BBC News Mobile is looking for beta testers

BBC News Mobile

If you use BBC News Mobile, the free and beautiful news app that's in the Marketplace, you may want to take the new beta for a spin. Besides being able to try all the new features, you can also give the dev some feedback before submission to the Marketplace, making this app even better for others.

Version 2.8.2 beta has a main focus for improvements: speed. Sure, the app is already pretty zippy, but why not squeeze some more performance out of it by streamlining some aspects, eh? Some other features include:

  • Background Cache Service
  • Better Live Tiles
  • Faster Loading
  • Reworked GUI
  • Picture quality improvement

Heck, there's even a snooze function for notifications (between 10pm and 8am) that we really dig too. Overall, the app is certainly faster on our end and we like the new UI layout for articles. But you can lend your opinion if you have a dev unlocked devices by heading to Gripper's blog and grabbing the XAP file from his server. And if you just want the current version in the Marketplace, here ya go.


Reader comments

BBC News Mobile is looking for beta testers


This is a great app! I've installed....and uninstalled...several news apps since getting my first WinPhone on launch day 2010. This one I use everyday. It is great looking and very functional. I had a bit of an issue with the live tiles and the developer responded very promptly with a solution after I sent him an e-mail from the link within the app. I'll look forward to the new version.

All I want in the app is to make the reading area bigger. Currently it's limited with the big metro design page header on the top and a task bar in the bottom. Else he could just provide a full screen option which could be pretty useful.