BlackBerry says public version of BBM app for Windows Phone coming 'next week'


BlackBerry has confirmed that its BBM app for Windows Phone devices will be coming out sometime next week, following an apparently successful closed beta test.

According to the company's latest blog post, "Early feedback is positive from the public, the press and beta testers. We're seeing a lot of excitement and enthusiasm—and restlessness for the official release." The company got 10,000 signups for the BBM beta test in its first 24 hours.

After the public version is released, BlackBerry still plans to update the BBM Windows Phone app with new features in the coming months, " ... including stickers, BBM Voice, Channels and location sharing." Do you plan to download and use the public version of the app when it goes live? In the meantime, you can now grab the latest update which sits at v100.0.0.15.

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BlackBerry says public version of BBM app for Windows Phone coming 'next week'


Agreed. Before I had many contacts I used the hell out of BBM Channels. Now I run a few. I love it. Even after leaving my BlackBerry for a Galaxy S4 Mini I still use it everyday.

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Rather strange that my post says that I'm someone else that I've never heard of! I'm AxlLebeer WP Central what's happening here?!

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Well the team from BBM should read the following comments..And am sure they are gonna change their thinking about the response from the WP community!!

You should've restrained yourself from registering. People who really want to try and will actually use it could take benefit from it.

Works perfectly for me. Until today I didn't have data so Wi-Fi was all I used, and I had no issues with it from the last update. I transferred from my BlackBerry 9810 today on the strength of the beta.

That and the dual-sim Lumia 630. I've always wondered why Blackberry didn't make a dual-sim Z3 since dual-sim is very important to emerging markets.

I have bad experience with batery life of bb legacy device, if they make dual sim and then itll be horible.
lol, however never try OS10.

Ok, I heard a lot about this application, what's the difference between this and other applications like WhatsApp or viber?

I believe WhatsApp requires you to have someone's phone number where as you simply just need to give your bbm pin to someone without needing to exchange the numbers.

It is also more secure I believe.

Pin is more safer then providing phone number. But watsapp doesn't sell ads too. BBM has a better privacy policy.

I simply love whatsapp because i don't need to add friends for contact. Whenever i have any contact number, and it is registered user of whatsapp, it will get in my contact automatically, that is cool. Unless you really want some privacy and secure your number, wechat will be a good option.

Bbm over Whatsapp: better group, more secure, BBM channel for businesses or blogs, stickers, BBm call, BbM video (on Bb10), timeline of friends statuses, option to show what are u listening to, Screen Sharing (Bb10).

Lol, exactly why I did it, I'm from FL. Just didn't add the "/s"

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice the rampant ignorance.

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Try installing it to your phone memory instead of memory card, mine was crashing so bad that I had to uninstall and install it back to my phone memory. At least there's a lil improvement.

WhatsApp has to think again and again because WP users is so thirsty for a stable messenger, and BBM one year ago was #1 so it's not that impossible mission for them to gain that position again.

......too little, too late. I loved sending PIN messages, but now I know no one who has them anymore. It's sad...:(

When I used to use blackberry the coolest feature I sue to like was
1 ping which will be there
2 status updates listening to music
And mostly the second one won't be possible as it was integrated with blackberry music player.

Your music that you listen to is integrated, you just can't see it what your listening to, your contacts can. Blackberry, Android and IOS have it to.

Whoa! Easy BBRY, this app is not ready yet. It's crashing, loosing my BBID login. Be patiant,fix it and then post it as full rls.

They're only 1 for 3 with releasing a stable release of BBM. I wouldn't hold my breath for a stable launch.

Come on, bro. Brazil is at third place on WP market and we got a lot of more features than India.
Even Cortana is likely to come sooner in Brazil, and we just talk Portuguese.

Ironically.. US is the biggest market for WP. But I believe, WP has better market share in other countries esp in Europe, South America and Asia

No one cares... Unless we have to call you for crappy phone support that is.

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It's the best in security and the messages sends within a second. Watch a few videos on it and you might like it. It never hurts to try unless your breaking the law. :) 

The ability to know whether ur messages are already read? Whatsapp only tell when ones are being sent (one check) or delivered (two checks), Show what music are u listening too?, keep in touch with friends Status updates in Feeds? Etc.

Why does anyone "need" any app or the smartphone it's installed on? I just want the best communications options. BBM is one of the options and maybe they'll step up and be the best one.

