BBM beta for Windows Phone gets transparent Live Tile and more before going public

Earlier today it was revealed that not only is the BBM app for Windows Phone very popular, but the beta is ending next week as BlackBerry prepares to make the app available to everyone.

Tonight, version v100.0.0.15 for the private beta has gone live and BlackBerry is sharing the full changelog. Let's see what is new.

BBM for Windows Phone v100.0.0.15

  • New – Transparent Live Tile
  • Fixed – BBM crash when sending a picture > 16MB
  • Fixed – Group icon flickers every time a picture or picture comment is added to the group
  • Fixed – Personal message really difficult to read on low-res screen
  • Fixed – Contacts > Search now brings up the virtual keyboard and focuses input on the search box
  • Fixed – Unable to see typing when keyboard is up
  • Fixed – Takes almost twenty minutes to send a high quality picture

Known Issues with this build

  • Email invite from Windows Phone to BB10 phone shows up with raw HTML
  • In a complex chat, word spacing is off in BBM chat
  • Right-to-left language input not working within Windows Phone BBM
  • WiFi out of coverage Windows Phone doesn't send queued invites/acceptances

Indeed the app feels leaps and bounds faster and smoother than the initial release and it is clear BlackBerry is making solid progress in their new chat app. There is no word on exactly when BBM goes public next week, but we are sure to keep you posted.

If you are signed up for the private beta, you can grab the download now from the Store. For those in the private beta, what do you think of the app after today's update? Let us know in comments.


Reader comments

BBM beta for Windows Phone gets transparent Live Tile and more before going public


Still not running smoothly on my 1520 but at least I'm happy I had double update frm BB this week, that shows they are working hard towards perfection.

It's good to have a transparent tile , but I really don't like the new BBM icon. Looks so stiff and worse. They need to redesign it

I agree! Skype needs to follow suite. I've been waiting forever for a transparent tile for skype. I hope they provide us with a transparent tile for skype.

While I'm not against transparent tiles, it's bothersome when it becomes by default and the app WILL NOT give you an option to turn that off.

Having too many transparent tiles is quite dizzy.

I don't like this new trend of developers forcing transparent/accent colour tiles on users. It would be great if they provided an option.

That's a good idea, they should have an option to turn transparency in and off. Having a combo of transparent and regular tile is nice.

One other thing that i asked them to fix , and they did.. was the option to Delete Users from groups that you admin .... Still needs some updates, but the pace is fast and i`m sure they will make a good app in the next updates :)    GG BBM :)

I hope someone can tell them about :
- Enter should start a new line not send a message in chat.
-Finding contacts by tapping a letter like WhatsApp and People (in Windows phone)
that's all what I have at moment, the rest bugs or missing features should they themselves add them sooner.

Is there any way I can jump to another line ?
Chatting setting in WhatsApp enable you to let ( Enter) jump to a new line not send, because BBM app already has a send icon.

shift and enter normally makes a line break on a Blackberry I assume it would do the same on a Blackberry app with WP keyboard... let me know

how do you send a "high quality picture" or image ">16MB"?? I just tried sending a picture from my NL920 to an iphone, original image was 1.9mb, iphone got it at 26kb. Anyone know why it compresses it so much?

tap+hold on the recieving device and select - "request hi res". By default BBM sends low res but the reciever can request a high res image.

Hey! I have registered my email address for BBM beta still I am not able to download it on my Lumia 520. It's showing you don't have permission to download the app. Please help me.

as in you got an email directly from BB to install the Beta? Because I had the same issue, and it was not until I got the email that it worked. Also, your store email should be the one you registered the Beta with...

Thanks for replying dude, now I understood what I did wrong. Actually I have registered with a different mail id. Can I access BBM once it will release with other ID? I mean which I haven't used for windows phone

Please bring the beta to public...for more positive feedback to you (bbm) and we will get the best version from all platform.

This app is no where near ready. On loading all contacts and chats keep disappearing, clicking on your profile makes it crash, unable modify group membership... Very surprised they think it's ready for release.

Great update, well done blackberry. The app works fine on my Lumia 920. Still waiting on improvement in toast notification to display messages preview and not counts. You need to know who sent you message from the toast not just a notification that you have a BBM message. They should just add that before going public because it'll look ridiculous

I'm glad that I now have a transparent tile. It is faster than it was and there are absolutely no issues inviting contacts.... Overall I'm happy about BBM for windows phone

I'm not able to sign up for BBM BETA! Whenever I click for register BETA testing, a link opens and it gets me out from IE11.. what to do? Please please guide me! :)

I dont think you can register for the Beta Test. Registrations are closed. BBM is also expected to be made publicly available soo. I'd suggest that you wait for a few days.

"waiting" is shifted to next week !
hope blackberry encountered all bugs n fix other issues that occurring in beta version