Bing gets every prediction in knockout stages right, sides with Germany for the final


Ever since Microsoft rolled out Bing's prediction service into Cortana, users have been asking the personal voice assistant predictions on all sorts of things, including the 2014 World Cup.

Thus far, Bing has got it right 60 percent of the time in the group stages, correctly predicting the victor 29 times out of 48. The search engine has fared much better in the knockout stages, predicting the right outcome 14 times out of 14.

With the final two matches scheduled for later this week, Bing predicts a Brazil win (a much-needed victory after that mid-week mauling), and a victory for Germany against Argentina in the final.

What do you guys think? Can Bing make it 16/16? Would Messi be able to turn things around for Argentina? Sound off in the comments.


Reader comments

Bing gets every prediction in knockout stages right, sides with Germany for the final


Even my retard friend knows that Germany will win.
Everyone knows that. 
Except somehow they let Argentina win due to political and business gains.

Applause, Cheer up to your last sentence,

As far as I remember

France 1998 Champion = 2002 Group stage eliminated?

Italy 2006 Champion (Thanks to usage of Le(im)hmann instead of Tiger (Kahn) and Zidane's Headbutt) = 2010 Eliminated in group stage?

2010 Spain ruined every loyalty to become champion = 2014 Group Elimination?

How dreadful is Football these days.

I adviced them some technologically acceptable, low cost method to solve referee's problem, they did nothing except accept GLT under pressure of all members, no just under pressure of FA.

If Germany (En Sha' Allah) Becomes Champion, I would be so happy as I'm waiting for the championship since the winning penalty of Brehme 24 years ago. 1994,1998 was not ours. 2002 was gifted to Super Ronaldo Doubles, I was happy because they were real football, 2006 Our Coach told Kahn that you don't have any place in my squad except bench!

2010 was disaster and all of us know what happened there ??????? 0-1 ??????

This year another spanish speakers, FIFA President Loves the Forward of that team, Germany also is not Alone, If they don't sell their soul to Devil, Allah is with them. That's enough for any creature.

I'm hopeful for the upcoming matches, which without cheat will be for Brazil and Germany. 

This time Cortana drunk
I bet Messi will make the difference. He will do anything to get the only missing trophy to his cabinet.

How do you actually ask Bing this? I just get page results when asking ' who will win the Germany Argentina game?' and variations of. When I switch my phone from UK to US and ask Cortana, no problem at all.

Well there is the difference.. Argentina has messi. germany has the whole team. wonder that Neuer didnt get a goal yet

I want to see the victory of Argentina, first time going opposite from Cortana..
My heart says that Argentina will win..

To play like arabs ? Shameless Arabic action after being substituted in match against Iran. Real madrid fans were ashamed of that unfair action. (:(

You know I surfed the web and if I'm not wrong Both Iran and Germany has roots from Arian (Maad, Pars, Part) Which the Third Reich wa proud of.  

You're Right.

One goal with help of Referee, one goal with own goal? but, wait!

Germany neither has MARCELO nor KOLAŠINAC!

No, You're wrong.



Your heart need to be repaired.

Your heart pumps another way.

You're right. with the money, and Messi's love which sepp blatter spread out, cheating is the only way to see This Argentina as champion. every game, 1 to 5 referee mistakes??????

Players of the weakest team of the tournament (Iran), dribbled all argentinian from Zabaleta to Double dribble of Messi, Higuain by a young player. After Goal they played like arabs (Di maria was unable to leave the ground when substituted and wanted to put of his shoes inside the field; Poor frightful spoiled team). 

Except being Argentinian, How a microsoft guy can be a fan of Argentina?

Turn your team or turn your platform to Symbian.

We're not the ones that made up the name "soccer". That was Europeans.

But we'll keep calling it soccer, because the whining of those who dont like it is like beautiful music.

Well they also made up the imperial system and see which parts of the world still believe in this ancient way of measurements

It won't be #1 in USA, but I can see it securing #3 a few years from now. Baseball's popularity has been dropping rapidly. So 10 yrs from now it may be:
#1 - American Football
#2 - Basketball
#3 - Soccer (aSOCCiation football)

EA even don't like Microsoft, Microsoft starts official FIFA Collaboration football in Dreamcast, EA cheated and put Sony's console through Sepp Flapper, excuse me Blatter for official FIFA interactive Console.

Though I doesn't believe Cortana, it's a coincidence. But I still want Germany to lift the trophy. I am hoping for Muller magic... 10 goals in 2 world cup. Better than messi..

