Birdsong Twitter app hits v1.6 and goes for Mango

One of our top Twitter apps, Birdsong, has finally gone all Mango on us which is now live in the Marketplace. Birdsong has some unique fetaures in it, making it worth considering if you're browsing for a new Twitter client. For one, it has detailed controls over the Live Tile (mentions/messages) as well as Push Notifications (mentions/messages) and it even has a "do not disturb" option so you don't get any alerts during specified hours.

Version 1.6 brings a host of Mango features as well as some other fixes and additions:

  • Fast switching - One of Mango's biggest features, allows you to return to Birdsong from another application quickly and with the application state entact.
  • t.co link wrapping
  • Browser configuration - You can now configure whether to use the internal browser or launch IE directly. The default is now IE as fast app swtiching makes this a much nicer experience.
  • Toggling Favourite had broken due to a change in the Twitter API
  • Added Japanese Language support
  • Added integrated picture viewing support for http://instagr.am/

Our impressions? Birdsong has greatly benefited from the speed and scrolling enhancements in Mango, making this quite a nice app. It would have been to have a more robust Live Tile (no flippy action is used here) but otherwise, it's pretty solid. Birdsong can be had for $0.99 with a free trial. Pick it up here.

Thanks, ShipWreck and themoose14, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Birdsong Twitter app hits v1.6 and goes for Mango


Looks like I might start using this since Twitter is dragging their heels with the official app. That and Facebook still need mango updates. They're gonna lose more people to third party apps if they don't update soon.

And Yammer needs to update their app in a HUGE way. The tile is still counting up the number of new messages posted, despite the fact that I have read them all via the app or on yammer.com.

I may reinstall this (i paid for it) and see what changes were made, but one feature that has me sticking with mehdoh is the flip action on the tile with my picture. that sells mehdoh for me.