Blazin' Aces arrives in the Windows Phone Store, let the dogfights begin!

Blazin' Aces

Blazin' Aces is a new air combat game for Windows Phone 8. The game is a retro-aerial dogfighting game with quality graphics, challenging game play and music that gives the game an epic feel.

We have shared a sneak peek of Blazin' Aces and it made a very good first impression. The game went live in the Windows Phone Store today and we think this new arcade styled game is worth a look.


Key features of Blazin' Aces include:

  • Engaging single player campaign
  • Arcade styled aerial combat
  • Customizable skirmish mode
  • Special weapons
  • Orchestral soundtrack

We'll take Blazin' Aces out over the weekend for a full test drive and get a review up on the site early next week. So far, what we have seen has been very positive.

The only downside to Blazin' Aces may be that there isn't a trial version available. The full version is currently running $1.99 and is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. It is showing available for low memory devices and you can find your copy of Blazin' Aces here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Blazin Aces


Reader comments

Blazin' Aces arrives in the Windows Phone Store, let the dogfights begin!


Oh thanks for NOT make this game available here in Brazil!! Why is so difficult to the developers to read what is in the Game submission page informing that they can use PEGI or ESRB certificates to publish here???? I'm tired. :'(

Brazil is a huge market.. and if the game under-performs they blame the OS instead of blaming themselves for not publishing globally

Guilherme, how about telling your country to abandon its outdated and draconian system? It hurts businesses and is un-needed. Haranguing indie developers in stead of your overzealous government seems...unproductive.

Based on what you say they have a draconian system? Besides it doesnt anything to do with the publisher being lazy. Germany and many modern countries have this kind of issue with games

Publisher being lazy, nice. As opposed to being new to publishing on Windows Phone and navigating the labyrinth of international requirements, which are especially stringent in Brazil.

I'm just saying, understand the difficulties of parties involved before lashing out at an indie dev looking to create some entertainment for our platform. Insulting them does nothing to lure new devs to Windows Phone.

I think WPCENTRAL would do a service to both developers and WP users by creating an article addressing just this... i.e. what certificates are available online within minutes and what countries would they target for publishing. If you guys need references and screenshots, I can provide them.

Sorry Daniel, but since when using PEGI or ESRB certificates is draconian??
And, as I said before, this thing (using PEGI or ESRB) is explained in the game submission app. There is a statement explaining that. How difficult can be to someone to read that before click in "next" button??
I simple don't get it. I am not insulting anyone. MS did what they can do to explain that. The government also. And I also did that. I am trying to chance that situation for about one year and half and even Paul published an article about that. There are articles on MSDN explaining that.

I didnt mean to insult using the word lazy. But i didnt like either that you tell someone to change the rules from his country as if he could. Just didnt look cool to judge like that since i think we are all here for the same reason. He cant change the country. But the Publisher is able to consider the pegi requirements.

I dont think its too much to ask a developer to upload the PEGI cert pdf file during submission which hardly takes 3 minutes to generate online. All my games are published in Brazil and make good ad revenue in Brazil. 

I think the developers either dont know that they could get the PEGI cert for Brazil or they just dont care about Brazil.. which is hard to believe!

Thanks. Everyone here in WP Central can see that I ALWAYS ask developers to do that and I ALWAYS offer my help. But latetly they seam that are not listening.

Sometimes it is the only way to get a message through. If nothing else, it shows demand for the product. The dev took care of it now and maybe potential developers who lurk around here will keep in mind how the system works in some countries. In the end we are all here about the same thing.

There are a statement saying that they can use it in the game submission page. Most of developers simple don't care or at least don't read this. And this is sad.
I try everything that I can to get games for Brazil but one man alone can't do many things...

Hi Saksham,

The game has just been patched and should work on your device now. Please email us if you are running into any problems. Thanks!

Daniel, keep it real. You must keep in mind what country we live in, draconian is in the red white and blue from inception.

Hi there, I am the developer of Blazin' Aces. I have literally just uploaded by PEGI certificate, so hopefully the game can be updated within the day, and you should be able to purchase it later :).

Hi duncanbellsa, I'm from Argentina, I already bought the game through the link provided by wpcentral and I couldn't play yet because after changing buttons sizes the game crashes all the time. I have a Lumia 720 and already tried uninstall and reinstall but the game keeps crashing after the buttons size screen. I hope to work it out, thanks.

Hi Joaquin - thanks for the feedback. Can you drop me a mail at reddotlabgames [at] gmail.com and I will get one of the developers to look into it :)


Hi Duncan. Thanks a lot for paying attention. I promise you that you will recieve good numbers from Brazil.

The game is already available in here. Thanks again. :)

Hi Guilherme,

No problem, I've spent the past 2 years making the game, so I'm more than happy to listen to my customers. Having never published on the Windows store before, I found the backend to be rather confusing, thats why I kept to the bare minimum.

Thank you for the support, and I hope you enjoy the game!

Hello duncanbellsa, I just purchased your game can you please add Moga Pro controller support as many of us gamers get a much richer & more comfortable experience through traditional controls.
Thank you for your time.

Hi MetaG85 - I've looked into it, but unfortunately our software does not yet support bluetooth controllers for windows phone. When it does, I'll be sure to let you know. Drop us an email so I have your request on record please :)

Impressed with the turnaround, I'm downloading the update now. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for paying attention to your customers it is much appreciated and will not be forgotten. :)

Why cant we get a proper Raiden instead of this garbage


Yay shooting bad guys inverted will appeal to the mindless

Hi Sam 77, I'm sorry you feel that way about the game. I'm assuming you are unhappy with the purchase? Please drop me a mail so I can get your feedback to make the game better.

Looks like a good game and I'm off to buy :)


P.s. Why do people feel the need to state negative things about something that they A: don't like anyway or b: Not even played. Madness

I don't think I will be buying as the last game I bought that didn't have a trial was Mini Racers its proving to be uncontrollable. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Mini racers was actually really good and more worth the money than most games at that price. I win every race first try.

I agree. It takes bit of time to get used to controls but if you do give it a shot (especally with "start sliding corner early" trick) you'll win almost every time having fun along the way.

Well worth the money.

Daniel your attitude stinks sometimes! Always have something smart assed to say! Its rather annoying. Always bashing people comments. Its not like we all know as much as you do about the electronic world! We are all learning as well. How about saying something nice every now and then? Just sayin! Have a super day!

Looks cool. Hopefully WPCentral posts an update if there is a trial available at some point...then I'll take a look and perhaps buy it.

After spending some time with this game I can honestly say it is loads if fun even with the touch controls!
They are very responsive and well executed, the game looks really good in motion and has great art style and high quality sound.
Worth the buy!
I just wish it had Moga Pro support but that's how I feel about every game on the market. ;)