BBM arriving on Windows Phone in July


On this mornings BlackBerry earnings call, CEO John Chen dropped word that BBM for Windows Phone will be arriving in July. We already knew that is was coming, but now we know for sure that in just a few weeks Windows Phone users will be able to get in on the BBM action as well.

After the launch, BBM will be available on BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone — making it a true cross-platform mobile messaging service. No details on just what the WP version will have in store, though it's safe to assume it will have features along the lines of the iPhone and Android versions at launch.


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BBM arriving on Windows Phone in July



I'm not using it... nor any people I know hehe. Oh, a friend who has a Z10 (Awesome phone by the way)

Popular in Barbados though also-ran app WhatsApp is making inroads. BBM is still better as you actually see when a message is read. WhatsApp only shows delivery. Plus with WhatsApp you have to expose your phone number, which some people are wary of.

A few people use other apps but they are not popular. BBM has market share.

in UAE it is very common, it is used a second phone and most of the people have it, just because of one feature, BBM on BB phone allows you to see the BBM users around in your location

May I ask how do you do that? Been using BBs for years, now BB10 and haven't found that...

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Yes..now for hearing music I have Nokia xpress music still going strong...:D... For bbm with wp8...awesome....

But Xbox music has improved dramatically since the release of WP8.1. Maybe still not as smooth as the old wp8 version but not too far either. I am using it regularly now and I am not complaining but I still miss the old one. All i want is the Xbox team to make it abit smoother anda dd history and live tile.

Not even close to the WP8 version, which was still much worse than Zune on WP7.

Relatively, it's still beyond terrible.

The old stock music player on the now defunct 5 year old Symbian OS (on most Nokia devices) was light years ahead of how Xbox Music handles natively stored music.

Ditto the stock music player (Walkman brand) on Sony Android phones, and on iOS, are miles better than what you get on WP8.

(Debating on hanging on to a Lumia 1020, and honestly, when it comes to music, I keep going back to my iPod.   The camera is great on the 1020, but I may let it go and I'm thinking of picking up one of those fantastic Sony point and shoots, the RX100 i, ii, or the new iii, that supposedly rivals low end DSLRs for stills and video quality, for the price of a used Lumia device.   Plus the camera is built to transfer images via bluetooth, wifi or NFC images to Android and iOS.)

Good luck finding a brand new RX100 II or III priced at the level of a 2nd-hand 1020. And when you do find one, good luck putting that in your pocket and making a phone call with it. Perhaps your iPod can make the phone call for you?

All these players play the MP3 format.  By saying you prefer one crappy product over other crappy proucts you show that you don't know much about playing or appreciating quality audio.

I abandoned the Z10 months ago, bought 1520 and recently bought the Z3. I uses both of them now. LOL.

I actually liking the Z3 design better than the Z10. The Z3 also has much better battery life.

It's taking too long for him to reply.


Dikku, stop googling on your Blackberry and get on your laptop. THEN get a Windows Phone

Sry I had more urgent matters to attend to.i have already seen wp in action and I pretty much like it but still WP is for teenagers.i am not saying I hate WP(greater the competition greater the product) but community needs to be mature. Go to CB for instance, if some one ask for advice regarding the future phone they won't try to force the member to buy BlackBerry device . They will first ask users what kind of phone they prefer.Applications, security, Stability ,camera,screen size. Yes they may even prefer them to buy WP or an android or an iPhone(yes it ain't nothing to do with BlackBerry being bad ) I am also not that much of a BlackBerry fan either on the other hand Comments like the Above gives a bad vibe about how the community is .

Sorry, dikku11, that is a bunch of BS. Straight up BS. I've stopped going to Crackberry because the community is so toxic. On Crackberry, if I told them I didn't understand something in BB10, they would literally insult my intelligence and call me stupid. Now sure, after the Editor-in-Chief "took out the troll trash" because the trolling was so bad that they had to ban a lot of people, TWICE, it got a little better, but you'll still see posts such as:
People complaining to the FCC because a salesgirl didn't like the Z30

Or how about one of the many conspiracy threads?

