Big App on Campus campaign

The Gracious FewIntroducing the Big app on Campus campaign where Microsoft and the Windows Phone team is out to reward student developers for all the time and effort poured into the platform. They are partnering with the band The Gracious Few to create an awesome experience for ten lucky students at SXSW. The lucky chosen few will attend a private concert, receive backstage passes, go to a private dinner with the band, and be interviewed on national radio about their apps.

If that wasn't enough, two $15,000 cash awards are to be given to the developers for the two apps that will be named "Big App on Campus" (one award going to the top free app and the other for the top paid app). The campaign is open to U.S. college and university students who build apps for Windows Phone. Each app created from August 1st 2011 until February 14th 2012 can be entered and students can submit multiple entries. Submissions are due by February 14th and the campaign ends on March 13th.

How will the submitted apps be judged?

  • Innovation (40%): How innovative is the app? Does it do something new or does it accomplish something in a new way?
  • Experience (40%): Does it feel seamless and like a native experience on Windows Phone? Does the app have a polished feel?
  • Potential (20%): Does the app have potential in the market (lots of users, making money, both) or not?

Public voting will include the combination of number of app downloads and Facebook "likes" accumulated. To enter, you'll need a submitted and approved app on the Marketplace and complete the entry form. Be sure to check out the official rules

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


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Big App on Campus campaign

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Great idea!
Hey Students and Devs, here is your first suggestion for an app that is absolutely critical to certain professional small business users' adoption of the Windows Phone Device -- a time and expense app that is compatible with Sage software's Timeslips (http://www.sagetimeslips.com/). Law firms, accounting firms, architects, computer consultants and anybody else who needs to track or bill their time by the hour use software like Timeslips. The Timeslips program is the undisputed leader of the small business time and billing segment. My office won't support my Windows Phone because there is no time and billing app that integrates with Timeslips. That means that when my phone contract is up and I upgrade, I will be forced into another platform where Timeslips support exists. 
The old Windows Mobile OS had plenty of Timeslips compatible apps. Tom Thumb software's Time to Time is one example. Iambic software had Timereporter. The Palm OS's were also supported. Blackberry is supported. The new iPhone iOS's have iSlips (www.brainfreezesoftware.com).
So, will you students rise to this challenge? How about MS? My contract is up soon. I love my Windows Phone, but I don't care about Angry Birds -- I need a Timeslips compatible app to stay on WP. Do your research. This is a big need that is not being met on WP, and a big opportunity for Students/Devs.