Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 hits the Store, shop away.

Best Buy for Windows Phone 8

The Best Buy app for Windows Phone has been updated. In the past the app hasn’t been well received. A mix of poor design and usability being the biggest culprits of the apps 2 star average in the Windows Phone Store. Does the recent revamp warrant a higher rating? Let’s check it out.

If you hit up the link below you’ll notice the Best Buy app sitting pretty in the store at version That’s binary for something right? Also, how does an update for an app put it in at basically version 1.0 again? Looks like this app has been redone for Windows Phone 8, but I’m not seeing any love from Best Buy for Windows Phone 7.x on my end. What’s new with this app?

  • Revamped UI
  • Voice integration

Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 Screenshots

The app looks and functions a bit nicer from before, but one new feature you’ll see is the ability to use voice commands with the app. When would you do that? Well, I’m not entirely too sure since it didn’t exactly work when I tried. But it’s been added to the selection of apps that take voice commands.

If you want to grab Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 you can head to the link here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app. (The comments below suggest this app may be U.S. only, which makes sense if you think of where the majority of the stores are located.)

Thanks for the tip aaa6112!

QR: Best Buy


Reader comments

Best Buy for Windows Phone 8 hits the Store, shop away.


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see more support for Windows Phone; my comment was directed towards Best Buy and their shitty business practices...this isn't an app that I'll ever use.

I echo your "meh"
Used to love Best Buy. Was a Reward Zone Platinum or Premier member of whatever you call it for many years which basically just meant I spent a crap load of money there every year.
I use Amazon Prime for just about everything anymore.

But remember, Best Buy will be dedicating "specific" space in their stores for Microsoft products. And for that I'll be supporting them. Amazon is great too.

Exactly. I never shop Beat Buy, but I'm glad to see WP support.

But can I use the Best Buy app as a showroom for my Amazon.com app? Haha, jk, kind of.

Change your region to US and you can download it. Although, u won't find stores nearby! It'll work still :). Beautiful UI

As usual, this is a US only App. You should really start putting (US only) in these articles. It would spare a lot of time and grief to non-US readers (not everyone is familiar with what is or isn't an American retailer store ;) )

Good idea. But I think it would be a little hard on our end to find out right off the bat. Maybe Microsoft should just make it more visible in the Store listing. We usually only find out if an app is specific to a region once you all start commenting in the comments. Totally open to suggestions on how we can improve for you guys and gals (all three of them). 

I think it could be edited to the end where you link the app, since you already state version compatibility there.

That would be the place to put it. But the point I'm making is we can't know whether or not an app is supported until after we share the link with the world. We'll work on something though to make this work for everybody. Thanks for the feedback. 

Good suggestion, but there's one major flaw - this is Earth. Now maybe not "hire," but let people volunteer for the job may be more acceptable.

I'm not able to login to my account :/... I'm curious if its the same problem eBay and a couple other apps have though. I've noticed some apps don't handle passwords with special characters correctly and they error out when they encounter certain characters.

Wow, Microsoft is paying so much money for getting apps updates and new official apps!! But most of them are restricted to the USA.
I hope Microsoft understand that if we put together all the non-american users and potential buyers we will have much much much more people that "only USA people"... I hope they are saving, or using, a little of their money for global apps, apps for another regions and, no less important, games. We need games, recent games...

The thing is that there probably aren't that many big apps that all European (or other continent) countries would use. These US apps probably reach more people anyway, even if we outside US are a bigger crowd.

When I first logged in, it displayed an email address I had about 2 years ago.  And it also showed my wife's name, which means that it is pulling from the "Primary Pickup Person" (which i just verified still had my old email address associated with it). 
I logged out of the app, and now it won't let me log back in.  So hopefully they are working on it.  Or at least aware of it.

This is exactly what it has going for it. I just went there with my son to buy a laptop. It was great being able to actually see and touch an item before purchasing it. Plus it is much more convenient for returns then having to mail the item off. Now that they price match Amazon, I use them for many of my purchases. Yes, I do have to pay New Jersey sales tax which currently, I don't with Amazon, but they are building a NJ presence anyway, so sooner than later, this won't matter any more.
I still use Amazon for items that they do not carry, but seeing as they are all of 2 miles north of my house, it is not a hardship to go there and to walk out with my purchase.

Decided to look up the 521 in this app and the description is wrong in a few places. They have it listed as having 4gb of storage and 1gb of ram. Other than that, its a decent app that seems to function better than their mobile site. Glad to see so many official apps drop this week. Now to check out the redbox app as I use redbox often enough to get discount codes every weekend.

No the tablet version is the same and has been out for a long time, not sure who is to blame but l wish l could login!

Finally! I can actually use it now. The old version would crash the minute I attempt to open it. It works much better.

Wasn't this one of the apps Microsoft featured at one of their events? You could pin an item and it would give you up to date stocking info on the live tile?

When is the voice command fad going to fade away...yes voice command is great in your car to respond to text...but to browse WP central,best buy I don't get it unless maybe your vision is bad

Nice update. Definitely needed with the previous version being so bad and with the upcoming Windows stores in Best Buy.

I am still unable to log in. Keep getting "the server is unable to process your request right now."

However, if I purposely use an incorrect password, it says login failed because of authentication.

Is the Geek Squad working on this?!?

But why didn't they add wallet support for my BestBuy membership account so I could stop caring around that silly card they gave me?

Logged into my account, but it shows my dad's email addy. That's messed up, but the rest of the app works well. Glad to see this app finally on wp8