I really don't know how Indistinguishable making an obvious joke about how Blackberry users can switch to Windows Phone now that it has their coveted BBM (which was a legitimate concern for some people who have actually posted in the forums about how they would switch if it had BBM) has got you thinking that the entire Windows Phone community are trolls, but I assume that by the hostile way that you responded to him, that you were looking to argue more than you were to raise a legitimate complaint.

Yeah CB has has one or 2 bad fish in the pool.What I was trying to say was that CB has lots of experienced people on the poll than WP forum and about that conspiracy theory go to verge to understand the truth. Seriously Verge said I phone is best phone of 2014 in terms of camera, battery life and everybody should get it .Unfortunatly both WP and BlackBerry are targets for this conspiracy

never used BB stuff or even go to crackberry, but it seems like CrackBerry isn't any different from iMore. Even the editor-in-chief is another iSheep.

It is! Since I am not planning to move from BESx, I think Windows Phone will be the right place for me. Still waiting for November but there is enough to balance the odds on the consumer, prosumer side.

it's useless...

Wp 8 users has their excellent ,native and spectacular messenger, the Microsoft's Skype!

But if you want a working version of skype try ios,android and BB 10...

This is the way Microsoft cares..



Lync is a total pain in the ass. It shows me messages on my phone or my desktop but not both. And I never know which it does when.

ooVoo , Pinterest, and BBM. I honestly think the whole "Windows Phone doesn't have apps" excuse ran out. No reason not to switch now.

The apps that are missing are the local apps. Like that app from your local shopping mall, civic services, local transit, tv stations, etc.

Not really. I have just bought Nokia XL and apps there are far more feature-ful than WP. I feel like I have just discovered a new land lol

No way! :P love my surface, but my lumia is not useful for me, I prefer my Z30

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Actually BB still has a noticeable presence in Canada, way more than Windows Phone anyways. I'd be ecstatic if even a quarter of those users switched to WP.

Well, then its a good thing that Canada is the world, otherwise that would make what he said irrelevant. Oh wait...

Point is that BBM is only gaining 5 million active users every quarter, which makes it a dot compared to Whatsapp and telegram.

Of course not. The world is that place south of Canada's border :)

The rest are, well... out of this world

i have seen lots of people switch as this whole Canadian thing doesn't affect people choice to jump from the sinking ship that is rim I myself had my dads 1st gen curve for months till the se x1a(a BBC device but was bbc really useful) was available in my region(i blame rogers for not doing what they did with up incoming lte push new phones like that in all regions before the new network was built out)

If your previous BlackBerry required you to log in with a BlackBerry ID, yup! At least BBOS 7 supported this as an option, if I remember right.

It has to do with BBM version that added BBID support. As long as you logged in to backup with the BBID you should be fine.

Thanks for the answers guys. My phone was on 7.1 and BBM did indeed use mt BBID. Amusingly I abandoned it as they introduced voice on it.

My Bold literally never turned on again and that's how I ended up here.

Hmm - we want to use BBM for our small business to chat, communicate, share, and maybe add a BBM channel at some point. I am sure we are not alone. The iOS, Android, and BB users are good to go, and WP users want to join in as well. It has some serious advantages over other cross-platform chatting apps and I hope it continues to grow! IMHO, it is still a huge asset for BB!

I don't really want it, never used it, but at the same time there's a need for a secure cross-platform messaging platform. I think a lot of people would like something a bit more reliable and serious than WhatsApp. All those business users who have ditched RIM for iPhones in the last 3 years, they may no longer be interested in their phones but their services could be of use.

I more and more seeing BB becoming a services company and less reliant on hardware sales. That said having the Amazon Play Store will help a little, but probably time they just accepted defeat for BBOS on phones and went with Android (or WP).

I have noticed that in several countries even today organizations prefer Blackberry phones because of the Enterprise features.

The fact that Windows Phone now has amazing support for Enterprise related features and eventually support for BBM I am pretty sure the adoption for Windows will grow.

Offices are willing to pay upto $350(sometimes higher) for employess that want to purcahse a new device, Lumia 920 costs around that much in my country, off-contract.

Glad to see WP growing.

WP's enterprise features are not amazing. It is still catching up with WM 6.5, which is truly pathetic.

