Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC coming to Xbox One first

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Microsoft was able to announce today at its E3 2014 media briefing event that timed DLC for [Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare](Downloadable content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will come out first on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Players will be able to take immerse themselves in the next Call of Duty experience later this year. The game is slated for a November 4th launch. As previously seen in a trailer, Kevin Spacey will star in the game throughout.


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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC coming to Xbox One first


Ok so. Ps4 has more units sold by the millions, more players online, fact that then spend more jn the store than Xbox, and roughly the same amount of players online?????? And they still give dlc first. Fuck those money grubbing whores.

Actually Xbox players spend more and spend more time on their systems averages almost 5 hrs of use in most homes installed in, Xbox live is and always will be superior multiplayer experience.... I do like Sony but I do more than game solo

Speak for yourself. Personally, I don't mind at all that it comes out on Xbox first. It has for years and its not an issue for me. Of Microsoft is paying to get it first, then that's how it will be.

Did u expect it to not get exclusive content first? Its CALL OF DUTY. Its practically synonymous with the xbox brand

I'm confused as to why "WINDOWS PHONE CENTRAL" is covering so much crap on non-phone things. Everytime I get on this website it's talking about something besides WP. Make a new tab that specifically talks about Xbox, or Windows 8.1 for PC. Some people only come to this website to view phone things.

This is a nice bonus for COD fans on Xbox platforms, being a ps3 user currently it chafes a little having to wait a month for dlc!!

I'll play it but less dedicated hours to repeat multiplayer.. There are to many games I wish to play now.