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Bought a Verizon Lumia 928? Check your email for the $25 Microsoft Store voucher

You may or may not know that if you buy a Nokia Lumia 928 from Verizon, you qualify for a $25 Windows Phone Store credit. That’s a big chunk of money actually for picking up some $0.99 apps and even a few EA games.

The question you may have is how do you get it?

As it turns out, Verizon, who is not shy about emailing or calling you, will pass along an email with the voucher link.

How to redeem, once you get your email (it can take a few days)

  • Simply click the Store link
  • Enter in your info, including IMEI number from the phone
  • Register

Microsoft will then send you code, which you then enter into your phone’s Wallet. Every time you want to make an app purchase, you can use that as a payment method.

Like we said, $25 is quite a bit to spend on the Store, especially with all of the free apps and games out there. It’s a good deal for new Windows Phone users and even veterans who could use a few more purchases.

UPDATE: You can also use this direct link, so long as you have your phone in-hand for the IMEI number

Did you get your code? Enjoying your Lumia 928? Let us know in comments!


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Bought a Verizon Lumia 928? Check your email for the $25 Microsoft Store voucher


I got the email just now, but I already got & redeemed my code over the weekend. $25 sitting in my wallet right now.
Also, loving my 928!

VZW didn't send me any info about it - I had to look around for how to get it. Once I filled out the info I had the $25 code in about an hour.

My 928 came in today. I only paid $29.99 through Newegg. I got a steal. Can't wait to get home. I will miss my 822.

I think that it's only based upon any registered Lumia 928, so wherever you get your Lumia you're eligible for $25 credit

Here are the terms from Nokia. It doesn't mention having to buy it directly from Verizon.

"Get a $25 Windows&reg; Phone Store gift code after you purchase a new Nokia Lumia 928 from product launch day&ndash;June 23, 2013. Use your gift code for eligible purchases at the Windows Phone Store. Offer good in the 50 United States and D.C. Limit 1 gift code per new phone. Must be 13+. Claim your code by July 7, 2013 at <see url in the article>. Code must be redeemed on your Windows Phone in the Wallet application by September 29, 2013. Unused promotional gift code funds will also expire on September 29, 2013."

You can get the phone for free (actually $8 in your pocket) from Cox communications, if you have them as your cable providers..New England.

FedEx hasn't delivered my 928 yet and its been on the truck for delivery over 5h now :/
Update: finally got my 928. Damn FedEx taking their sweet time.

I'm on the same boat. They tried to deliver yesterday but no one was home so I had to pay 5.00 to change the shipping time. Couldn't even change the shipping location. =/ Hoping to have it tonight

Mines was suppose to be here yesterday. Due to popularity, all orders through Newegg was a day late. And I think the $25 is only when you order through Verizon

It will only be a "sweet phone" if HTC supports it after release, the way Nokia supports the Lumia phones.

Might be hard to find $25 worth of apps. Lot of good apps available but I don't use them all or $25 worth. Not my problem, I got 920 anyway. I was just wondering what I would spend it on. I'm sure you need to spend in a certain amount of time.

I was going to use my $25 for Navigon USA, but I couldn't unfortunately, that app is $29 and you can't split up the payment :( oh well..

I normally buy apps on my iOS device and android device to support developers even if I don't use them all the time (I probably only use 50% of them with any kind of regularity).
I feel it gives back to the developing community. 
my 2 cents

look through the forums. there's a thread with the link posted where you need to go to redeem it. you don't have to wait for verizon to email you. i've yet to be told from my brother or sister that verizon emailed them and we went and redeemed it anyway for their 928s.

Waiting for my 928 from Newegg, it has been delayed. Looks like they're having issues getting their hands on units.
Here's the link to the Verizon $25 promo:
Anybody read the terms?
"Claim your code by July 7, 2013. Code must be redeemed on your Windows Phone in the Wallet application by September 29, 2013. Unused promotional gift code funds will also expire on September 29, 2013."

Just got my black 928!  Upgraded from the iPhone5...Been an iPhone user since 2007 and I have to say, this thing is awesome!

It will work on both. But vzw backup assistant app will permanently be in the settings, amd the may internet sharing setting won't work either. There are tons of VZW 8X with the Qi(pronounced chee) wireless charging with the same issues on T-Mo att and other global carriers, too.

Got my 928 on Saturday at the Microsoft Store. They gave me a card with the info on it and I got the code same day.

Love the phone, love the service, annoyed that there aren't any accessories, not even an official case from Nokia. Emails to Nokia, they suggest keep checking back.

There aren't much accessories for it yet..although I did end up buying a transparent case from amazon for it. Realized...i need to protect the shiny back just a little.

Got my 928 last Friday and it is so worth waiting all this time for the right Nokia wp - coming from a Titan 2 and an HD7 b4 that.  I couldn't be happier esp when I started taking the best pics I have ever taken in my life (and I'm in my 40's).
Also, I decided "to hell" with contracts. Never again.  I'm just being realistic already since I know my next phone is just around the corner.  Got my $25 voucher too so all set with apps here (pun).

Very happy for all you Verizon folks, fantastic phone, so far 46 people have written reviews on Verizon Wireless regarding the 928. What I find amazing is 100% of them recommend the product.

Boy oh boy do I love this phone (928). This phone never lags like my Galaxy Nexus used to. I even had it hacked to Cyanogen  mod 4.2.2. The screen is a beauty. It feels good to me in the hand; build quality is awesome.  Need I say more. Thank you Nokia for a wonderful product.

got my 928 today was dreading the new phone setup but to my surprise was a breeze signed in all my contacts apeared used nokia app transfer my data boom all my texts and other data maybe 10 minutes for everything. wasn't watching the clock took newegg longer to activate it than for me to transfer everything. i am very happy with the 928, just not how long it took coming to verizon.

I did the sane thing of going to the website and getting the $25 credit! Haven't received Verizon email yet. Loving my white Nokia 928!! Its a beauty, and even my friends with 920 ..maybe a little jealous!

Just ordered 2 white lumia 928s from newegg this morning. As soon as fedex delivers them we can FINALLY say goodbye to Sprint and there complete apathy regarding wp. Our HTC Arrives have performed decently and have been very durable, which is a testiment to HTC's legendary build quality. Sprint however has been absolutely abysmal as a carrier with regards to support for wp. Still profiting from the sale of a phone while refusing to release updates or supporting said phone in any way should be a criminal offense. Please forgive my bluntness, but I mean every word of what I'm about to say. FUCK YOU SPRINT, FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH A RUSTY SPORK. I SINCERELY HOPE THEIR CTO CHOKES TO DEATH ON A BAG OF DIKS! /rant

Do I have this correct, should we take your name off this years Christmas card were sending to the Sprint leadership team?  Congratulations on moving away from Sprint.

Received my 928 yesterday.  Excellent, excellent phone.  Very pleased with it so far.  Filled out the online form last night and received my $25 code within just a couple of minutes after.  Nice work Nokia and Msft!

I've been waiting to see if Sprint would carry Nokia.  Well, I have ordered 2 Lumia 928s and will be taking my money to Verizon.  I've been with Nextel/Sprint for 12 years.  They never showed any loyalty to me, so I happily broke my contract for verizon.  Ordered through Newegg and I am awaiting Inventory stock.  I hate the wait!!

Got my 928 yesterday. Love it. I actually ordered it through Newegg for $29.99 and just got my $25 Microsoft windows store gift card. That's like me paying $4.99 for the phone. Got to love that. :-)