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Both Tumblr and NBC News updated, anything new?

During the past month, both NBC News and Tumblr were two examples of official apps hitting the Windows Phone Store for the first time. We’d had a handful of others, like Fidelity and GoComics, join the fray recently. Apps joining the Windows Phone ecosystem are just one sign of the how well the platform is doing. Another sign is how frequently those apps get updated. The forecast? Sunny with a chance of tiles since both NBC News and Tumblr have been updated. Let’s see what’s new.

NBC News

The app now sports a redesigned live tile. The NBC development team tweaked the live tile based on your feedback in the review section of the Store. Spot the differences? Grab NBC News for Windows Phone 8 right here or use the QR code below.

QR: NBC News


The changes are a little hard to find for the recent Tumblr update. There were a handful of features you guys wanted to see added in future releases of the app, but we’re not seeing them yet. It most likely is just performance/bug fixes in the latest update. Our own Daniel reports that the app would crash when using voice commands and that seems to be fixed. Grab Tumblr for Windows Phone 8 right here or use the QR code below.

QR: Tumblr

Notice anything else for either Tumblr or NBC News? Share with us below, otherwise go update your apps. Wouldn't you say that frequent updates to big apps is a good sign for Windows Phone?

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Reader comments

Both Tumblr and NBC News updated, anything new?


How about turning off the background task causing it to crash? I only read about this but did experience a crash where it would open the app and I did turn off the background task.

I've always had this app blocked in my list of background tasks. Never crashed on me upon opening. L920.
Edit: btw,I was talking about NBC News. Not sure if you were referring to NBC News or Tumblr.

I like the new wide tile's look. I'm waiting for another change (something I sent them a feedback about and was told they'd look into): When I pin a particular section (say Tech), and click on its tile to go to that section directly, clicking "back" should exit the app. It shouldn't go to the app's main page, requiring me to click "back" again to exit the app.

Why not just hit the home button instead. It seems like being able to go back to the main page is pretty logical for people who enjoy more than one section. Just exit by hitting home,it won't slow down your phone by running in the background or anything. This isn't android.

I beg to differ. IMO, if I click on the tile of an app, and then click back, I should be back to the start screen. And other news apps have implemented this logic for their secondary tiles, eg. CNN, Al Jazeera for WP8 and USA Today. Even Nextgen Reader secondary tile behaves this way if IIRC.
Moreover, folks who like to read news from multiple sections can have the app's primary tile pinned.
Maybe the behavior can be based on an option in the settings? I can't recollect right now, but I think there is an app that sets this behavior based on an option in the settings.

Another change is what their team had informed me when I sent feedback about providing an ad-free version so that I could get rid of that "Join us on Facebook" banner. Their reply was: "We are supposed to get real ads soon, unfortunately we won’t be providing an ads free version"
Looks like this new version does have "real ads" now. I am seeing ads for Fidelity Investments right now. Ugh!

I signed up for a tumblr just to try this app and... It seems to largely be for sharing images, yet there is no possible way to save these images from within the app.... Am I missing something?

The NBC News live tile is a million times better now, with the first few words of the headline showing below the picture (for a medium tile at least).
Tumblr I don't see any improvements in though.  It still desperately needs support for incoming messages though, whether they're asks or 'fan mail.'

Did anyone else feel like the NBC app drained their battery by having it pinned to their start screen? I noticed a quick drop after pinning it so I removed it two days later. This was before today's update, not sure if it works better now.

Did you try "blocking" it from running in the background? That should stop its background agent from trying to update its live tile every 30 minutes or so.

The live tile shows me the trending tags but usually they're girls' nails, make up etc. I'm a guy and I hate having all that on my live tiles. Any workaround to display pics of just my favorite tags?