Blazin Aces

Blazin' Aces retro-aerial dogfighting headed to Windows Phone on May 9

Back a few years ago, we briefly had one of the most fun games I have ever played on Windows Phone: MiniSquadron. It was an adorable and adventurous 2D aerial dogfighting game that was unceremoniously pulled from the Store, never to return. Now in 2014, we may be getting some analogous and just as awesome.

On May 9th, Red Dot Lab will be releasing Blazin’ Aces to Windows Phone and iOS on the same day, with an Android version coming later. Yes, you have read that correctly. Besides the fact that the company is paying attention to Windows Phone (bonus points for that), the game looks like a blast.

Blazin’ Aces is described as a ‘2D retro-aerial dogfighting’ game and as you can see from the trailer above, it lives up to the depiction. Features of the game includes:

  • Arcade-style aerial combat
  • Engaging single player campaign
  • Customizable skirmish mode
  • Easy to pick up, hard to master gameplay
  • Special weapons
  • Orchestral soundtrack

Can I share a secret? I’m actually playing with a reviewer copy right now, and the game is a hoot. On-screen buttons can be resized; you can launch the plane, eject, and get powerups, all with super HD graphics. The music is also very well done, giving you a ‘this is epic’ feeling as you play. I’ll toss up a video later this afternoon to show it in action if you folks are interested, but I can safely say I think this is my next favorite time-killer on my Lumia 1520.

Blalzin Aces

Like we said, the game is set to launch on in one week on May 9. We’ll follow up and let you know when that happens, but for now you can watch the trailer and see some screenshots. Head to Red Dot Lab’s website for even more screenshots, or tune back later today to see it running on a Windows Phone.

Let us know what you think about the game in comments! Are you excited?

Blazin Aces


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Blazin' Aces retro-aerial dogfighting headed to Windows Phone on May 9


Nice actually i like the concept of releasing before its available on android.. That will happen to all apps in forth coming years bcoz of the numerous development in oS

Man this reminds me of sopwith camel back from my "386" game playing days.  I'd say 486 but it was too fast to play at that point.

It makes me think back to the dogfighting game with biplanes on Intellivision.  Lol.  Slightly better graphics though. :)

That's exactly what I thought about when I saw this. Might have to check it out for nostalgia reasons alone. If there's a cow at the end of the runway, I'd be in heaven!

Hi everyone! Glad that there is such a great response so far. I hope you guys enjoy the product! Please feel free to contact me with any feedback.