Battleship sails to Xbox Live on Windows Phone next week

Battleship Superweapons

When Windows Phone Central first wrote about Electronic Arts’ Battleship coming to Windows Phone, we were concerned that it might be a timed exclusive for Nokia phones. Thankfully that has proven not to be the case, as Battleship launches Wednesday, June 6 for all Mango-supported devices. Phew!

Battleship has little to do with the corny movie of the same name. Instead, it’s an adaptation of the popular board game from Milton Bradley. In the Classic game type, two sides take turns blindly firing at each other, trying to find and destroy the other’s ships. Salvo mode works much like classic, but moves faster than traditional games because you’re allowed to fire as many shots per turn as you have remaining ships.

Battleship Bombs

The videogame-exclusive Superweapon mode adds a variety of new weapons to the gameplay. These weapons unlock based on ships sunk across all game modes, tying the whole package together. We’re pleased to bring you the first official screenshots of Superweapon mode... As you can see, it also jazzes battles up with 3D graphics. Don't worry, Classic still looks like the game you remember.

Battleship comes to port this Wednesday. Microsoft was unable to confirm the price in advance, but we’ll let you know as soon as it pops up.


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Battleship sails to Xbox Live on Windows Phone next week


Actually was a good game on the iPad. Hopefully some extras are added instead of being watered down like game such as Angry Birds.

Well if you could play chess on xbl how long ago, then this should work in theory. I will be highly surprised if it does launch with it. I just don't see too many game launching with online multiplayer b4 w8/wp8 and all that jazz

it does have multiplayer as per the achievements not sure if its online wifi or just pass and play

Pass and play is a pain. Online WiFi is too. My wife and I don't know anyone else with wp7. I'm not buying it on two phones for the cheevos though.

Well if you have an old windows phone laying around, which certainly isn't too many people, you can have the same gamertag hooked up and download the same game and play against yourself. At least this was the case for Pac-Man Kart racing

I am gonna try in pacman kart rally if I can use the same gamertag twice on 2 different phones to get the achievements as I have my gt on 3 devices and sense I can redownload it free on the other ones it may work could work the same for this game to then

I meant buy on my profile then buy on my wife profile. I see what you are talking about. I have my Focus and Titan with my profile. Let us know how that goes please.

actually ea has a few .99 cent games out there feed me oil is a brand new one that came out at that price. It is under there chillingo line but thats all run by ea so I could see it at .99

Free AND no ads? Are these companies charities? Do you work for free? This is not a dig at you, just bemusement at the emerging vitriol that appears when a major developer sets its app price. I think it's not the app price per-se that's important (market forces etc) but that it's consistent across platforms. Also "Try" is more important to me than price so you can determine your own value.

King of the Sea is already on WP and is multiplayer... Plus the firing method depends on the number of ships you have left which creates a really great dynamic and keeps it I interesting and way better than the, you shot one, I shoot one, boringness of classic Battleship. My wife and I sit around sometimes at night in bed just playing each other and tons of other random players. It is really great.

it has that mode to its called salvo that was broght into a battleship game awhile ago and is in this verison as well *remember if in the family game night xbl game on the xbox*

Those graphics remind me of PC/Console games released sometime between 1998 and 2000. Not bad on a phone, but will look dated on the consoles and PC. Just my opinion.