimated Web surfing time
  • Consumption rate (per hour)
  • Live tile (including double wide)
  • Lockscreen: Detailed status or Quick status
  • Graphs
  • Notifications (battery low, battery charged)
  • Scores from users around the world for comparison

If you find yourself frequently checking the battery status icon, we urge you to try out this sweet app for free and see how you go. You can download Battery Performance from the Windows Phone Store for free (usually $1.99).

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Reader comments

Battery Performance goes free for the day with myAppFree


Can't wait to battery sense appears in WP8.1
All those battery apps are great, but without knowing WHAT uses battery, not really so useful...

Maybe 8.1 will let battery apps to see what's really going on. Developers can't actually give anything relevant because of restrictions.

Me too, that app looks amazing. I hope there are some more "sense" apps hidden like a memory app to see what app is using the most RAM.

Insider is definitely the best all round utility app in the store. I don't know why it still not that popular in the community.

Doesn't you reporting on these app sales make MyAppFree pretty redundant? You don't have to go through the app to get the sale it is just highlighted there, by you advertising this fact many (all) people will go straight to the store to download and circumvent the myAppFree app - not sure that's what the developers would have wanted...?

Hi saispag, I'm Massimo from myAppFree.
Wpcentral reports our deals to spread the word and notify Windows Phone users so they doesn't miss nice deals. That's a good thing for us and we are not arguing about if the users download the app from myAppFree or from direct link.
Our mission is just to provide free apps everyday.

WPCentral reports only few myAppFree deals. If you would like to get push notifications and live tile about daily deals of course you have to download the app on your phone : )

Mr Massimo may i take this opportunity and ask you why your app needs some many requirements like owner identity, media libraries etc?

Hi spyridon,

I can't answer to your question in an exaustive way. Please if you are interested contact our support (you can find the email inside the app) and the dev department will help you.

Take care

do apps like this consume more power when tracking battery consumption compared to when no battery apps installed on your phone?

This one here is the first battery app i've installed. Battery was 32% before/while installing, after an hour of not using the phone (Lumia 1020) battery is at 25%. Mate of me installed it on his Lumia 920 and this app here eats 4% in 30min. I think i uninstall it.

If the app works properly, the usage would be so minimal that it is immeasurable. It literally polls a battery reading once every half hour. The idea that these apps use a lot of battery is a myth... WP will only give them control every half hour, and even then for a very limited amount of processing time. I use "Battery" by Arthur Semenov. No problems!

"Battery" by Arthur Semenov is better, imo. There you can actually analyse your way to which app drains battery, through the great graph.

There is another amazing Battery app on the Store by Enless Soft. Works well, but I believe WP8.1 will eliminate the need for any Battery apps.

There is another battery app by Enless Soft. It has an amazing live tile, and can even give you toast notifications when your battery is discharging too quickly.

Yep, I was all over it when myappfree notified me. MyAppFree has saved me about $12 now, and is a must-have app for WP users.

God damn, this app eats battery like nothing. 7% in one hour without doing anything on the phone. This app goes to the recycle bin very quickly. L1020

i have no idea why a battery app needs access to my location. i don't install apps that request location data when it has nothing to do with the app. what are they using the data for?

The problem is not to get a New app that displays the bad performance. My 1020 has 16 hours standby without usling it. Create an app that can optimice the battery performance.

Remove or stop background of messaging apps Viber, Skype, FB, WhatsApp, turn off location and WiFi and you might get it to 3 days

Nice App, but I think i'll stick with "Battery" by Arthur Semenov. That app does the same thing, values my phone theme setting and additionally allows you to pin shortcut tiles to wifi, bluetooth airplane mode etc., making it a replacement for a shortcut app as well.

what i'd really like is an app that tells me the current batter percentage including estimated runtime in the detailed information section of the lockscreen so I can free up one of the notification icons on the bottom (currently it's email, messages, whatsapp, phone and battery, so I cant put facebook there :( )

I have tried several of these apps and they take my battery for a ride. Any of these battery apps that doesn't drain your battery?

Its not snake oil since the apps font even claim to save power. The just check the current battery level. They will do so every 30 minutes and their agents run for only a few seconds. The impact they have on battery runtime is minimal to nonexistent.

I don't have WP8 up to the coming month! :( who want to download this app from my account and then returns it? :/