Reminder: Bournemouth Windows Phone developer event is happening tomorrow

Bournemouth Event

This is just a late (yeah, we know it's short notice) reminder that the Windows Phone Dev Day in Bournemouth is occurring tomorrow (August 31st). The event will be held at Redweb with numerous souls preparing to give talks and mingle with attendees. The event was held at the same location last year, where we also gave a quick speech on Windows Phone Central. The day turned out to be a great opportunity for networking.

If you're looking to develop for Windows Phone, or already have an app or few published and enjoyed by thousands, be sure to consider popping along. It's free, informative, and you get to meet likeminded people within the Windows Phone community. Also, we're heading down again will be happy to engage with everyone about how we can help out. Here are two speakers who have been confirmed for tomorrow:

Wish to get involved? Head on over to the WPDDB website, put your name down, follow the team on Twitter and we'll see you there!


Reader comments

Reminder: Bournemouth Windows Phone developer event is happening tomorrow


Damn, sure is such a short notice and is still quite a distance to travel for me, but would love to go so I'll see if I can make it :)

i couldnt make it despite living in bournemouth (wife commitments)... made even more annoying by the fact I AM IN THE ABOVE PICTURE. I even wanted to do a solo talk this year.

Expensive 4 hour journey for me :( and even to get to the station at 10am when the registration starts I'd need to catch a train at 5:50am...

Ooohh Bournemouth... Love it! ❤ ...especially their language there - it's so .... pure!!! Too bad I can't be there!