Bing introduces Venue Maps for malls and airports in India

Bing Venue Maps

Microsoft has announced today that Bing users in India can now use Venue Maps to easily navigate malls across the country.

Venue maps provide an easy way of seeing the layout of a venue like a mall or an amusement park. Currently, Bing Maps provides maps and level wise layouts of over 5,300 venues across the world.

The service displays interior and exterior maps as a layer on top of Bing Maps, complete with store names and precise location data. The venue map data is provided from the Nokia Maps application as well as via Bing searches for public information such as maps which a mall may place on its website.

As you view the mall on your map, the venue map will automatically be displayed. If the mall has multiple levels, a menu bar should appear in the upper left corner of the map to allow you to change which level is displayed.

In India, Bing Venue Maps allows consumers to search 120 malls across Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, and other India cities as well as airports in three cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Also, several extra features have been added to Bing Search on Windows Phones. Consumers searching for local destinations on their Windows Phones will automatically be provided with directions on how to reach that destination, with an option for audio drive directions.

Last year, Nokia’s HERE division had launched venue mapping facility for over 20 cities in India and earlier this year, Google too launched indoor maps for malls across 22 cities in India.


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Bing introduces Venue Maps for malls and airports in India


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BBM is encrypted and can't be intercepted. Terrorists are known to use it for communication. Regardless BBM is still superior to any messaging apps on WP so don't laugh.

Didn't John Chen say that BBM will be in WP by June?

Also: "It was revealed as a part of the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures that the American and British intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) respectively, have access to the user data in BlackBerrys. The agencies are able to read almost all smartphone information, including SMS, location, emails, and notes" - From Wikipedia on Blackberry. I'm sure there are other security agencies around the globe that can access BBM.

Probably the dumbest comment I've read on this site, and there's been quite a few. Also he's trolling so meh

Well al qaida is a bunch of illiterates who uses nokia 3110 , so using these maps is not a possibility for them :D:D:D

Indian people are so nice. Just sad that the terrorists are plotting to attack them. Mainly the Pakistani Taliban.

I hope you weren't being sarcastic. Because, this' the first time that I see some foreigner on the internet who says he likes Indians :o  lol 

Lol I do love Indian people because they are always polite and always provide intelligent conversation.

Thanks for comment about indian people...we are able to fight terrorist and we will be free from terrorism in short time...

Oh god even smaller non-metro cities like Amritsar and ludhiana ??? This is the first time these cities are getting some love..
(Amritsar does have 3 very nice and huge malls, and many under construction, and many smaller malls, but i never expected this)

Sorry for hijacking the comment but someone help me out please. I was able to use venue maps on my phone and then I updated maps. Now it's gone! I can't use venue maps anymore :(

I just tried it. I can use them in my here maps app. I just zoom into the mall and tap on it, and it displays the stores etc. I think you need a better internet, as these maps wouldn't have been downloaded, or else, try updating the maps.
Anyway, too sad to see that in Amritsar, they just added venue map of the smallest mall here, the first and second largest mall of Punjab, they both didn't get any love, they didn't get the venue map. But a much smaller mall got the maps. I think maps make more sense for bigger malls, and the two malls which missed it, they're the biggest malls in Punjab.

This worked for me in HERE maps. Its just with Bing. Also this problem occured AFTER I updated the app. It was working fine before.

I dont use bing maps. Its disabled by default and even when i tried to use it with that shortcut app, it was utterly useless. HERE is much better.

I was like readin Bing introduces venue maps for...( Yeah rite...US for sure)...in India..- Holy Fuckin Shit!!-... This is takin India for a spin.

I once made a bing rewards account via the proxy trick. Collected 250 or so for that $3 gift card for windows phone store. Bought it. Got a mail 10 minutes later that my order has been cancelled (while i was expecting the gift card number to come via mail) and my bing rewards account also got disabled. Seems MS is clever :)) never tried after that.

"primate messaging" Monkeys suck at delivering messages they get lost all the time, you should try using a pigeon next time

Ariel and satellite view of maps had been turned into pixelated. Before updating maps last time. Satellite view was great. Anybody else knows what has happened.

This is basicly Nokia work from here maps, MS is just putting Nokia works on their barnded Bing. So that is why is in India first.

Nice bring that to the US that would make people buy WP instead of Android, and iPhone. P.s. Apple's map is a fail.

It is already in the US, well, if you're using HERE Maps app anyway. Been here for awhile now. It works for all the malls in my city, different floors and all.

It might be in the regular maps app in India, but consider a large majority of people own a Nokia, a large majority of people in the US with a Windows Phone already have access to this.

In WP8.1, Bing maps now has venue and mall maps and even 3D buildings. The backend mapping service is Here maps. I have deleted the Nokia maps app since it is the same maps now anyway.

You use to be able to get mall maps from local Bing searches with Windows phone 7, and then that became just another feature that we lost.

I don't understand how to get this. Is it in the default Maps installed in the app list? I searched for a mall and got it but no Venue map appeared there.

You need to use the default maps app on your phone.
But I to tried searching for Express Avenue mall venue maps and couldn't get it.

Off topic, but does anyone know what kind of case that is? Looks pretty cool on the phone. I've been looking for something similar for my 920.

This prompted me to go into Bing Maps and update the local business I'm visiting tonight. They had the old place that's been closed for several months now. If you click on the business listing and scroll down there is a feedback button. Lets make this the best platform around.

You ain't alone, "The great India place" is the 4th largest mall in India (situated here in Noida) and I'm surprised to see its not working for it too...

1) get rid of that battery hog Here maps.

2) give me voice nav on bing maps.

3) for the love of the map gods of the world, invest on your data MSFT. you lack even basic things like big retail stores while google even finds local cofeeshops thanks to their crowdsourcing.

Hi neonspark. I wrote a post a little further up regarding feedback. You are able to send them info through the maps app to update map data.

Good find. Still, this feels like a it needs improvement. I would gladly add some of the hiking trails I go to, and new places bing doesn't know about it. They need a UI for it right on the phone for this. We're all waking around with portable computers with a GPS device so there is no reason it needs to be such a disjoint experience. Just like with wikipedia, MSFT should leverage people...maybe even just join the open streets map project and crowsource its way over google.