Best Buy Nokia 822 priced on Verizon for $99.99

Best Buy Nokia 822 priced on Verizon for $99.99

While we wait for more concrete details from Verizon we can at least see that Nokia’s next generation Windows Phone 8 handset has been priced up on the Best Buy’s website going for a neat $99.99 on contract.

The Nokia Lumia 822 which is a variant of the Lumia 820 is seen here in its rather fetching white attire along with the option to buy “unactivated” for $549.99 if that’s how you want to play it. Otherwise you can opt for a two year contract and stump up just $99.99.

The 822 comes with the Carl Zeiss optics and has a 8MP main camera and a 1.2MP front facer too. Like other Lumias it will get the Nokia Music and Navigation maps along with all Nokia’s other exclusives that make their devices so attractive to potential buyers. The 822 also has the exchangeable shell designs but at this time we’re not sure what colour options will be available at the time of launch. We also know that the 822 will support the Qi wireless charging like its bigger brother the Lumia 920.

We had heard rumours that the the Lumia 822 and the HTC 8X would be launching on November the 8th but that now seems unlikely. We are hearing that it’s much more likely to come around “Thanksgiving week” at this point. We’re sure many of you are itching to get your hands on this when it arrives on Verizon. If you want to read more about what Nokia said on the 822, we have already covered it here.

What are your plans when Verizon finally gets around to releasing the Windows Phone 8 devices? 

Source: Best Buy; thanks to mjfadaway for the tip!!


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Best Buy Nokia 822 priced on Verizon for $99.99


There HAS to be a place the 822 will be sold for less then Verizon. I mean... Really... There has to be, right????

I need to upgrade my wife's Trophy. Music on phone not important since we have zunes. Camera important. I'm partial to Nokia since I have a L900 but unsure for Verizon. anyone seen a good comparison of the 8x and 822? real world, not specs.

Real world- they will both work seamless. The 8X is receiving very good reviews. I haven't seen any reviews for the 822, but the 920 is getting rave compliments, and the internals are the same. That high def screen on the 8X will be much better then the 822, which is the same as your 900. But the 822 will get Nokia support. I do not see how you go wrong wither way.

Hey I have to agree.. I actually got a Trophy off contract on eBay, open box but never used for like $180 and promptly fell in love with Windows 7. Had a Droid 4 before. Anyway I am really torn. The 8X is puuuuurrrrdy and has a very nice 720HD screen. But the 822 has a nicer overall shape, same internals as the 920, but only an 800x480 screen. But so far all the exclusive Nokia apps keeps me wanting the 822 more than any of Verizon's other offerings. I can renew on 11/17. I really don't think the lower res screen is going to make that much of a difference in day to day use. Also talking about the camera, I honestly really like the Trophy's camera over all. Way better than any of my Droids. -- J

What a fantastic way for VERIZON to keep customers.  Take a phone that doesn't compare to the AT&T 920 and give it a higher price tag.
There are supposed to be some Black Friday spiffs with these phones, but I don't see a price drop as one.  Early contract switch and wireless charging seem more realistic.
Did I mention that VERIZON will also have the Samsung ATIV Odyssey shortly after Black Friday?  It just passed through the FCC.  IMO, a better phone than the 822 and 8X.  Too bad it isn't getting more attention.

the attention it gets is tentative to what people are looking for and how well samsung want to promote. i have not yet seen a single ad, commercial, newspaper clipping, teaser, or just plain old announcements for the ATIV. It most certainly is a great phone, but no one will know its great unless its advertised as such. plans for when verizon gets around to releasing these? I'll probably be considering which of the many awesome accessories to pick-up for my 920, which I'll hopefully be getting this weekend as I transfer-over..

don't get me wrong, its nice that verizon's getting back in the game, but it's becomingly increasingly clear that if you want a carrier that truly supports wp, in the us, its at&t.. $99 gets you a 920 + charging dock there, 822 on verizon.. not a difficult choice for me.