Glad to see WP growing and devs & companies feeling the need to have WP apps too :)
Bye bye droids

And I don't know a single person who uses blackberry. I haven't seen one in years. Meaningless anecdotes are fun, no?

I'm one of 3 of my friends that use WP. I know about 7 who use BlackBerry. That's 2 more than the iPhone group (5) and one less than the Android group (8)

Judging the state of the music player, and removal of FB integration, I might as well go BB (no Google or Apple for me)

I'm an Android, WP and BB user and BBM is my favorite messenger!
I love its Sent, Delivered, and Read notice on messages.
Other features are, Group, Status Updates and Timeline, Voice Note, File Sharing, BBM Call, BBM Video (on BB10), Live ScreenSharing (BB10), BbM Channel(good for business), Stickers etc.
I like it way more than Whatsapp.

Last week, convinced someone to get the new 630, well, whole plan fell apart when she heard it had no BBM, now will try to lure her back again now that it has been confirmed for next month.

The 630 is actually a very good device. I've come from the 620 and am really pleased with it. No other phone with this level of quality for £80...

Why you'd think it is a disgrace is beyond me...

Though the phone is dual sim it sacrifices in other fields. No wireless charging, lack of required sensor,no flash,no front camera.Though it's a entry lv phone some of the core hardwares are missing.

I disagree. I have the Lumia 635

-It has fantastic battery life

-Removeable Battery

-4G capable


-Lack of sensors but not noticeable. Brightness shortcuts on 8.1 solves the issue. And I didn't even know it didn't had a proximity sensor which probably begs the question...do we need a dedicated proximity sensor?

- No wireless charging but the phone is very light. I do miss this feature at times but I understand this is a very low cost device

There are some disadvantages like lack of front camera and only 512mb RAM though but I don't think the 720 is better.  The only thing really missed is the 1GB Ram because sometimes IE stutters on videos and GIFs but otherwise the phone is very fluid.



Supposedly yes. Although the NSA cracked their code in 2010 i believe. I don't know if the code has been updates since.

WP has really been on a roll lately with updates, apps and news. When you think things slowed to a crawl after BUILD

They need to integrate Skype into the messaging and people hubs on 8.1... They took messenger out of the messaging hub where it was great having conversations with people across messenger/sms and seeing it in one history.

Even Facebook shows up in the people hub and on the Connect With tab for individual contacts - so if FB can do it there's no reason why Skype can't...

And if they don't, and also don't push Skype more for just messaging then things like BBM could actually take off as in peoples minds it is a Messaging app (that'd be the M in BBM) whereas Skype is about video calls/voice calls.

The number of people I know who got either Win8 or WP8 and I have to explain that Skype does do straight up messaging is just plain frustrating.

1 - Apple would never do that otherwise Android would get it first.
2 - why the hell do you need that cr*p anyway? I know Xbox Music is far from great but as far as music purchase goes, it's still better. At least it sells you 320kbps mp3 files instead of 256kbps m4a ones that you'll have to convert...

Main reason I avoided Apple here... (iTunes).

Xbox Music on subscription is way better than paying for each song - and free streaming means you can see if you like the song first. Also I like Xbox Movies for my TV and Movies.

Does BBM allow you to sign in on multiple devices at once? That is the solution I need for a messaging platform.

Yes, you can use one single account on multiple devices.
I got bbm on my iPhone, and if i sign in on my ipad with same id , all my bbm contacts on iphone are there.

I have a feeling this will come as a Beta and just like Instagram will never get updated again... Just a feeling...

Blackberry is very much known for its commitments.... July comes every year so we don't know what's in the mind of Mr.Chen. I know a guy called Thorsten heins from Blackberry who assured BB10 for the much hyped playbook.... but then everyone knows what happened from there on.

I don't care about stickers our any other customization features, I just want a basic BBM app that will let me communicate with people in Indonesia

When BlackBerry had made its BBM a crossplatform service sooner, it wouldnt have been in the poor shape it is today.

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Had install BBM on my G2 for months, yet to start a chat with it, none of my contact on BBM...

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Lol, in my life its more like.. All my contacts are on whatsapp, but we all chat through bbm, wechat, or line .
Funny right.

Anybody here facing watsapp issues like notifications and live tiles not getting cleared even after entering and reading watsapp msgs