Beem gets updated to 1.4, adds Skydrive support

Beem for Windows Phone

Beem is a Windows Phone music app that allows users to tap into the Digitally Imported music site and stream various EDM radio stations to your Windows Phone. The popular DI.FM client has been recently updated to version 1.4 and has added Skydrive support to allow you to upload recorded MP3 streams to the cloud.  Recording streamed music has been a Beem feature for sometime and with Skydrive support you can now use Skydrive to back up your recordings.


There's also been a slight name change with Beem. Beem Donate is now Beem Plus and has the full gambit of features. There will also be a free version of Beem that will have the standard listening features but not as feature rich as Beem Plus. The free version of Beem will continue to be supported and developed but will be more of a scaled back version.

Beem is a well laid out music app for your Windows Phone that delivers a healthy selection of tunes. The free version of Beem (currently version 1.3) can be found here at the Windows Phone Store. Beem Plus is currently running $1.29 and you can find Beem Plus here at the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Beem gets updated to 1.4, adds Skydrive support


Definitely worth a purchase in my opinion. Yes its a bit laggy at times but not enough that would make me stop using it.

I've gotten a WPCentral notification for this 4 times! Pretty sure that's not normal...

My favorite app. Got me hooked on EpicTrance and introduced me to a new world of music. John O'Callaghan (Rhea), Ahmed Romel (City of Life) are now in my music collection. It's also the app that's made me go over my 4GB data limit numerous occasions. Time for me to buy it to show my appreciation.

I hate it when lazy developers create a free app and a pay app. All WP apps should use the built in try-out features.
When I see apps that have a separate free version I tend to look elsewhere as it feels like the developer just did a quick IOS rip off.

Are you a developer? You'd have to be in order to make such a statement. No? I've used the free version of BEEM for over 6 months and in that time the developer has made steady improvements. I've written to the developer twice and received a reply every time. He even wrote to me unsolicited to offer more information regarding an update. Perhaps he is not lazy but rather, busy taking care of non paying users. Now I'm a paying customer because his free version showed to me what kind of work he produces and it was plenty enough to make me open my wallet.

Missing feature I'd love is A2DP support so I can listen to Beem in the car's BT stereo. Anybody got that to work?