British personality Stephen Fry is moonlighting with a Lumia 900. Still prefers the iPhone.

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In our continued "look which celebrity is using Windows Phone now" series, actor, comedian, writer, playwright and all around swell guy Stephen Fry evidently has a Nokia Lumia 900

The famous British personality is well known for his love of all things Apple and is quite fond of his iPhone too. In fact, Fry doesn't seem to be swaying from his love of the iPhone as he took its picture with his Lumia 900.

The evidence comes from this Tweet where the actor comments "My iPhone, pimped into @NCFC colours by the geniuses from @JailBreakCon - I'm blissed out!". The Tweet itself comes from "Microsoft" which we know is the default reference for Windows Phone. In addition, a quick look at the EXIF data from the photo (hosted on SkyDrive) reveals that the photo was indeed taken with a Lumia 900.

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Unfortunately, a quick peruse of his Twitter timeline reveals he also has an Android device too and the Lumia 900 gets no mention from him. Meaning? We assume Mr. Fry was given a promotional phone at some point and unfortunately just never really took to it.  Still, maybe he just picked it up and is giving it a go. Either way, we won't hold it against him.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Craig H., for the tip


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British personality Stephen Fry is moonlighting with a Lumia 900. Still prefers the iPhone.


'Given a promotional phone and never took to it'...what a $#@$'n waste. Give me the thing... I'll take to it and appreciate the MoFo...

of course, the internet is only in america and nobody outside of america would use this site.
he's a living legend and a british national treasure, educate yourself one day.

-1 why educate ourselves with British history if we live in America? I personally don't care what cellphone ANY celebrity has. I make my own decision on what I like.

Dude that's like saying " why should the rest of the world care who Stephen Spielberg is?" its generally good to know people that are very good at what they do, unless you have no interest whatsoever in their area of work (cinema and tv series in this case). I will agree with you that no one should choose what they own based on what celebrities have, however since it counts as advertising, it is always good to see them promoting windows phones... and extremely sad when they are instead promoting inferior iphones

I know it's hard to believe, but there are actually people living outside America (for example me ;) ) Your world may consist of America only, but the real World consists of many countries in for example Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa :)

He's a popular British actor, TV show host, writer, comedian, and many other things. Also a big fan of all things Apple.

He's even played roles in American films and shows; so even more reasons why they should at least be aware of him. He had a recurring role in Bones and played a key character in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie.

You might of heard of his friend Hugh Laurie I believe he is popular in ones country.
Also he might actually be popular full stop my ignorant friend but I would defer to his 4 million plus twitter followers I would hate to call it myself.

Well known apple fanboy, you would think someone intelligent like him would know pure apps is not the future.

Visited his site once to get the name for one of his books. Was just reading some comments in the comment section and every other contributor was writing about how wonderful all things Apple are and couldn't wait to see the 'death of Microsoft'.

Really? And you make this comment against me because?
It's a pretty well known statement against him. I'm not saying he's dumb, but I am saying he's not as intelligent as his smug and pompous persona makes him out to be.
Most people think he's the brains of britan, when in actual fact he has little understanding of many things he 'discusses'. He has a photographic memory and simply regurgatates information he's read. Most people accept what he says as fact, which makes him sound  much more intelligent than he really is.
In reality, he's regularly caught out getting things wrong, esspecially in the deeper understandings of technology
Here's a great one: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/01/18/stephen_frytard/

I wouldn't say he is the brains of Britain, but I would say an interest and knowledge in multiple subjects defines him as an intelligent man. He should not (in fact no person should) be expected to be an expert in every subject. People attempting to catch someone out by expecting an expert understanding from him in my opinion makes them seem desperate to prove their own worth. Of course that is just my perspective, I appreciate your point that some people assume he must have a perfect knowledge of all the subjects he discusses and therefore assume his statements as fact

I did not know him, but I know both iPhone and WP. I m a developer, and I find WP faster, more advanced and modern.Maybe he hasn't the the right knowledge to judge..

I can't blame him. People like what they like. I have 3 iPhones and a giant box of Android phones sitting under my desk. I could use any of them (or all of them) but I only opt for my Lumia 900 and my original Focus.
It would be cool if he chose Windows Phone but we cannot win everyone over. Besides if we did what would be the fun in that? I enjoy being the underdog.

Well he joins the list of other celebrities who prefer a different OS. "shrug"
Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry both have large followers, performed for launching WP products- yet both use different OS than WP. Levar Burton, and Flo Rida are the only ones I can think of that use WP.
I don't think the lack of celebrities are hurting or helping WP.

Stephen Fry is brilliant! I can't believe some of the comments on here denigrating him simply for his preference of a smartphone OS. :( I usually find myself listening to him and sometimes agreeing with what is said, but I do hope he takes more of an open view with WP in the future. It's a shame that such a brilliantly intelligent man as himself is not willing to look with more of an open mind towards Apple itself, as well as many other companies. Really, though, how much of a difference does it make if a celebrity endorses a product? I should hope people look at the product itself, rather than the person presenting it.

Windows phone OS he doesn't get nothing special to get the success of Android or Apple. But everyone he's got an opinion for me wp8 is trying to catch Android but i dont believe he will

slow news day much? ;) and Levar Burton? An actor principally famous for playing a blind mechanic on some spaceship? Guess we should take what we can get... I mean, its not like like the priceless pr akin to Obama waving his BB around huh?!! Look how well that worked out for RIM! Hmmmm. Ok well maybe not...

Obama who? Oh you mean odumbo who has not done anything to fix our economy. Republican name odumbo stands for - one big A** mistake america

People put up with iPhone despite of its shortcomings but chose not to use windows phone because of them. That's the difference between a forerunner and a challenger. Change takes time and it's good to see people at least give windows phone a go.

Windows Phone rocks my house. By the way, it's a LOT faster than my girlfriend's iPhone. I'd never used an iPhone before, but I can't believe how slow and complicated the apps are. Don't know what people see in it.

Stephen Fry is well known for liking Apple. He is also completely open to new technology and new devices. As he puts it himself, he "just loves technology". That is why he attended, and spoke enthusiastically at, the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the UK. Yes, you read that correctly. He is entirely less blinkered than many of the people commenting on this article. He also comes across as a nicer human being. Still, many of you have now slagged him off because of a) your ignorance of the fact that he has spoken enthusiastically about Windows Phone 7 (in print and on TV) and b) because his daily driver is an iPhone. Bravo! I'm sure Microsoft who invited Mr Fry to the UK launch and whose fledgling phone OS was the recipient of some amazing compliments from this famous Apple fan are very proud of you.

I was waiting 2 years and i believed is gonna smash the others OS's but looks like they give up also on windows phone 7 and they create WP8 wich is still behind the others OS's

The fact he loves his iPhone that is jail broken says that he is a bit of an outside of the box user means he even got feed up with the limits apple puts on the iPhone.

Who gives a shit who that fat head is.

He obviously is an iPhone fanboy and old as shit. We all know old people like him doesn't have the attention span to learn about a new phone.