Brazilian market set to see increase in Windows Phone games with Ministry relaxing regulations

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Brazilian Windows Phone owners have always complained about the lack of games (including Xbox Live titles) available for the platform, and rightly so. The Brazilian government has strict regulations that require video games (or any 'game') to be certified by its own ratings system, which has proven to heavily delay the release of said games to the Windows Phone Marketplace for owners in the region.

We previously looked at Microsoft adding a batch of 300 titles to increase available content on the Marketplace, but still numbers dwindled compared to other regions. Today, the Brazilian Ministry of Justice filed a statement that plans were in place for games to be certified by distribution companies themselves. 

While the rules aren't crystal clear as to what's generally accepted by the Ministry for self-certification, we'd expect both ESRB and PEGI to be within guidelines. Technoblog contacted the Ministry for more information, but received the response that "each [game] is individually reviewed."

It's a step in the right direction for mobile application stores and digital distributors, but this new ruling will reportedly not affect physical media, which will still have to go through the Ministry. Hopefully we'll be able to see an influx of Windows Phone games for Brazilian owners once Apollo hits with new hardware to boot.

Source: Document 1.643/2012, via: Technoblog; thanks, Rafael, for the heads up!


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Brazilian market set to see increase in Windows Phone games with Ministry relaxing regulations


Please devs, I know that many of you are reading this, publish your games in here!! The process isn't to hard, and will stay more easier.
By the way, I can help with the process if one gets interested.

I'd love to publish my game Droidodian http://bit.ly/playdroidodian to Brazil but to do so I have to dig into the apphub forums trying to find instructions for a link, then get some confusing page in Spanish from which I'm meant to fill in some form or other...  Sorry but at present its just not worth the pain of going through that. 

Well, I see your point and that's your call wether the process might or might not be worth it, but doesn't seem you made that big an effort if the "Spanish" is what confused you. Good luck with your game, regardless of all that, hope you find the audience.

If anyone from Brazil wants to help me publish MonsterUp and MonsterUp Adventures to Brazil send me an email using the contact form at www.kariosgames.com. I have looked into that, but couldn't find the instructions, at least in English :)