Bing Get Me There helps you around London

Bing has published an app for London called Bing Get Me There. Perfect if you're frustrated and need to launch it in front of hundreds of people, one would shout at the voice recognition system: "BING GET ME THERE!" The app itself is really nice and looks great. It's simple functionality offers the user full tube maps (offline), service updates on the lines and the ability to plan journeys.

Some highlighted features:

  • Plan journeys using Bing maps and the London Underground network
  • Full tube maps and live service updates
  • Live departures and status updates by tube station
  • Nearest tube stations (with map and walking directions)
  • Set up favourite journeys with ‘live tile’ alerts on your home screen
  • Weekend service updates
  • Offline access to tube maps (great for when you are on the tube)

Of course if you're a frequent tube/bus user, you'll be more suited to the likes of London Travel, which provides better journey planning functionality between stations etc. as opposed to addresses and the like. The massive advantage it has over other journey planners is the live tile alert feature which is just impressive.

The app is perfect if you're a tourist in the big city or plan to visit for the 2012 Olympics when all the tubes will be either closed or over-crowded. You can download Bing Get Me There from the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Amir for the tip!


Reader comments

Bing Get Me There helps you around London


Rich man I definitely owe you for pointing this one out to me, superb app with pretty much everything I'd want for London travel!

It's good but I don't seem to be able to set a custom route like on the email alerts that TFL do themselves. It just auto chooses the route for me which (even though it says it's quicker) has more escalators so I prefer a different route.

London Travel app is much better for regular travellers / commuters - and it will get a live tile when Mango will be released to the public.With Bing app it takes too much taps to get to departure boards, and you cannot set a fixed list of your preferred stations (only recent ones). Plus there is no support for departure boards of DLR and Overground (only tube), and tube maps are somewhat out of date.P.S. Richard, tubes are not going to close - they have prepared quite well (there will even be an extra third "peak" hour for Olympics).