Beem is bringing streaming radio to your Windows Phone

Beem available for Windows Phone

Beem is a Digitally Imported client that allows you to stream various EDM radio stations to your Windows Phone. In a nutshell, Beem is a music app that allows you to stream and enjoy various electronic dance music stations from your Windows Phone.

Beem takes advantage of the Windows Phone panoramic layout with pages to display the available stations and your favorite channels. Beem currently streams about forty different dance music stations ranging from Chiptunes (videogame music) to Hardstyle (head banging tunes).

Beem for Windows Phone

Tap and hold an individual station and a pop up menu will appear with options to pin the station to your Start Screen or add the station to the Favorites Page.  The music may not appeal to everyone but some of the stations aren't too shabby.  If you like music options for your Windows Phone, Beem is worth looking into.

Beem is a free app and you can grab it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Beem


Reader comments

Beem is bringing streaming radio to your Windows Phone


Nice! DI is a must for any EDM fan, especially for listening on a mobile device. If they would only up their 96kbs stream to a higher bitrate =/

Crap, it doesn't seem to be available in my Marketplace, these inconsistencies are annoying and shouldn't take place in this day and age.

It seems like some peple in the Northwest region of the US are not able to get it yet either. Try downloading it in a couple of hours or tomorrow - pacakge propagation is never uniform.

Beem dev here. Just like any other streaming app - use our volume controls to bring the system media controller UI and tap on Pause.

Sorry, I didn't complete my thought.  I know how to have the music stop streaming, however the player controls seems to alway pop up on the lock screen.  When I'm done, I don't necessarily want to see the controls any more.  This is more of my preference and probably more related to WP than the individual apps.
Thanks you for your prompt reply though!

I will add an option in  the updated version, that will let the user clear the data in the background audio player. Thanks for the feedback!

After using it for the past day my only complaint is the volume of the stream (I assume its the stream). With Zune I can set my volume at 5 and I'm good. With beem I have to crank it up to 20 or so to get comparable volume. Kinda hurts when I get alerts at that volume with headphones on.

That's fantastic that Verizon is updating, but why can't they just stop with the bull crap and pick up other LTE Windows phone already?