Bing updates its various apps on Windows Phone

Bing Health and Fitness

All those Bing apps you have on your Windows Phone have just received an update. Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find updates for News, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Finance, Weather and Travel. Did Microsoft finally include a changelog with the updates this time?

Of course not. That would be too much work for the software giant. You're going to have to update and poke around with the apps to tell us if you notice anything new of different.


Thanks for the tips everyone!


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Bing updates its various apps on Windows Phone


I always have to at least open the app after an update before the live tile works again. One time I had to restart the phone.

News live tile hasn't worked for me for months. Pin/un pin, reinstall, even full factory reset to get around DP 8.1 issues hasn't solved it. Checked that nothing more than necessary is running in background but still no joy. Same with the food and drink app, Sports is intermittant but working at the moment. Problem is less annoying when 'hidden' in live folders.

But its sounds very stupid that its not working on SD card and in internal memory. My dads Bing news is, running on sdcard

The live tile for Bing news in not working if it is installed in the SDCard. Move it to the phone memory and that should fix the live tile.

I wish Bing worked better in Canada, :'( I heard It's better than google in the states but here its just google and the big three.

You heard wrong. Well.... if all you read is wpcentral or other Microsoft-centric sites, sure that's what you will hear. But, for the rest of the USA.... Google is way better. 

That is so subjective. I use Bing everyday, and I find stuff. They are search engines and they both...find stuff. I don't think either is "way better" than the other. What we have going on is brand bias and I choose Bing bias over Google bias.

Does anyone else not get mobile Bing Rewards points from searching on their phone? It's never worked for me, whether through Bing.com mobile/desktop, Cortana, or the Bing rewards app (clicking the reminder to earn points via mobile).

Go into IE and make sure you're signed into your account. If that's not it, open a support ticket with MS - I had to do that once.

I didn't. I got them when I still 8.0 installed. Just had to log in and setup on my rewards account and it worked. I checked everyday and it was working fine.

You're not alone. I set mine up and works fine but set my wife's up and hers is not. We thought it was just us but evidently this is a bigger issue

Geez. Since I know they read this site, allow me to echo the sentiment expressed in the article more clearly: HEY MICROSOFT FOLKS! INCLUDE A FRIGGEN CHANGE LOG!

I bet you no one on the WP team uses this platform full time, its just a hobby to them. Nothing else explains the lack of effort on Microsoft's part in some areas.

I always thought it confusing that MS offer advice to devs on how to include a transparent tile for their apps but don't include it themselves. On another note the app is faster so the update will prob be bug fixes and improvements.

Still no detailed game view for MLB.. Clicking on a game takes you to the desktop page of fox sports which is pretty much impossible to navigate on a phone. Don't understand why they have it for the NFL and some other sports but not for baseball

I'm with you on that. MLB detail game view webpage is crappy for use in mobile device. I was hoping they would fix that with this update. Come on regular season is almost over.

Plus, it's been available for Bing Sports on Win8 since the beginning I think.  Don't know why it's that hard to bring over.  Same for NHL too, though I haven't checked that out in a while so I may be wrong.  They did add preseason for NFL though, finally.

The best live game experience for Baseball is with the ESPN Hub. Seriously just try it out when a games actually being played. I also use Bing Sports, which is a good app and have MLB at Bat installed but neither is up to par for Baseball. I pinned my favorite team (the Dodgers) to my start screen and I get notifications 15 mins before a game starts and with ever run scored. If you're a fan of baseball I can't recommend it enough.

I'd rather not have them transparent. I don't need every app on my start screen to be transparent...I like some variety.  An option to change them transparent or keep them as is would be a welcomed sight.  The more choices, the better....that's what I always say!

I would love to see the live folders added as an option for even more customization, along with an option to have the same number of columns as a Windows phone. Heck, sync the start menu tile layout with that of a Windows phone.

They still don't seem to have exercise tracker foe the health/fitness app. Why not? It's in the RT version!!!

You need a device that supports it as well as 8.1 and Nokia Cyan update. Otherwise it is turned off. The device needs a modern chipset like a snapdragon 800 or newer. I wonder if it works with the new M8?

I understand the sense core part. But to have the basic ability to enter exercise information such as push-UPS or squats would be nice. That stuff was in the first RT/Modern version but still lacking from the WP version.

Totally pissing me off too!! Right now I have to log my workout elsewhere on my phone then when I get home, reenter it on the W8 app!!!

I complained about this via the feedback link in the app

When I check on Cortana it's shows me the same details. It was the same she I saw on iPhone too. If weather changes it takes time foe the app to upload the weather. Sometimes its accurate and sometimes it's a prediction bt metrological department

Well, yes, I do and no, they didn't. I find that auto-update, for me in CT, USA tends to lag breaking WPC App Update News by at least a couple of hours. I manually updated Bing News and Finance this am, but all the rest said "installed," not "update" and none showed history of updates...  Who knows?

Any one have idea about a food and drink app is not able to download stating error that you need to look for phone update. However I have cyan and Windows8.1 update officially installed then why so???

There is an option for updating content only on wi-fi .
I didn't notice that in previous versions, (maybe it was there... I don't know) .. Anyway..it's useful.

Its me or the Bing's Health and fitness app it's useless ? I can't find anything that I saw in the screenshots (the planner and exercise guide)...

All the bing apps added the ability to change font size and style. It's not in settings. You have to open a news article and at the bottom there's a icon to change.

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This is the Bing Apps July Update. just got it. Before the update NewsFeed of Bing Sports loaded instantaneously while bing news took ages to load. Sadly despite the update nothing has changed. Hopefully with the next update it will. Slow idiots still haven't released Cyan for L525 and L820. But release this useless update.

I agree. Bing Weather is as useless as ever takes so damn long to load, even for well known cities like Bombay and Delhi. No perceivable change in any Apps. Useless it is.

Wish the Health & Fitness App had a Weight Tracker in it.

Be nice also if one could pin individual Lists from the Food & Drink App.

The Grocery List section is too simplistic, doesn't save items for quick re-adding later, or much of anything else really.


Will have to try out the GPS tracker in Health & Fitness. The last update stopped the tracking working properly (for me), it would stop tracking pretty much as soon as I would lock the phone. This meant that I would start at say 0900 walk for an hour, check the phone and see that 0 time has ellapsed and 0 calories have been burnt ... oh and I teleported.

Here's a very minor change. Steps tracker in Health and Fitness asked you to beat the 'total' number of steps taken yesterday, whereas it now shows the 'distance left' to beat yesterday's total. ;) More inspiring this way I guess lol

Its as easy as that for MS.... just change the version number and push it to the users as a new update!!! Yay... I've got an update.. Lol

Odd, my phone didn't find the updates until I went into history in the download section of the store and selected each app individually.  Even opening them in the store before hand didn't bring up an Update option.  

Very strange.  

Only bing app I use is the bing translator. Their is an update for the app also. But I cant download it. It is forever pending. Ms needs to fix the problem. I used to use Bing news but now I use al jazeera news app. The interface is great offers live video stream or audio stream. Live tiles work flawlessly.

News seems to have fallen out with The Times, used to be able to see headlines in all sections and read six articles a day. Now just one page of headlines and no ability to read the articles. Couldn't see any Times articles in the sections of Bing either. Murdoch's hatred of the interweb thingy strikes again?

Great. How about a Store update to fix the live tile? I have never seen the tile working. Not on 8.1 Dev Prev or 8.1 Cyan + Dev prev.

I was hoping to get "Strength Tracker" along with"Cardio Tracker" in new update of "Health and Fitness" app. Why this feature is not available in Windows Phone app, it's available in Windows RT app.