Beem Plus bumped to version 1.6, squashes some bugs


Beem Plus has been updated to 1.6, fixing a few bugs and implementing a handful of new features. The app allows users to tap into Digitally Imported music sites and stream various EDM radio stations to their Windows Phones. The DI.FM client was previously updated to version 1.5 to address a handful of bugs support Last.fm scrobbling.  

Here's the changelog for version 1.6:

  • Fixed critical bugs that might cause app crashes
  • Better integration with the Music+Video Hub
  • Get track duration in the track history
  • When sharing, link to app URL instead of station stream
  • When searching for a track in the Marketplace, the Music stack is searched by default instead

You can download Beem from the Windows Phone Store. It's free until March 1st, so be sure to pick the app up now. via: di.fm; thank, Den, for the heads up!

QR: Beem Plus


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Beem Plus bumped to version 1.6, squashes some bugs



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That, or the issue with resuming streaming. I really appreciate that we have this app, and it's super awesome that the developer is actively fixing/improving things, but these two bugs really detract from the experience.

I would say this is hardware-related, because from my end I have little control over the device temperature. Beem is definitely resource-intensive, but from what I've tested it (L920, L820, L800, L900), I've never seen the device really heat up.

Does anyone know how the live tile is supposed to work? Nothing seems to happen when I pin it to the start menu. I know you can pin stations as well but am I missing something?

There is no live tile per-se (at this point). What you want to do is pin a station to the home screen, and then simply launch it from there. 

Umm I think there might be a problem with this new version. I was listening last night, paused like I always do before bed, woke up this morning and about a gig of free space had disappeared. I'm not recording. I tried uninstalling and the free space is not coming back. Anyone else have this problem?

I'm having that problem as well, or something similar.  It has gotten my phone down to around 500MB free and it's now locking up left and right.  I tried to uninstall Beem Plus and my phone locks up every time I do that.  I'm affraid I'm going to have to do a reset on it.   Bummer....
I'm on a HTC Trophy (Verizon) with 7.8 installed.

Not directly related to the Beem app but just as an FYI there is a fantastic DI.FM client for Windows 8 available.  There are 2 of them in the marketplace if you search for DI.FM...  The one with a dark grey background (and more ratings) is much nicer.  It has a better, more robust interface and actually pulls the track list.  It has ads but only on the main screen...  When you're in the other screens such as Now Playing there are no ads which is nice.

So if you haven't tried it, might want to check it out.


Beem dev here. Yes, the app is known to consume quite a bit of data, so make sure you track how much you have left. Or you could try it out on a WiFi network.

I really like this app though even with plus version it still tends to have an ad in music once in a while. What I did find out after sending a twitter message to di.fm is that they'll be making their own windows phone 8 app soon.