Bing apps for Windows Phone lose the Bing...but only in the titles

Bing apps

Microsoft is pushing out a round of updates to its Bing apps for Windows Phone that takes away the Bing. But only from the titles. So Bing Weather becomes Weather, Bing News becomes News, Bing Sport becomes Sport. You get the idea. So, if you accepted an update and suddenly wondered why your 'B' app category was somewhat thin on the ground, this is why.

You can still find them all in the store by searching for Bing, so at least you don't have to wade through endless weather and news apps to find what you want. And to find them on your phone just scroll a little further. Other than that it's pretty much business as usual!


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Bing apps for Windows Phone lose the Bing...but only in the titles


Bcoz of cortana guys..y dont u understand its easy to say open weather or open translator to cortana than open bing weather & bing translator...it makes sense

Ermergerd this is so confusing Bing news is now called news. Who would evr remember something like that

Do you think that will stay the same after the aquisition given Nokia will no longer be in the smartphone & app business?

They should let the users configure an own name for an app. Some will like the new naming others will like to group those apps together.

My banking app is called "Mobile banking" but I always must think very hard to remember the name (don't want it on start-screen). I would like the possibility to change that name to the name of the bank-company.

Wasnt there supposed to be a feature in 8.1 where your most frequently used apps were to be grouped together in the app list?

I think they should more give the possibility to put kind of folders, instead, in the list. At least on level of folders. With games and every app the list grows infinite.

I like the change. It will make it easier for Cortana tasking. If you want all of Bing apps in one place create a folder called Bjng then place Bing app in the Bing folder.

I thought it was sad when Apple came out with the iMac (following the current trend at the time of iNaming eVerything) 

I don't like it. It would make finding them more difficult, and Microsoft has given up the opportunity to give Bing the recognition it deserves.

not a problem to most users cos most users pin them to Start and tend to use large tiles.

Don't let their background usage stop you from pinning them. You could always use Settings -> Background Tasks to manually block the Bing apps from running that way.

I somewhat agree to Choco22 and danielgray. I kinda like it in one place, we could use app folder and pin it... Oh well... Lets just hope its easy to find next time I reset my phone (although we can back it up prior to resetting), but Bing as a brand should be much more pronounced...

Its not that big of a deal. You want weather, and have more than one app then they are all together now. How they should of been from the start. And anything important, users will pin. Each to their own, and i agree folders would then let you guys technically have it the old way again

Maybe in the US but in the rest of the world? Bing weather doesn't have my town's name in it. Accuweather works better for me.

I think these bing apps should have been made available in the bing app itself through the search button perhaps each with their own sort of tile for news weather etc

Maybe he did it himself. The whole thing would have gone away as soon as it started had people not raised a fuss.

I personally prefer the aps having Bing in front of their names, because for me it's a lot easier to just go to B and they are all right there. I wonder why they changed it.

I think they do this because they want shorter names, they even joked about their bad products naming at build keynote. They said Cortana is a hell lot better than blabkablabla, I forgot the long name. Second, it's also not Bing Cortana. So even tho Cortana is powered by Bing it doesn't have it in the name. I guess they figure the others apps don't need the Bing addition as well. Also by removing the word Bing you make it seem like their news app is THE news app because it says just news, so to many people it will seem like the default news app that you're supposed to use.
Then another guess, maybe they wanna get rid of Bing and rename it all to Cortana. Maybe Bing will become Cortana. On the phone Cortana has already replaced search, so why not on the website Bing.com ---> Cortana.com. Wild guess. ;)

If you're already using Live Tiles... Why is it such a concern they aren't grouped together in the apps list?

Nonetheless, if your concern is not being able to see the Live Tiles, doesn't that mean they're already pinned to your Start Screen? If that's the case, just find them.on your Start Screen.

And if they aren't pinned, what's the big issue with making an app folder (assuming you have a Nokia or Samsung device, and/or have performed the OEM-exclusive app workaround)?

I understand it's less elegant that a quick swipe from the right and seeing them right there, and that Start Screen space is prime real estate, but aren't organized apps worth it?

Don't use folders, don't like the look, don't like the extra click.

Its like all the Nokia apps, easy to find under N as I don't want them all on front screen. Just one of those people who like an aesthetically pleasing screen, that's why I chose WP...

I feel you. That's why I said, "not ideal."

Seems weird they made such a change, I wonder the reasoning?

Ah, seems like there is no bing on the tile but the list name keeps the bing. Sorted :D

Could be changed for 8.1/Cortana....Cortana Bing Weather or Cortana Weather??

Bing services should be have been in OS itself. No need to download any app for it or maybe one app for all the service??? I don't like the idea of downloading 5-6 apps to use bing services.

this way they can update the apps and not the OS... easier!

one app for all, can potentially confuse users

I use Bing sport for livescores greater than all other football livescore apps. And i am also a fan of cricket. But for cricket live score i need to rely on other apps like cricinfo or cricbuzz to know the detailed scorecards. Bing sport only show live score . Windows 8 does have the ability to see the full scorecard. I hope they will add that to WP version too.

Bing is still shown in the in-app title at the top of the screen. Collections still don't sync with Bing Food & Drink, only shopping lists...what a lazy update...

Looks like they are following the Goolge style. In android phones you won't find Google Maps, Google Hangout etc. Its just Maps, Hangouts....

