Best Buy app joins the crowd

The one thing I like about shopping at Best Buy is the ability to check in-store availability. The Windows Phone Best Buy app was released today that will let you check Best Buy's product line-up and check in-store availability while on the go.

The Best Buy app, developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, gives you access to the Best Buy inventory, weekly sales ads, and in-store specials. You can pull up product listings, check out user reviews, and check in-store availability to save running all over the place trying to find what your looking for. The app also makes use of your Windows Phone's location services to make searching for stores easier.

In just tinkering with the Best Buy app for a short time, I can see it coming in handy. But it would have been nice to see Reward Zone integration or the ability to purchase items from the app. Maybe, just maybe, these are features in the works for the first update.

The Best Buy app is a free application and you can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to sasa for the tip!


Reader comments

Best Buy app joins the crowd


Maybe now that there is an app for it BestBuy mobile will actually try and move some WP7 units out the door!But it is clear with the past week of official apps, WP7 is getting serious support now.

Keep apps coming wp7 at least they are posting more important apps on the marketplace not some not important apps you see at apple or android apps.

It seems like Microsoft may have been holding on to all of these so that they could flood their store with a bunch of official apps instead of one here and there. I'm loving this. I wonder who's next.

I don't think it's Microsoft - if they would intentionally delay apps, that would be a scandal (unless they somehow agreed that with the developers). I think it is just that Windows Phone is finally getting some mindshare and gets treated seriously.

The store locator and weekly ad features are nice, but browsing their inventory isn't very good. Browsing in the mobile phone category only shows you the first 10 phones listed alphabetically (by carrier) with no way to view more.

And did you notice what appears at the top of the mobile phones list? Android and Apple-imagine that! Yep, app needs some work..

this app gets a BIG FAIL... no Canadian content(prices etc.) closest store is in Niagara??? Mobile phones don't include Windows Phones :(