Boost the sound on the Samsung Focus [Hack]

If there's one area the Focus doesn't need improvement on is sound--it's loud, clear and did we mention loud? Still, we know for some of you, there's never enough volume so for you, we bequeath this tip.

Like the detailed battery check and USB tethering before, you'll need to access the Diagnostic Menu on your Focus. It's easy enough and then you just enter a few codes and you're good to go. The only downside is this won't survive a soft-reset (but how often are you folks doing that anyways?). But the boost in volume is significant and if you want to compete with the Surround, now's your chance. Here we go:

  • Enter the dialer
  • ##634#  --> Call
  • *#0002*28346#

    Now you'll have three fields which you want to change:

    • Click "Read"
    • System Gain: 7 change to 10
    • Class Gain: 7 change to 10
    • Device Gain: 7 change to 10
    • Press Start

      That should be it. Like we said, it's just a temporary change so no harm is done to the device. Let us know in comments if you notice a difference. We haven't done any scientific tests ourselves on this but it seems louder to our ears.

      Update: Some reports suggest this does not work,, so take that as you will (thanks, electricbopeep, for the reference)

      Source: FireSokar at XDA Forums


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      Boost the sound on the Samsung Focus [Hack]


      I've been following the diagnosis codes thread on xda - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=839154 . It seems that this code doesn't work. Several people have actually had temporary adverse effects to their phone's volume and one poster says he lost his data in the process (maybe user error on his part, maybe not). The most recent poster claims that they contacted Samsung and a rep said that diagnosis codes will not increase volume (of course the rep could have been giving an uninformed or unintentionally misleading answer).

      be careful! i accidently pressed write and managed to wipe all my settings! after that the main speaker wouldnt make any sound.

      through much playing around with the settings i found i was able to make the speaker play again, play much louder, made the earpiece MUCH louder, made my camera shutter button silent when the phone was on mute. (previously there was no way to shut the camera shutter up and i was VERY happy i fixed that!)

      unfortunately the settings were not quite right and the speaker kept losing its settings and going silent. in the end i had to hard-reset the phone.

      so in conclusion i am sure that the settings here can make your volume louder and if you are stuck with the annoying camera sound, give an option to turn it off. however it could end up in a hard reset. it needs someone to experiment to find out what the different settings and buttons do..

      "The only downside is this won't survive a soft-reset (but how often are you folks doing that anyways?)."

      Every damned day because of the MarketPlace issues.

      @ electricbopeep I am the user on XDA that reported losing my data during this hack. It was not the hack that caused the problem but in fact a faulty SD card. However I still haven't had any success with this hack. We have found out that when headphones are plugged in the volume drops to 5 presumingly out of 10. So theoretically we are only receiving half the possible volume via headphones which is very annoying to say the least.

      I found the diagnostic code to reach these sound settings and began trying out a few different settings before I read this post and the comments associated with it. From what I could tell (and I have a modest background in music and music technology so I understand a bit of what each setting refers to), the top section, 'Sound Tuning' is where one may adjust the phones interpretation of the chromatic scale, meaning this is where the base frequencies are defined which the phone uses to produce any kind of sound that wouldn't come from an external source.
      An external sound source would be a song playing through a radio app or a sound effect in a game that is played from an audio file within the games installation and recorded when the game was developed. An internal sound would be like one of the factory installed ringers that plays a series of notes that weren't previously recorded but instead synthesized and produced in real time using a preset string of variables that tell the phone which frequencies to play in what order, and these would come from the 8 defined base frequencies seen in the first section of the sound settings diagnostic page. The 8 variables would be the 8 notes within a single octave, A,B,C,D,E,F,G and ending in another A an octave up from the first A, or exactly double the frequency (if the first A=440Hz, then the second would equal 880Hz). From these 8 frequencies the phone can then create the remainder of the audible spectrum. I don't know for sure that this is what these 8 boxes are for, but it does say 'Tuning' and it makes sense to me. If that is the case, then there really wouldn't be a reason to change these values other than to make the phone just sound weird at times, or perhaps if you could interpret the default values you could potentially shift all internally produced sounds up or down semitone, whole tone, full octave, ECT..

      Now for the other areas of the sound setting adjustment page, I have some ideas, as well as my own attempts to customize my Focus's sound and the results of those attempts that I can share. First, though I could make an educated guess as to what 'System Gain' and 'Class Gain' refer to, because I wasn't very confident about why there are 3 definable variables for each and what they might pertain to I left those alone. However, the 'Device Gain' seemed a bit more understandable. I'm not sure why the first box has a '7' in it, but because in parenthesis is reads 'Max/Min' after 'Device Gain' and the default settings of second and third boxes, at least on my phone, were defined at '1200' and '-500' respectively, I assumed that these values were the maximum and minimum attenuations, or volumes, for anything and everything on the phone. So this was my primary focus in attempting to adjust the phones volume. I used the app Last.fm to test my changes by playing songs after each change. Ultimately, I ended up with my max variable at '3000' and my min at '-2000', and I can say with 100% certainty that both my phones loudest and quietest volumes were much louder and much quieter than they originally had been. I agree that on the focus there is definitely some desire for a higher level of volume, but even more so was my desire to decrease the volume when it is set to '1'. I've noticed that some games just aren't quiet enough when the volumes at '1' when I want to hear them without bothering anyone else, and I've just had to deal with playing on mute in the past. This is no longer the case.

      Just a few other notes... I see that some people have had issues where their phones won't make any sound after messing with these settings. I'm not sure if this applies to any of them, but when I first began trying different settings I accidentally switched 'Audience.cfg' to 'Off.' If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the Focus use an audio engine called 'Audience?' Well, anyways, with this set to 'Off' my phone no longer made any sound at all. Switching it back on fixed the problem. Just thought that might help. Lastly, I don't know what the 'Start' and 'Stop' buttons are for, but I'm not sure they're needed to change these settings. I've been hitting 'Start' after each change just to be safe, though I think there have been a few times where I've forgotten to do so, and the changes still take effect. Can't be positive on that, but maybe someone else could add more info. Good luck and I hope all this helps!

      Update: Just soft reset my phone for the first time since changing the settings mentioned above. Returned to the diagnostic to check if my custom settings reset as others have indicated. The max and min values I set were still as I had set, they did not reset.

      Thanks for the very detailed info Datasloth, my settings also seem to 'stick' after a soft reset, your testing was with overall volume of the phone, but i'm mostly interested in the volume when using my Jawbone Icon bluetooth, i'm not sure that i'm detecting any volume increase when i change the settings as indicated, any thoughts?...