My plans for what? Paying the same amount for a lower end product (specs & aesthetics) that the 822 is on Verizon compared to the $99 for the 920 on AT&T? Yeah, I love being fleeced. Oh I could go 8X ($199) on VZW and pay twice the amount for a device with half the storage than the flagship 920 on AT&T. Yeah, that would be even better!

Beyond sad.  I think I'm going to get that HTC DNA or whatever it is with the 5" screen.  Then, hopefully my trophy will get the 7.8 update and I can have the best of both worlds.

Verizon did the same thing with the htc trophy. Price it high and no one buys them. Same pattern here with this launch.

99 dollars on contract isnt that high of a price. it only looks high to us now because atnt went agressive on pricing the L920 and L820 but has the L920 come out at 149.99 or what we all thought with 199.99 no one would be complaining about this issue.

Since AT&T and Verizon are about equal in coverage in my area I am seriously considering switching from Big Red to Big Blue. I am going to lobby hard with my family members that are on my plan to convince them to agree to switch carriers. 
I'm really tired of how Verizon is handling this release. I was hopeful early on that they would really push and support WP8, but with these ridiculous prices, that appears to be not the case. WP8 does not have the mindshare nor market share to be priced at same level as their Android counterparts. 

Best Buy is an O.K. place to buy phones, as they sometimes discount them after awhile. But they won't sell to me as I have a business account. I am forced to go to the crowded, slow, and sterile Verizon store. Does anyone else have this problem? I know why don't I just switch to AT&T or T-mobile...     'cause they have poor coverage in my area. Besides, my eyes aren't good enough to take advantage of an HD screen, so an 822 looks the same as a 920.

I said it before...if you want the best WP phones you have to go the main partner...if you want the droids you have to go VZW..will never get a flagship phone from wp8,they always late in the game..

At least Verizon pushes updates.  Even if att had decent coverage I would still go Verizon simply because they pushed tango and other firmware updates. 

I'm actually probably one of the few that are excited about this phone. I've been stuck with a droid that sucks the life out of me for two years because I couldn't wait for the Trophy.
I've compared the specs for the 920 and the 822 and I don't get why everyone is so down on the 822. Are you really going to notice the difference in resolution on a 4.3" screen? Maybe, but I don't really think that I personally will or care about it.. The 822 can have an additional 64GB with an sd card, the 920 can't, it is stuck with 32GB forever. And yes, that's important to me in addition to my SkyDrive space that I currently have and the 7GB that I will get in addition with this phone. The camera isn't the high end PureView camera that the 920; this isn't a big selling point for me, I have a regular camera. the 822 has 1024mb of internal memory compared to 1000mb on the 920.
As I recall from the Windows Phone 8 announcement a few weeks ago, the slide showed the price as $49 for the 822 not the $99.99 price Best Buy is showing on their site for pre-order. This isn't an issue for me, I'm just wondering if the $50 is a rebate or something.
I'm happy that Verizon is finally doing Windows Phone again and not just droid and apple. My only concern is, when will it be available; I know there is a picture somewhere in the wpcentral forums with the 11/12/12 as the release date, does anyone know if that if confirmed?

*High Five* Yeah! great post. I totally agree 100 percent. I think the 920 looks great, but lets be honest, the thing is HUGE. And while big screens are great (My roommate has a GS3) there is certainly something desirable about a smaller more svelt screen. I agree with folks that it's annoying that at least for now, it looks like the 822 is overpriced compared to AT&T's offering, but I had also been seing a $50 price on earlier slides for the 822. Probably a rebate if that is the case. It is Verizon after all and they loooove their rebates. I would consider switching, my Verizon coverage at home has not been super great and I even miss calles on rare occasions, but my coverage at work is full bars. Nokia has traditionally had GREAT antennas and HTC, in my experience, has had rather poor antennas. Anyway I can't switch because I have a family plan and pay for my parents phones. It would be a massive fuster cluck to switch. Looking forward to the 822. Hopefully we can get some super crazy bright green shells down the line. -- J