Beautiful Vieather gets bumped with new features and a redesigned UI

Vieather Windows Phone

Vieather is a beautiful weather app for Windows Phone. We last looked at the app back in June, but today we've been made aware of an update that's been published to the store. In this release you're looking at wide Live Tile support, more personalisation options and improved language support. there's a lot to take in so hop on past the break.

Here's the changelog for version

  • No advertising, clean, clear and free.
  • Wide live tile supported for Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Auto update locations by geolocation.
  • Redesigned UI to be more clean and clear.
  • Vector icons with ultimate perfect detail design along with the boosting of app loading also Full HD resolution supported.
  • Personalize accent color, live tile, hourly format, metric,... and more.
  • Current condition, 12 hours forecasts, 7 days forecasts, 4 locations...
  • Supporting a lot of languages: English, Tiếng Việt, Italian (Italiano), Germany (Deutsch), Dutch (Nederland), Slovak (Slovenský).
  • Fix some bugs.

Vieather Screenshots

And if you missed our previous coverage, we took a quick look at what the app is all about:

You can download Vieather from the Windows Phone Store for free (available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8). Thanks, Martsicky, for the heads up!

QR: Vieather


Reader comments

Beautiful Vieather gets bumped with new features and a redesigned UI


I know. I appreciate wpcentral covering outstanding apps, but im beginning to feel that we have too many weather apps. Its getting a little bit annoying. I honestly just use the Bing weather app

I would use Bing Weather, but I am always nervous about my background tasks not updating, so I like to have at least 1 or 2 tiles that tell you the last time they updated. Looks like Beautiful Vieather has this, as does Amazing Weather, which I use.
Bing Weather, as cool as it is, doesn't do this.

I was using Amazing Weather but it seems Bing Weather is doing a better job on updating live tiles. It also has a cleaner and nicer look.

Oh, how I hate then you see a nice looking app and then they use a purposely misspelled word as name! Makes me just walk away every single time! Damn, developers! Get it together! You work so hard on your app, yet, you spent little to no time to give it a proper name!

Tumultus, I'm pretty sure that Vieather is an combination of words "Vietnam + Weather"..... That's because developer comes from Vietnam ;)

Yeah, exactly guys. :)
I am from Vietnam :D
Rudy Huyn is also a native of Vietnam.  Proud of that. :"> 

Breez was my weather app of choice, but can't get past the fact it spells October incorrectly... :S Think I'll try Vieather for a while..

Gps doesn't seem to work. Just switch that off in the settings menu, and add your location. App looks nice, but seemingly still needs some work.

This looks like such a good app but it never worked for me :(
On WP7 it just says 'getting hourly forecast'... I've tried for hours (pun intended) but it never stopped loading.

Doesnt work for me. I have three black screens, one with a question mark on the top, one saying forecast and one titled locations. Besides the text they are entirely emplty (black space). On top it constantly says 'getting hourly forecast'.

Same here on wp8. I got into settings and then back and i could add location. Now the current weather is downloaded but the hourly forecast isn't showing up. Getting hourly forecast...

Mine won't freakin' update. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled the app from the WPC link in the app. Downloads and I look and it's still 1.4.2.
I try searching for it in the store and there's no update option or anything.

Also here. Are you on WP7.8? Mine crashed on v1.4.3. Now I reinstalled it and I'm back on 1.4.2. (?)

It's a strange weather application, that's for sure. It keeps defaulting my location to somewhere called Moorcroft. I've never heard of such a place and it's definitely not my current location.
I tried entering my location manually and deleted the Moorcroft one but it reappeared the next time I launched the application.
Sorry but I will stick with Bing for my Weather needs.

Same here. Locates me at Epping, NH/USA, while I'm actually in Germany. After adding my location manually, hourly forecast just loads forever. Too bad, cause it's a beautiful looking app.

I do like this weather app.   It was okay till the last update till it started defaulting the language back to Vietnamese, but they just released another update which is supposed to fixed it.  I havenet had chance to check it yet.

It behaves very odd. Sometimes it wont load the correct information. The flipping tile sometimes shows a weird black background with no information. 
Beautiful, but it has a lot of bugs.

Have the same tile issue...but not just sometimes...constantly! :-( Going to stick to Amazing Weather HD!

I tried it before and it didn't work well for me here in the Vancouver area. I also stopped using Bing Weather because, while beautiful, it consistently gave me the wrong temperature. I'm using Weather Flow now and am very happy with it.

I use this app all the time. It is by far the best weather app that blends perfectly into my start screen. Every other weather apps color scheme is garbage, no one can deny it, it just doesn't work, however this does. Outstanding work 5 stars!