Bing updates apps on Windows Phone, most likely bug fixes


Bing has just updated a handful of their apps for Windows Phone. You'll find updates for Finance, Health & Fitness, News and Weather available today. Are we getting a huge update with new features? Nope, looks like just bug fixes.

Like usual, we're not seeing any changelog listed with these app updates. So we're going to assume this is the typical round of bug fixes and performance improvements. Dear Microsoft, plese include a changelog when updating your apps.

Like usual, let us know if you notice anything new or fixed within the apps. Note: We're not seeing any updates for Bing Sports or Bing Food & Drink at this time.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Reader comments

Bing updates apps on Windows Phone, most likely bug fixes


Hope this fixes' the Sports app Live tile. Been the same.since the last two updates. Doesn't update automatically....pray this is a fix.

Yeah rally can't understand why they are not bringing that feature. I hate those damn Apps which don't support transparent live tile.

+920. I really hope GDR2 will add transparent tiles to Office and OneNote. It's really annoying when Microsoft doesn't support its own features properly.

Because they're stock apps, and they have distinct feature when it comes to recognition. You cant give transparent tile for wether and all.

I meant it shouldn't be given, not like it couldn't be given. There was an article at WPC regarding the tile transparency, some prefer, the stock tile.

Not sure if this was there before or not, but when I'm on an article in News and click share, hitting the "Social Networks" option pulls up Messaging, OneNote, Reading List, and email. That's a start, I guess? I should note I don't have Facebook installed on my phone so it wouldn't be in the list even if it was a functionality.

No changelog? Microsoft, write there atleast something. You look like bunch of clowns. Why should developers do so, if the big MICROSOFT does not?

I would love for the health and fitness app to incorporate more with other apps so that I don't have to manually input all my info every time.

Any of you have had the live tile weather getting static (blue background with sun icon) after a while after turning off data / wifi? I remember back in WP8, the tile would stay with the last update displayed.

I had this too. I rebooted the phone and no change. I then unpinned the tile from my home page. I then repinned from the app list and the tile is working again.

I have been having the same problem since Cyan update.

The Weather live-tile looses all data after a short while working without a data connection. Neither Uninstall/reinstall nor unpin/re-pin could help for long.



I've never had any battery issues with News. Am running it on L920 since it first came out. Am now DP8.1 for two months. Never a battery problem. Look elsewhere for your issue.

I still don't understand why Microsoft's own apps like Bing News don't scroll better. It's not great on my 925 and it's horrid on my 1520.

I'm curious, if members of the media, like WPCentral, know Microsoft employees, can we not just ask (we being them) why change logs are not included for first party apps? I mean at least asking "Hey why do you guys skimp out here?"

Maybe I am under estimating or over simplifying it just seems like something that could be answered simply.

Either way, as far as I am concerned, updates are a plus, even when there is bad update from time to time, it at least means the dev is doing something.

I'm hoping this means the weather will be more accurate now. It's been the worst of all the sources I've used... but looks so much prettier so I've stuck with it.

Food still don't sync, we need that fixed. Weather seems to be better, not seen any improvement in other apps.

Anyone else had issues with the update for news? Mine keeps failing to install. Could it be as I've just updated to latest version via dev. Preview?

Bing news I could have sworn was a transparent tile a soon as I installed it now its back to red. It's an eyesore on my homescreen why it should have transparent option.

And...still can't install Health and Fitness on my phone. It works on the Surface just fine and used to work on my 810...then I had an issue and uninstalled. Haven't been able to reinstall since.

My bing news live tile doesn't work since ages. Even I update to the latest version. Still the live tile doesn't work.

I had this as well. I have a 820 with Black+DP. Then I did a system restore to Cyan and put all the DP updates on it. Since then News works great and shows the live tile correctly updated.

The bing news and travel apps have been troubling me with the live tile ... It wont update at all ... Live tile ofTravel app hasn't been updated for a month now and news app just updates the story but not the picture in live tile. Have tried reinstalling ... What else can I do/???

There is some problem with the Weather App. It keeps making the capacitive buttons unresponsive and freezing the phone....anyone else noticing this? L620