Glance in Green

Bittersweet shimmer: Nokia Glance screen shows up in Green with notifications

This morning we reported on a list of unofficial (and incomplete) changes coming in the double punch GDR3/Bittersweet shimmer update later this year. One of those new features, noted over the weekend by leakster Nawzil, were optional color choices for Nokia’s ever-evolving Glance screen.

Tonight on the Chinese social-network Sina Weibo, a low resolution (but clear as day) photo has leaked showing what Glance looks like in green. We have to admit, it certainly looks sharp. In the lower part of the display you can also see a pending notification, something which has been confirmed multiple times now.

Nokia’s upcoming firmware update, dubbed ‘Bittersweet shimmer’, will bring even more enhancements to current Lumia devices. The Glance screen will get notification support, give users the ability to choose from up to 20 color options and it can have Glance disable when plugged in to AC (currently, it always stays on).

Bittersweet shimmer is expected to launch along Microsoft’s GDR3 OS update with Nokia’s new hardware in November. Those devices will be announced in Abu Dhabi and include the Lumia 929 for Verizon, the Lumia 1520 for AT&T and possibly the Lumia 1320 (thought to be a global variant of the 929). Current Windows Phone 8 Lumias are expected to start receiving the updates later in the year.

Source: poandsoul (Weibo); Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Bittersweet shimmer: Nokia Glance screen shows up in Green with notifications


Include in this list the Lumia 525.
And, maybe a Lumia 825. Together with the Lumia 920 is this oldiest WP8 launched and I think now is time to get a refresh.

Personally I am more thrilled about more detailed glance screen instead of just more color. Ideally it would have everything Windows Phone has one the lockscreen.

Those are all text stuff. Time, date, missed call cound, unread mail count, and other counts. They will go excellently with the glance screen. I am not sure about the callender appointmrnt I have on my lock screen though.

I'd like the glance screen to include all the text you get on your lockscreen. Basically, it should be a lockscreen, just without the background.
I for one, think that'd be nice, and it'd truly be a glance screen. For now, other than the time, you still have to wake up you phone to get details about stuff. If they let you include everything but the background, you could always just take a quick glance at your device to figure out what's up.

I don't know about your whole lock screen, but what it should do is show notifcations. So, say you get a text message or some other notification, it should make the latest notifcations visible on the glance screen. Numbers of texts and emails aren't that useful

What you ask for defeats the whole purpose of it. You Know the purpose of the glance screen is for your phone to be off and saving precious battery power but still be able to give you a little bit of info such as the time without drawing much from the battery. Logical to assume the more info is kept up with and shown the more battery drain. I like the glance screen but I also appreciate my battery drain being low as possible.

But the screen turns off or on depending on the proximity sensor, so it really wouldn't make a difference in battery life

If they can work it where the glance screen has the option to show you as much as the lock screen it would make it more useful while still providing the service of being battery efficient. I also believe that the user should be empowered on how much info can be displayed since we all have different opinions on what is the right amount of info.

Another change that would be visually appealing in my opinion is having the wallpaper "fade in" when the phone is awakened from the glance screen to give us the illusion that it's part of the original oS. This way it won't come off as another lock screen (when most of us feel that it is).

Why? Of course he's trolling, but these posts make me think of when I'll ser an update like this on At&T when we still don't have GDR2

I doubt we will see Lumia 929 in a global event like Nokia World. Would be kind of weird to announce one carrier specific device in their largest global event. 
Evleaks actually said this:

My prediction: 2520, 1520, 525, Asha 503, Asha 502, Asha 500.

Except, unlike the 521, the 929 is a flagship device. Do you think it would make commercial sense for Verizon to have their device presented across the World? Don't think so. They may mention the existance of the device while presenting the L1320, but I think Verizon will want to have the presentation separate.

Hi Daniel any idea to unbanned me from the Forum. Someone with no sense of humor banned me with no reason.

Notifications are nice but I would prefer flashing the Windows button.  This would take less power than constantly waking the screen to see if I missed anything.

