Beats Music updated with the ability to find your Twitter and Facebook friends

Beats Music

Looking for an alternative to Xbox Music? We're pretty big fans of a few alternative services like Spotify and Beats Music. Earlier today Spotify was updated on Windows Phone to correct stability issues and other bug fixes. Now we're seeing an update for Beats Music on Windows Phone that not only fixes a few bugs, but adds a few useful features.

Hit up the Windows Phone Store and you'll find version of Beats Music sitting there. Today's update adds/fixes the following:

  • Find Your Friends: find and follow your Twitter & Facebook friends on Beats Music
  • Improved Facebook and Twitter account management
  • We've also fixed lots bugs you've reported.
  • Want to get in touch with us? Gently tap "Contact Support" and email us. We dare you.

Beats Music

The biggest change to today's update is the ability to find and follow friends from Facebook and Twitter. Those are probably the two largest social networks in your life and Beats Music wants you to find your friends within their service. Make sure you connect you Facebook/Twitter account to your Beats Music profile to find and be found.

Why follow friends or artists or celebrities on Beats Music? To check out the latest Beats Music playlists they create. Plus, if it's an artists you'll be able to get notified when their latest albums drop.

Using Beats Music? Tell us how you like it and this update. Grab it right now and drop a comment below.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Reader comments

Beats Music updated with the ability to find your Twitter and Facebook friends


It would be great if they focused a bit on making the service available internationally. Canadian audiophiles are limited in choices (no Pandora, no Spotify, no beats... Sure we have Xbox, MixRadio, slacker and rdio, but apparently beats has a higher bit rate)

Yes. In the settings you can pick either standard (128kbps) or high (320kbps) for the quality of the stream.

P.S. It would be great to see Beats Music focus on expansion too. Though licensing is a pain for all streaming music companies. That's why Spotify was Europe only for so long before coming to the US. It's also why Xbox Music isn't available everywhere.

We have Slacker which has been updated a few times since the overhaul, which has made it incredibly more usable. The service is pretty great too, but I still wish I could try beats out. As for Rhapsody... I'm good thanks.

Been using the Beats App for a few months... It has promise but it is often frustratingly buggy and laggy. I only switched to it after the debacle with Xbox music following the 8.1 install. -1520

I wish there would be any good music player outside the US... Beats Music, Nokia Mixradio, Spotify, etc. none of them available for me.

Some good developers behind this app / one of the best ones. Make sure you guys give feedback if you using this app in US. No point whinging in forums :) !

I'm a Spotify guy, but I reckon Beats has pushed Spotify to improve their WP app. Competitive pressure is what I like to see.

Can someone explain why Microsoft has Live, XBox music and the ghost of Zune yet there is no Playlist sharing or social media features in place for XBOX music. I won't even talk about the apps today. I mean, I really want to keep the faith but Microsoft is either being ran by fools or they just can't relate to what people really want anymore. I just don't understand why windows phone and Xbox music seem to have "Can't get right" syndrome.

Beats is the cheapest if you have family members, for example for 15 dollars that covers 5 different accounts, since there is only 3 accounts on my family plan we all pay 5 dollars a piece to hear any song we want just like Xbox music, and save our playlist to play offline, so we dont have to use our internet