BBC Radio Player app chimes onto the Marketplace

Good news UK users (and for anyone else who can gain access)! Igneous Software has released a BBC Radio app that features 6 Music, 5 Live, Radio 1 Extra, Asian Network, World Service, BBC Ulster, BBC Wales and BBC Scotland as well as the main stations. Highlighted features include: 

  • Choose from all BBC Radio stations
  • Now and next programme guide
  • Full integration with music + video hub
  • Playback continues under lock screen
  • Ability to block GSM-based streaming
  • Buffering confirmed with audible “pips”
  • Comprehensive programme caching
  • Dynamic server management

BBC Radio Player is a well polished app and the streaming over both WiFi and 3G is smooth and reliable. You can download the app from the Marketplace for £0.99 ($1.29) - four standalone apps are available for BBC Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4 but these stations are included in BB Radio Player itself.


Reader comments

BBC Radio Player app chimes onto the Marketplace


Even as an American I'm digging this app. Very well done.But needs to be Mango-ized for background play! lol, I'm spoiled...

Glad you like it! We've worked long and hard to get this right.Mango version is running on our developer handset right now - we wanted to bank the NoDo version before we launched the Mango edition. Hopefully should go for launch within the next fortnight or so.

Just curious: Is this app what one could use instead of the BBC iPlayer app? I'm not in the U.K. but I think it's good if there is an equivalent or better available to U.K. WP users.

I'm in the US on AT&T and the BBC Radio 1 Player is free. Not sure if the pay version is only in the UK or not. Quality is really good and much better than it was on XMRadio, that is until they killed the station for something else.

As nice as it looks spending 99p on something to access that I already pay for through the license fee is something I couldn't do.

You're not paying for the content but for the app and how it works. It handles stream very well, has a great UI, nice options and some good tech behind it. Surely that's worth 1/2 the price of a cup of coffee?

Still paying to access content I already pay for, hopefully the browser in Mango supports streaming of BBC content from the web.

That's like saying I'm not going to purchase a radio because I should be able to listen to it for free? I pay the licensing too and have bought the app. It's supporting the developer of the app, not the BBC.

The BBC have made it clear in the past they if you are in the UK and pay your licence you shouldn't have to pay any extra to access their content. That is why we have a licence in the first place.This is the same reason the iPlayer inst on the Xbox, as MS wanted it to be gold only.The App looks great, but you shouldn't have to pay for it in the UK. There might even be some BBC law around this.

Or I could just use TuneIn Radio, which is free?Or BBC Radio 4 Playeror BBC Radio 1 PlayerWhat advantage does this app have, really?