Belfiore outs Windows Phone Tablets?

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore was interviewed today at the D: Dive into Mobile Conference by Walt Mossberg (of Mosspuppet fame) regarding Windows Phone and Microsoft’s renewed foray into the smart-phone market. There isn’t much new information to be gleaned; confirmation of the early 2011 update to include copy and paste, the Marketplace reaching 3000+ apps, Walt stating that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t compare with iOS and Android (like I said, nothing new).

What IS intriguing is Belfiore’s response to Mossberg’s questions about Microsoft’s tablet strategy, namely the fact that Microsoft is pushing Windows 7 (a desktop platform) as it’s tablet OS; whereas Apple, Google, and even RIM (Blackberry) are all using touch-based platforms for their tablets.

Walt: But why not just scale up WP7? You have a modern touch based interface. Why isn’t that your tablet platform?

Joe: We’re 4 weeks out of introducing this new thing. We’ve tried to help our partners do a great job. Forward looking, we’re going to focus on what our customers want most.

Four weeks (tomorrow) would be the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a certain Steve Ballmer will be giving the opening keynote. Last year at CES was when Ballmer announced the "Slate" form factor, which hasn’t moved ahead much in the past year. Could Microsoft be readying a tablet based branch of the Windows Phone 7 OS? I’ve got my fingers crossed, how about you?

Source: Engadget


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Belfiore outs Windows Phone Tablets?


I'm pretty sure you misinterpreted his comment. I think he's saying WP7 has only been out for about 4 weeks (in the US), he wants to evaluate the new UX with customers before committing to tablets. But I think they already have a their tablet strategy under tight wraps, but they really need to announce something SOON.


MS should stop attending Mossberg's conferences. There's no need to legitimize that prick. He will just use more power he gains right back against MS.

I actually expect them to talk about something pretty big at CES, either the new update to WP7 or maybe tablets, either way they'll have something new to talk about.

Then the next month in Feb again iirc, Steve B. will be giving a keynote at Mobile World Congress again.

It really seems MS will come out strong to start 2011.