Bing updates Finance, Sports, and News apps for Windows Phone 8 users

Bing apps Windows Phone 8

It was in early August that Microsoft finally launched a suite of Bing apps for Windows Phone 8. Apps like Finance, News, Sports, and Weather had been on Windows 8 for months, but not on Windows Phone. The apps were very welcomed by the community. Now we’ve got some updates for a few of those apps. Details below.

This looks like it might be the first round of updates for these apps on Windows Phone. We’ve heard that they’ll be receiving fairly large updates for Windows 8.1 in a few weeks. But today we’re looking at Windows Phone.

Bing News, Finance, and Sports all received updates today. We’re not seeing any for the Bing Weather app. No changelog came with the updates and after comparing them side by side it looks like it’s just bug fixes and performance improvements. If you’ve had any issues with the above listed apps, see if this update fixes it for you and sound off below.

Interested in grabbing them? They’re available for Windows Phone 8 users and are free of charge. Download links below followed by QR codes. You know the drill.

QR: Bing Finance

Bing Finance in Windows Phone Store

QR: Bing Sports

Bing Sports in Windows Phone Store

QR: Bing News

Bing News in Windows Phone Store

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Bing updates Finance, Sports, and News apps for Windows Phone 8 users


Dude same here, but for this kind of stuff I use my iPad min oops..
My phone is basically my text and call machine.
If I don't see notification center on wp8 etc... I ain't upgrading to wp8 yet.
Hopefully the bandit has it..

LOL I don't hold stocks for long anyways that's why syncing would be nice so I don't have to update my surface and phone. Then I have to update Metastock. Ideally have a sync between Bing and Metastock

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Bing apps are the best for news and the UI is fantastic.
But they need to add more souces(local and global) to the featured list.

Yep, drives me up the wall to see something my wife should see and then have to google it to get to.the source. Just insane.

well it works on Windows 8 via the charm bar, they should implement that in Windows Phone via a option in the menu too.

Will be interessting to see how they manage to merge charm bar - rightclick menue  - smartphone buttons - and the doted menue together when RT and WP is about to merge. Well the dotted menu already exists in new Apps for 8.1 like Mail but not sure about the rest

Will I be able to easily go from a team to NFL now? That's really my biggest complaint, and the only reason I still have the ESPN hub on my phone. I can go from team news to NFL news, to any other sports really easily.

Aside from that, the Sports news is still 2 days old for the most part, and they don't get sorted by when it was posted. Which sucks cause I really like the Bing apps.

Please go start your own micro-blog if you want to add worthless commentary on just about everything.

If the issue is with bing new, open up in app settings and check live tiles and uncheck refresh data only when wifi is available. Then head over to settings(phone) swipe left, hit applications and then look for bing news and under that check enable background task when app is opened next.

Hope this solves it :)

yep tried that but bing news doesnt show in my background tasks list,  i think its more to do with it being an american app and i want to see New Zealand news :(

yeah bro we have the nth island the sth island and the big island :)
wich news feeds do you choose in oz ?? i might try yours and see if they work

All of my news sources are Australia-specific like Nine news, ABC news and news.com.au. I think the app gets its news from rss sources, so it shouldn't be too difficult to add a custom news source.
BTW if I go to bing.com/news I get a page listing all of the top international and Australian news stories. I tried that with nz.bing.com but it doesn't look like bing offers that same news service to NZ.

Interestingly its Bing News on W8 who needs the love. It keeps crashing on my machine. Reinstall'd and all.

Indeed it did: had to manually push it, though. Unfortunately it did not add what I've been waiting for: wide tile support with 5-day forecast live tile plus lock screen support (akin to Amazing Weather HD, which wins the UI and features contest but has innacurate data).

My gripes were just about Bing Sports. They FINALLY added the wins:ties:losses stats for Soccer teams. Before, they only showed wins:losses, which didn't make sense at all for the sport. 

However, there continues to be some bugs for Soccer and teams. I have found news articles from a 1170 days ago! There needs to be more news sources and a better feeding system.

Also, there are still missing competitions for soccer, such as the FA Cup and League Cup. Games from these competitions do not appear on a team's schedule, and there are at least no ways to add them under "my sports". 

Another suggestion would be to add the team logo to pinned tiles of teams. This would be nicer than just the sport ball.

Hopefully, they fix these few bugs and add those missing competitions.

I'm using Bing apps in France and Sweden, it works great. I barely use traditional news apps now.
Bing.com also works pretty good in France. So good that I'm not using Google anymore, except in extremely rare cases (in general Google doesn't have the answer as well, but I try).

Is adding sharing that hard? Most of the reviews in the Store mention this basic functionality being missing and they've had two months to add it!

When I updated News the first time I opened it it couldn't find any stories. Now it's showing all yesterday's news. Reinstall didn't help. Clicking through to the sources is up to date though.

I took it off after noticing battery drainage with the previous versions. Hope it is fixed.
I quite like these nonetheless...

Still no option to change content by "country + language". This option is available in Windows 8 for months. Without it the app is useless for everyone who changed their country in the settings to USA to bypass windows phone store restrictions.

Well I have the same thing, but Bing News has Region when you go to Sources, I just selected some of the UK sites and when I want to read European related news I go to those sources from UK. Works for me.

Did a soft reset by holding down the down volume and power button for a few seconds and solved the problem

After I downloaded and updated the apps completely stopped working. It said something about an error. Please check internet connection. Which is wired cause im using my phone to make this post.

I have received update for Bing Weather also...up here in Canada on Rogers network...Lumia 920

Bing News scores only 2 stars on the Irish Windows Phone App store. It is completely useless, each story just launches the the website.

I just rebooted my phone after all the Bing updates and everything worked fine. These apps are just fantastic and a highlight of wp8 in my opinion.

I like Bing News, but I don't use it because I am not able to forward the news articles via email or Instant Messaging. Why would you leave this feature out?

For me the tiles were not updating before and I had serious batter drain issues. Now it appears that the ties are updating. Will need to see if the drain issue is fixed. Oh and special thanks to the jackasses that turned the top 400 comments of this post into a politial debate which had zero to do with the apps.

With that said young man sounds like you're on the right track and to be 26 and concerned about the government is good. So hats off to you, drop a little DNA in a girl and you'll be all set. Good luck and again hats off to you.

I want to like Bing Finance, but there is just so much space being wasted on the watchlist screen. How many can you fit on the visible screen: 6 stock symbols? My Stocks Portfolio and Investalent at least have better Live Tiles. If only Bishinews would port his excellent Personal Finance app to WP8, I start retiring my GS3.