My hunch is that they are playing around with the natural language search / app launch via voice as Cortana is powered by Bing.

These apps should be preinstalled in WP 8.1! They are the best apps for their category ive ever seen, even compared to other platforms and are the best example for good metro app design.

I agree...though the news app needs to be able to take articles offline for it to be really class leading (for use on subway, or when travelling)

I don't use this feature much but in this case it comes in really handy: create a folder, add the "Bing Apps" to the folder, pin the folder to your Start screen. Done. All your Bing apps are in one place and take up fewer tile spaces on your Start Screen.

Not a huge deal in the case of these apps if you're using small or medium tiles: small tiles don't update/display info and square tiles don't update often enough with new info to make it worth the screen space (and the large rectangle tile is updated about as often as the medium square tile and not with enough info to make it worth the trouble of the screen space)...so in this case, a folder works well :)

Wonder if they either rename bing again or maybe did this to improve cortana recognition. if you say "please show me the weather" it might know to use the weather app to get the data rather please show me the bing weather.

Well you all obviously know how cortana is working. Why would the phone need to check online for the latest weather information when the background running weather app is already looking for the exact same data? you clearly know how to waste bandwith :)

Well, Cortana doesn't open any weather apps if you ask for weather. Instead, you get the same results as you currently would if, right now, you opened Search on your phone and typed "weather."

True, hadn't considered that...

But still, you'd had to explicitly tell Cortana to open an app. Otherwise, she'll just turn to Bing Search. At least that's how she'll work on the initial roll out, where she's US exclusive.

Make up their minds? Didn't they waffle on this already when they decided to put Bing in front of all the app names previously...?

These first world problems in the comments are killing me right now. Guys, it could be worse.

Where are the links in WPCentral app for update? I don't like this Newsroom thingy! New blog writers have to learn so many new things across platforms. Its like Jack of all tools, King of none.

i don't care it being called Xbox, but i do Want the green tile to go away (or have the option to use green or sistem theme as some apps offer)

Makes sense. My coworker said yesterday "I want Windows Phone because it looks like my laptop." I too will go with"consistency" for their reasoning.

I agree and it may also have something to do with the new unified app tools that are being made available. No longer will they have to code Weather for Windows/RT and then code Bing Weather for the phone.

Much ado for nothing. Everybody will update them and two weeks later we won't even remember there was the word "bing" in the title.

In English it was: Bing Weather, Bing News, etc.

But e.g. in Polish it was: Pogoda Bing, Wiadomości Bing, etc.

So probably all exept English users could not find those apps by taping "B".

And I've got no idea, why MS changed Bing Weather to Weather. They should have changed Pogoda Bing to Bing Pogoda for Polish users

Maybe they want to bundle all those (Bing) apps by default on new phones. The new users who are first time smartphone users or moving from other platforms that use WP for first time will try to find Weather in W, and Health in H, Sports in S and so on which I think makes perfect sense. By removing the Bing prefix, they can move the apps to their respective sections and give them better discovery.

This would be a very bad move for MS. You would start seeing developers start pulling their weather, sports, and finance apps from the store. Antitrust suit all over again.

When quantity and quality of apps practically defines your platform, why risks pissing developers off by placing a competitive, homegrown app on every device that rolls out of the factory by default?  Yes, it is antitrust-esque, and while it may not be to that level the result would be the same: third party companies giving your the finger.

And Apples home grown apps is different because most of those apps were develeped when no other third-party alternative existed because iOS SDK 2.x was still in its infancy and new to developers.  Other apps developed by Apple later on held no problems with third-party competitors because their app marketplace had matured.

MS at this time does not have such luxury yet and cannot afford the risk. 

I don't like it either. Beyond the sorting them together in the app list, I thought Microsoft was trying to expand the Bing brand? At this point, the labels in the apps still show Bing. Not sure why they made this change?

They're probably preinstalled on WP81 like they are on W81. It's the need for redundant authentication that puts me off these apps. If I signed into Microsoft ON THE DEVICE, why do I need to log in again with each MS app‼⁉ It should just work.

In the header photo Bing Sports reads as "Sport" (singular) but in the store it reads "Sports" (plural). Weird...

This is actually kind of depressing for Windows Phone that some people are making such a big deal over it. Its a change, they may or may not be going somewhere with it, but im sure they have their reasons. If you use them often, you will already have them pinned. You want to check the weather, go straight to w, with all the other weather apps you've got installed. No biggie. If we get native folder support that supports live tiles, then everyone can have the best of both worlds

I liked the Bing apps being together as Bing, but no bother ... just use App Folder to group them and annoyance avoided!

It might be a good thing that Microsoft disengaged the Bing name from those apps based on the things Bing is lending its name to recently. At the same time, Microsoft is doing more to push its name out front. That is a good thing..

I dont know but this actually seems to invite more people as its easier to find it on the store. I like it, its more simple. Anyways grouping possibility would be great.

Count me in as one who likes "Bing" in the title.  These are all, for the most part, excellent apps and it makes it a lot easier to find them all grouped together.  I am going to miss this a lot.

Could this be in preparation to allow them to be enables to become transparent on the start screen when a user enables a background image???

I don't like it either, they were all together before, now scattered all over the shop. Not that I use bing weather as its so inaccurate for Australia.