Beat Nokia by predicting world cup games in Sporting Mouth to win some awesome prizes

Sporting Mouth

We looked at Sporting Mouth a few weeks back, which enables both Windows and Windows Phone users to bet against their friends and family on sport results. Microsoft Mobile Oy is running a competition through Facebook to celebrate the World Cup 2014 currently underway.

So how does one get involved? It's simple, really. Head to the store (either Windows 8 or Windows Phone), download the Sporting Mouth app and watch out for the "Lumianary" (powered by Nokia) who is ready to be challenged by those who feel as though they have the prediction power to take him down. All that's required to do is select the social shootout stake and then make your predictions. For successful predictions, you'll earn points.

One point will be awarded for beating friends and three will be earned by besting the Luminary (six points on "tough to call" games). The top 100 players on the leaderboard win a prize, which include:

  • 1st Place: Lumia 1520
  • 2nd – 6th: Lumia 1320
  • 7th – 10th: Nokia X
  • 11th – 100th: Sporting Mouth T-Shirt

Be sure to share the competition on Facebook to win an extra 3 points and get you started on the road to absolute domination (and a free Lumia 1520!) Find the app download links below.

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Reader comments

Beat Nokia by predicting world cup games in Sporting Mouth to win some awesome prizes


er, isn't this a bit late to enter whilst the world cup is currently on?

"The winners are determined by the greatest number of total points they win between 12th June and July 13th 2014."

I wished I had seen it earlier :(
I have called nearly every match well within -/+1 Goal difference for the losers.. (and correctly for the winners).
Of course, I didn't take a stab to the Netherlands/Spain match.
This feels somewhat easy, if you only have to choose the winner!

It's stupid you get extra points for being social. It should be based solely on predictions.

All my friends are on android, now i can never get extra 1 point for beating a friend. Anyone wants to be my friend? Id is gouboy

Millions of users, 100 winners, actually 10, go print that picture in your shirt, do it 9900 times and make a giveaway, aand we will have 10000 winners.