Even New born German footballers are better than Messi.

Bayern - Barca :

With Messi 4 - 0

With Messi 3 - 0

They crowned first 7up with Messi which is another title for Messi.

Today everything can be made via 3D Printer.

Maradona (Real) = (3D Printed) Messi

Garrincha (Real) = (3D Printed) Neymar

Van Basten (Real) = (3D Printed) Van Persie

Gullit (Real) = (waste Material of 3D Printer) Robben

Real are Real in any aspect = 3D Printed are good for Propaganda.

The favourites have gone through every time in the knockout stages, so if Bing has got it right every time, all they've done is choose the favourites. Hardly prophetic.

Netherlands Will win from Brazil. No doubt. Even the match against Argentina was a 50/50 prediction from Cortana. The finals will be for Germany. Argentina will have allot of falling little girls to get free-kicks. Germany has 11 attackers and defenders, so Messi needs to get Messi to try anything.

It's not that difficult to predict. I haf everything good in the knock out stages to. And 28 in the 48 in the poule good.

how it's possible a machine predict physical and mental deceisions, correctly?


How it's possible to predict something 100% correctly? (Since Round of 16)


What is the result of such predictions?

Face the dirtiest sport in the universe which is Football=Soccer under supervision of dirty people like sepp blatter and platini.

2010 South Africa Germany after 4-1 and 4-0, suddenly died to 0-1 against Spain.

As a Germany Fan, I like and it's obvious that 7-1 is unbelievably supernatural.

Now, how it's possible a team which in match versus Iran was nothing except some spoiled children which referee helped them not to lose, let alone 1-0 win over Iran.

They caught a wager, he confessed they knew the result and the shape of winning which was not only for that match, but when police reported this to blatter, he told them cover it for now, then we will investigate through.

Cortana, Bing and other tools make prediction from something, thanks to their nature, Machine looks for data, not imagination and desire.

Unfortunately this is the truth that the most aggressive team of all time just collected 6 Yellow Card so far, if any one of you know how aggressive Argentinian are, then will find out how Sepp blatter loves Messi, which let him select Argentina over his Home nation, Switzerland.

Oh I forgot that he is in charge of fraud and corruption for giving Qatar and Russia the 2022 and 2018.

Now if my friends were in fifa I definitely knew that who is the Champion.

Cortana was 60% successful in Group stage which most of them played naturally, but the last match of Germany over USA?    Bosnia which was nothing to do with anything transforms into unbeatable giant to demolish Iran. The opening match and the Story of That Penalty. Former champion lost 5-1 in opening and gradually improves????? how useful was that defeat.


I think Footballer in our world are such Phoenix ....... 

Anyway, If you look your life through science fiction, Go through those predictions, if not Say your prayer to achieve real goals.

En Sha' Allah Germany will become 2014 Brazil's Champion.


So maybe those guys use outlook.com and Cortana collected the data directly from their communications... Or do they NOT do that? Lol =P

Most probably Argentina will win ,Bing has still time to correct fluctations and bonus from semi final towards argentina.First i am Indian Argentina Fan,I could have digested if this prediction was well before semifinals.But argentina had bettered in every succesive play from one man messi to a team play in semifinals to a large extent.With arrival of Maria in final squad after injury will put argentina well-knitted team .So my vote is for #argentina #messi.messi can turn the game in seconds to his favour if he is well supported by teammates

I accept Germany is good team wise (unlike argentina) but brazil was devastated not due to their extreme play .It was due to a combination of sudden structural change which they couldnt replace and adjust : Neymar and Captain Silva and shock of first goal around home ground with lot of expectations and pressure.There is no excuse lose is lose but thats fact.So dont weigh germany like Brazil was humilated by excellent play.


#ARG!!! We just need to keep the #GER at bay and hold possession! That's their flaw!!! #Bing #Cortana #Wzp81 stop lying to meeeeeee!!!!!

Even with Cortana predicting a Germany win, I'm hoping that Argentina takes the Cup and avenge their South American brethren's horrible defeat.
Now it's your time to shine Messi and dismantle the German machine.

Only if they dive and use their secret weapon... the hand of god.

Maybe they'll bribe the ref as well!!

Bunch of cheating bastards!!!