He's one of the people who still works in 'windows time' (time left to copy 2 mins, 4 mins, 10 mins....)

My coworkers use it as a backup messenger if our main systems go down. It also means we can exchange messages without giving out our cell phone numbers. This is less an issue in the US now since most cell plans now offer unlimited SMS and mms messaging. But, having a good, solid, cross platform messaging app is appealing.

I haven't try the beta, but I have a question for beta tester, for the first time this app run, did it ask for login or we must sign up? Cos I have my old BB ID, thx... :)

Why I can not download BBM from Windows Phone Store?

"Sorry, you don't have permission to download this app."

So far so bad. Not ready for release by a long shot. Have to change from 3G to 2G for it to send messages! Unless if they want many many one stars, and then pull out Whatsapp style. Windows Phone is a nightmare for applications developers?!

Windows Phone is a dream for developers once they try it. It's the easiest platform to develop for. It's just a shame that so many developers our companies don't care about quality because of market share, when Windows Phone is actually the one with the highest quality OS experience.

Well you may say so, but I am across the Tasman and BBM time stamp is for Ouagadougou! Use your stock/standard calculator to do this task 1+3/3 (no brackets needed) and give feedback, you use any Windows os & the outcome is always wrong? If you use your phone in landscape you have a better outcome, why?
Have a nice day.

I don't know if any of my friends use it, but I will certainly download it, if for nothing other than showing thanks for supporting Windows Phone.

The very annoying tap issue persists. I really love this phone, but there have been several times that I've wanted to crush it with my bare hands because of this.

BBM ? who are using this ?...... maybe 6 or 7 persons on Earth.
This kind of app are a part of the past but can not be the future.

This is coming from the guy that ignores facts and has never used the app and probably confuses bbry with bbm

LOL yea I feel the same way buddy, but millions and millions of people actually rely heavily on this, I myself failed to convince 3 people I know that Lumia and Windows Phone was a good choice just because it didn't have BBM, so hopefully now we can get more crackberry people on to our much superior platform :)

BBM Beta just got updated. Seems to be a good one, with better performance and reliability, and it features a transparent live tile now. Nice!

The has not changed. The circle is back, I it. The version number still the same. Transparent tile, still issues with 3G.

I"ll tell you. It's not a long next week. If it isn't delayed again, we can download bbm on monday/tuesday.

It will not be my prefered chat app, no match in term of speed and reliability compare to whatsapp. I always use whatsapp, and with wp, it's a powerfull combination. Very lite and battery friendly

Cool... I will give it a try... I like WhatsApp but BBM is not linked to my phone number. Also, i am sure that thing will Change with WhatsApp since fb bought it.

Lets all spam Flipboard with emails and tweets till they release their app or admit that they never had plans of releasing one

I have over 250 colleagues, friends and family using BBM on a BlackBerry and another 130 on iOS and Android. Still waiting for 15 friends on WP to download when BBM goes public.

It's a robust messaging platform that had relevance.

"HEY newbie, please be respectful to the senior here!" said Whatsapp to the new upcoming BBM at the WP messenger orientation.

I love it. I've been using the beta to send messages to my brother. At a glance it seems like "another messaging app," but a lot of people use BBM, so...

Regretted not joining the beta program, I think that ill be one of the first to download it when it hits public.
Me and my gf used to use bbm in the past, now this will be a good chance to bring the old days lol...

Sure, I'll give it a shot. Most people I know still send SMS. I really haven't gotten too many people in my social circles to convert to any of these messaging apps, even though they all outshine SMS in various ways.

Time stamps are wrong again! Messages just sit there without sending? No option to resend except to copy.

At least BBM will release beta to public in a couple of weeks unlike Whatsapp where they take months for beta features to come out to the public version

Now that's quick! I think Microsoft should learn something from BlackBerry. Just last week when they open the Beta and the official is coming up in a week. Microsoft announce something and would come out in months. What's worse, it wont come out at all. Lolzz.

We need better notifications on BBM. It doesn't tell us anything. It should include who is messaging you, and the beginning of the message.

The latest update removed all display pics including my own. Also on the feeds page as well.

1 step forward, 5 steps back BBM.

Ahhhh waiting for it!!!! I actually signed up for it buy didn't get it... Now have to wait for this public version!!!!:)