As far as I know some of the screens use the same amount of power regardless of what they display.  Like the 920 that might someday get the update.  Either way if the button is blinking you can see that without even being near the phone.

I believe all the AMOLED screens (basically everything but the 920) can power only those pixels that light up and really does not take much power at all. A blinking start button would be a nice option as well.

My 1020 always shows the glance screen and ultimately, it saves power by not having to wake up the screen so often.

A blinking home button would be a nice alternative to the glance screen. However I don't want my phone blinking for just any notification so the option to choose what triggers the blinking light would determine how useful or annoying this feature would be. Hopefully someone with authority from msft will read this

I caved and upgraded to L1020.

My gf is now enjoying my red 920 and since she knows nothing about the GDR2 and Amber update she's clueless that there's any difference in our phones other than the 41 mp powerhouse.

GDR2 is nice but it's not a game changer.

Some one doesn't clearly get it, it confirms you can have 3rd party app notifications on the lack screen ergo its not limited to system apps so you don't have to unlock your phone or just disable the lock screen entirely. Currently using glance and i find tapping the screen is much faster than pressing the power key, for example when your working, just tap the screen with the bottom end of your pen and navigate to either your lock screen or wherever.

The GDR3 will be available for everybody. However, cheaper devices that have less capabilities will not receive the full package, just like they didn't received with GDR2. If you didn't get glance with GDR2 it is unlikely that you'll get it with GDR3.
But general improvements (like the custom sms tones) will reach all devices.

Please do something with the Calendar in Month View....
Instead of showing my appointment. It is showing something like demo or sample preview. And the appointment is not even in English, Latin perhaps. Its meaningless...
I would like to share the printscreen, but I can't find way to upload. I know there's an picture icon in the toolbar. But whenever I clicked, it says I'm not authorized ...
I'm using Lumia 920 with Amber update.

Unfortunately, that's normal. The month view for calendar uses Lorem Ipsum (filler text) to show that there is an appointment on that day. I agree, it's meaningless...except that you know you have an appointment, not that you'd actually want to know what it is, of course. 

Thanks for pointing out. I have several calendars turned on (hotmail, facebook, etc). Once I use only one calendar, your explanation make sense.

Was wondering if anyone else shared my thought... Concept? Great. The look with green? Apple II circa 85. Maybe retro is the new modern :)

Not that I wouldn't be thrilled, but do you guys really think that Nokia is going to launch 7 devices at the event?
Until now we have: 2520, 1320, 1520, 525, Asha 503, Asha 502, Asha 500.
Knowing that one of those is the first tablet and 2 of them are flagships...I think they need like a 3 hour event for all that.
I don't know, I'm just saying...

All very nice, but how about something simple such as being able to select "all emails" at once, instead of each one individually before deleting, moving, etc?

I cant believe not one single person has called bullshit on that 'leaked' image. The clock isn't even straight!! Daniel? Seriously?

WPCentral claims to only post leaks that are somehow confirmed and not fake so I do believe in their honesty for this picture.

I had to read through all of the comments and only one mention of the faked image.  yes, i agree the clock doesn't align with the phone.
i believe the image is fake but i still hope it is possible to change the color.

Sam Sabri asked me for this, looks like the Chinese listened to his request.
As I said before, green is my favorite color. And my glance screen is always green.

Glance screen with different colour... wow!! (?).

I am bothersome about this. Is like the Stacy Malibu from The simpsons... "but the hat is new!!".

Is time for Microsoft to do important updates instead this little changes (for example, the push notifications... all the messaging app have the same problem, the messsages comes minutes later).
Come on!

No kidding. Microsloth is not getting the job done at a pace that meets Consumers needs. Heck it only took Apple a year to copy half of Windows Phone's UI. At this pace Apple will have to stop improving iOS by next year! C'mon Microsloth, don't leave iPhone users hanging like that!

"by the end of the year" Nicely put. Cleanly encompasses the remainder of 2013 for most Carriers, and December 2014 for AT&T.

Damn you nokia I'm still waiting the amber update for my L920 and you already have GDR3 in the talks!?