So where have they dived or used the hand of god to get to the final in this competition?? We understand you're a bitter blinkered English fan but it's been 28 fucking years - let it go already!! Besides, it's not as if your perennially crappy team can ever win the World Cup if they don't have home advantage and fraudulently "score" with a ball that never crossed the line.

Sure we got knocked out but I can have the satisfaction that the Falkland Islands are staying British. So, I'll let that "28 years of hurt" go when you Argentinians stop rattling the sabre about the Falkland Islands being part of your damn country.

Oh and maybe you forgot about the 1966 World Cup, remind me again who won?

That ball that "never crossed the line" was, at least, "scored" using the players feet not his hand though!!!!.

Lol. Like I said, a typical blinkered English fan, gloating about the atrocities your lot committed in the Falklands, and trying to differentiate between an illegal goal scored with a hand and one that didn't even go in. Yes you won the World Cup one measly time like I mentioned thanks to home advantage and the referee who helped you cheat the Germans with a ghost goal in the final. Congrats. Since then you've always been crap, stinking up tournament after tournament with rubbish football and consistently terrible squads. Can't even win a Euro in your bloody backyards. Reserve your bitterness for your clueless FA and idiotic press who do everything in their power to ensure the perpetual failure of your useless national team.

I'm not Argentine by the way.

Don't try blaming us for the Argentinians INVADING British Soil. What were we supposed to do, sit back and let them get on with it. You aren't Argentinian and I seriously doubt you're British so stop commenting on things you have absolutely no knowledge about.

Our national team is crap because we have too many of you bloody foreigners in our teams, get them the fuck out along with the managers, get some real british players and managers in and then we would have a chance. Until then we will continue being "...crap, stinking up tournament after tournament with rubbish football and consistently terrible squads." and there's fuck all YOU can do about it!!!!!


LOL. Touched a nerve, have we? I won't bother to elaborate about your frankly racist "bloody foreigners" jab. But I do know that when English football was almost completely played by English players, and even a black face in a team was a taboo, English were a shit football team, have always been, and always will. Never won anything of note in all of history apart from a dubious World Cup and never looked like it either. So direct your vitriol at your shit, overpaid, overrated, overhyped players and administrators, shut the fuck up about 28 year old wrongs, and allow the rest of us to enjoy the football played on the field today.

........Deutschland uber alles.......
Die manschaft wird Deutschland zum weldmeister bringen.

They play like a team and act's like a team.
Argentina has a few good players....not only messi and they played very wel yesterday..
But they use the wrong tactics.
They needs to play the ball over wide passes and let the Germans run.....exhaust them and at the end strike and hit..

60% success rate is not impressive at all but its fun to see it even answer the question. Now if it could get it right 60% of the time with the handicap then Cortana would be my new best friend. :)

I have Germany to win but I wish I would have picked Argentina over Netherlands. That choice caused me to be out of the running for a 60" TV.  Aarrgh!

Why does everyone hate Argentina ? Those people doesn't even know what football is ..messi is an out standing player but that doesn't mean it's a one Man army .. Argentina is a great team with great players .. Messi is the striker most of the time and he has the responsibility to score ..... Last game the semi final .. Victory is purely due to amazing defending and the 2 critical saves by Romero only role messi had was the single goal in penalty shootout... Don't get your hates on Argentina just cause your favorite teams lost so badly

I checked for every game in knockout stages and probably for the first time I felt proud of owning a windows phone .....
P.s Germany all the way....
Cortana m loving u more n more day by day....:*

It was a stroke of genius to incorporate these results into Cortana. Bing is a terrific product with a less than perfect reputation. Many people are unaware of the inextricable link between the two. For some reason, the results seem to have more legitimacy to many people when they are presented through Cortana. It could be a model for a new generation of search products. Using Cortana as Bing personified could breath new life into a great product. Third party extensibility would be even more powerful. As much as many of you don't want to hear it, they really need to release her onto the world sooner than later through other platforms.

Until the game against Brazil nobody was even talking about Germany being that much of a power house. Now after a win against a very unorganized Brazil squad we're acting as if they will for sure win this game. Don't get me wrong, I think Cortana is correct here, I just don't think it's as straight forward as everyone thinks.

 Yeah, it's all fun and games now but this is how it all starts. Next thing you know, Cortana/Bing becomes sentient and it's only a matter of time before the human race gets wiped out. Lol.

I want Argentina to win but I know Germany will. Argentina's last game 0-0, Germanys last game 7-1. Argentina has 1 amazing player, but Germany has 1 amazing team. ;)