Blur for Windows Phone 8

Blur helps make your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen easier to read, we swear

We’ve covered the blurring technique that some of us have adopted on Windows Phone recently. The trick is to find an image you want as your lockscreen and then to blur it using a filter in Photoshop or something similar. The effect is to basically add ‘bokeh’ to the image, allowing you to still see it, but making the text (and notifications) more legible.

We also recently posted Lock Widgets by Jaxbot from the site Windows Phone Hacker. That app added some cool weather and battery info, and when we ran the story, we showed it with a blurred background.

Evidently a light went off in Jaxbot’s head as he’s gone forward to create a freebie app that simply takes whatever image you want and adds “blur” to it. Intensity is based on a slider scale, and users can either save directly to their phone or instantly make it a background.

The app is brilliant in its simplicity and it works exceptionally well (though we could see the blur high end go up a bit more to make it more opaque, but that’s us). And as per our original trick, if you don’t want to use a personal photo, you could just screenshot your Windows Phone 8’s Start screen, apply blur and set that as your Lock screen. It creates a “virtual window” effect and it’s pretty damn cool (and easy).

Pick up Blur here in the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone 8 only. The app is free but please leave some positive feedback if you enjoy it. Thanks, Chinmay T., for the heads up!

Source: Windows Phone Hacker

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Reader comments

Blur helps make your Windows Phone 8 lockscreen easier to read, we swear


Neat app.

Would have been nice if it could have automatically blurred my wallpapers as I have them rotating every 30 minutes or so.

Does anyone know if we are still able to make a transparent .png and set that to the home screen?  This way when turned on the start screen is actually visible beneath the transparent homescreen
I never tried this with WP7 because it didn't work if you had a lock code for your device..

Nope. Haven't been able to do this since before mango. One of the coolest and most useful features of the first gen OS (even though it wasn't official).

My First Tip! :) Nice it went through. :) The app is kinda minimalistic - doesn't do much - but what it does - it does real good. :)

what ever happened to jaxbot's notificatino app?  i know it was pulled off wp7, but never to be heard of since. 

It crashes on my phone. Lumia 920. Even after I uninstalled it and installed it again, it just crashes and the app just closes trying to blur the chosen image. Had one success with it though, anybody experiencing the same thing w/ this app?

Yep, I have the same problem on my AT&T Lumia 920.  I have not had it work successfully without crashing.  Like you, I uninstalled and re-installed, to no avail.

Would be neat if the dev, Jaxbot, included this feature within Lock widget, instead of as a separate app. Still, very nice. I'm appreciative of his efforts, support for the platform, and generosity.

I suppose it's possible to integrate them, but I like to keep my niches seperate. It's entirely possible to blur an image with Blur, save it, and use it in LW8, of course.

I don't need this since I always use a picture of one of my kids that I capture on my phone, a Lumia 920, as my background, so it is nice and blurry to begin with.

It looks cool, but what's the point.. I can take the screen shot and not blur it and make it my start screen photo or take the screen shot and blur it with another program. I just don't get the point. I like to see someone come up with the screen fades up to unlock the phone or down.. In the same way Black Berry 10 or side swipe, left or right to unlock the phone or do the picture touch to unlock the phone like Windows 8. When that happens, then I'll be interested.

Welp, I thought it was awesome and it's nice to have a dedicated app for this. Not everyone wants to PS an image on a PC and shuttle it back to their phone, nor does everyone want (or use) photo editors like Thumba...

It's a free app (no ads) by a good developer, it's not nice to shit on their work just because you don't find it useful. Think of the platform and others first, it'll make more sense ;)

I concede, the app is good.. Hope they come out with other types of blur options.. My intent was not to shit on the app or its maker. I have done the same effects using Fantasia Painter.. So yea, its a good app and nothing is better than free.. Daniel, btw.. Great job with WPCentral and the support you bring to the Windows phone universe.

Looks like it does the blurring in gamma space (like photoshop) and not in linear space, making the dark areas grow in an incorrect (and ugly) way (just like photoshop). How to do it: 1) Use more than 8-bit precision 2) Remove gamma 3) Apply image filter such as blur 4) Put gamma back (and go back to 8-bit if needed).