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If you're excited about the progress the team at Microsoft has made with Windows Phone for the past year since the release back in October last year, then you're strongly urged to read Brandon Watson's latest blog post. In this article the face of Microsoft for developers goes into great detail about what lessons have been learned. Of course, not all lessons are visible to the consumer, the two most obvious being update delivery and marketing, which we've witnessed improvements for in the past few months.

Watson continues to dive into how developers were considered every step of the way, with the software giant not needing anymore brand awareness so the focus could remain on keeping the spotlight clear for app submitters. Some interesting points the article covers:

  • Inspiring developers
  • Make developers rich and famous
  • Search and discover-ability
  • Simplicity and removing friction

Watson, as well as the other faces to the Windows Phone team, continue to go out their way to ensure that the experience for not only the consumer, but for developers, is kept at the highest standard. Unlike Google and Apple, we have public faces, not a brand, to have contact with. It's for this reason why developer interest in the platform is increasing, and why Windows Phone will take the market by storm in the coming years.

I think you'll join us in taking our hats off to Brandon and the team and saying "thank you".  Check out the full post at his blog below.

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Brandon Watson: lessons learned a year on


They really need to do a better job with CDMA devices here in the U.S.I really do like my Arrive, however I'm not upgrading the device unless it has another QWERTY keyboard.Which at this point is moot anyways since there is NO OTHER DEVICE I CAN UPGRADE TO.If you don't want my money Microsoft, that's fine. I'll just keep using my Arrive.

Funny thing is you are already "giving" MS your money. 1) Please explain how its Microsoft at fault for lack of physical keyboard?2)CDMA is also a provider service, again not MS, besides 3g and above networks are what's the norm in several countries and have been for years.

I hardly use any applications, so no, they're not making any money off of me unless I purchase a new phone.And do you honestly believe it's completely up to the cell carrier whether to carry certain phones or not? You really don't think Microsoft along with the OEMs negotiate with the carriers for what they will and won't carry?You are a very naive individual.

I was under the impression that carriers have to allow phones in their network. Or maybe the 'premier' ATT deal is hurting the balance of phones on other networks.

That's right is a conspiracy between Microsoft and "carriers" to focus on the latest network/ technology. The latest being 3g+ and now 4g. Cdma usage was high in the USA and costs billions to upgrade the networks. Which is why Canadian providers upgraded jointly and shared the costs. You my friend are ignorant to the facts. Microsoft includes cdma support with the latest updates. Which is one pd the several reasons Nokia selected their platform. Its up to the device manufacture / carrier to have cdma phones. Thee are several options for you. BlackBerry has several cdma models.

Yes, it IS completely up to the carrier whether or not to carry certain cell phones. The OEMs are the sellers and the carriers are the potential buyers. The OEMs offer handsets, the carrier either accepts or declines. Simple as that. Sure, MS may have some influence in trying to sweeten the deal, but in the end it is ultimately the carrier's decision. No one can force a carrier to purchase a particular device, that's just ridiculous. And especially in Sprint's case, I can see why they would be hesitant to pick up WP again right away. It's a little thing called supply and demand. Mr. Hesse cashed in an enormous amount of chips when it brought the iPhone on board, and being the number three carrier, they can ill afford to gamble further investment in WP7 until it proves itself with viable returns on other carriers since it didn't fare so well for them on it's first go round. Sprint just doesn't have the kind of cash to risk buying tens of thousands of handsets and then possibly having them just languish in their retail stores for months on end.

I too am a Sprint User, and I hate my Arrive, I never use the physical keyboard. I hate the size of it, I hate the speed of it. I hate it so much. I went into a Tmobile store and used the radar, and I was blown away. it is fast, it is thin, it is very pretty, I am really considering leaving sprint this time, if only they had a buy one get one free, I have 3 arrives and 1 crapdroid for my brother in law. I'm going to have to pay 4 disconnect fees, I'm jumping ship around January hopefully by then Tmobile may have announced new devices. I know sprint won't so I won't hold my breath.HTC radar is nice.

Nokia has some CDMA phones coming early next year. I really don't care if you switch carriers or not, but just thought you'd like to know.

thanks, that's what I hear, but I'm betting ATT gets the first wave, tmobile gets 1 and sprint and verizon wait and see. I wish, we'd get a hint, something, it's just sad. I want something nice, not the Arrive.

To each his own. I actually love my arrive. The keyboard is part of the reason I like it so much. If it had a larger screen and of course a bit thinner I would be 100 percent pleased. I would LOVE to see some Nokia come to sprint...

I wash in that years time they would learn how to get the updates out to Focus rev 1.4 owners for F's sake!

Here's how WP's are faring on bestbuy.com, FYI:AT&T (59 devices offered)26. Samsung Focus (last week ranked 23)34. Samsung Focus Flash (last week ranked 48)50. HTC Surround (last week ranked 56)53. Samsung Focus S (first week offered)56. HTC HD7S (last week ranked 55)59. LG Quantum (last week ranked 52)T-Mobile (32 devices offered)11. HTC HD7 (last week ranked 15)24. HTC Radar (last week ranked 23)Verizon (48 devices offered)36. HTC Trophy (last week ranked 32)Sprint (50 devices offered)31. HTC Arrive (last week ranked 29)

I'm with SolidState89 - I love the Arrive, and will not give up a physical keyboard. I regularly write full length emails on my phone, and there is not a touch keyboard in existence that I would put up with for that much typing. I would LOVE for Sprint to have a variety, some with, some without. But if they're only going to have one, I'm glad it's the one with the keyboard.

I left sprint in January for that reason. I went to T-Mobile and got a Venue Pro and haven't looked back since. I won't lie though, I REALLY like the Focus S and Titan but I'll wait to see what Nokia does with Apollo before I seriously consider jumping ship.

I know that TITAN is freaking sweet. But like djmikebrady, the keyboard is important for me as I use it a lot and the touchscreen keyboards just do not work for me. I have an ipad and the keyboard is a pain in the A.Asside from all this. THANK you Brandon Watson. Keep up the great work!