Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer makes us want to play now

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Here's a first look at the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. A ton of great games are coming to the Xbox One over the next few months. There's the exclusive games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive. But there's also some stellar multi-plat games like Call of Duty and Destiny coming. Watch the trailer for Advanced Warfare.

Injecting science fiction seems to have given new blood to the series. We're looking forward to taking Advanced Warfare for a spin.

What do you think of the multiplayer trailer?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer makes us want to play now


Isn't that impossible? I mean when was titanfall revealed last year and when was COD AW hinted/revealed last year? Titanfall came out March of this year and this COD is coming out in November that's eight months. Lets say the gap between the release of both was a year and I'm no game developer but last time I checked it doesn't take one year to change/optimize the game engine and also to make a whole new game. One last thing, COD is now in a three year development cycle, which means Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledge Hammer are individually make a COD each year. Theoretically, that means this COD has been in development ever since Black Ops 2 (two years ago) or possibly even at the end of MW3(three years ago). If some how Sledge Hammer new about Titanfall two/three years ago they either have a time machine ( which is pretty cool I guess) or Respawn had the game already developed two/three years ago but was waiting until 2014 to release it...

It's not clear to me whether it is impressive or sad that you know so much about a game... LOL

Not much of that seemed like an actual language to me.

Did I mention I am old?

Yeah, Hardline is a fail when i played it as it just looks like a mod for 4
but i like to play with vichels in big maps and holy crap in hardline you can play with a grappling Hook ! a hook man ! ;)

Hardline is awful. No way I'm spending a dollar on that game. Now Battlefield 5 on the other hand, will be pretty awesome, hopefully they don't ruin it with exosuits/jump packs and make everyone just jump around the whole time.

How did you know 5 will be better ? :)
i want it to be, but no one knows and for the sci-fi stuff it can be a mod for one of the DLCs as there is always be like 5 of them

Does this game have something similar to Party Games like Sticks & Stones on Black Ops 2. If not, I pass. I need something addicting on multiplayer and team deathmatch is usually not it.

They have this thing like Grifball in Halo. You take hold of an antenna and you have to bring it to the opponents base. You can also pass the antenna around

Not quiet. Now I remember the name. Its called Uplink. Itsblike Ricochet from Halo. Its very fun. Theres a ball shaped antenna/drone which you have to carry or throw into the enemy's base. Once you have the ball you have weaker defense. A tactic they mentioned during the multiplayer reveal is to pass the ball to an enemy and then kill him. I really cannot wait for this game mode. If you pre-order you get the game a day early

It's like a mash-up of COD and Titanfall. Not necessarily a bad thing but the wall running and hanging in TF just makes it smoother. Won't know until I play it however, so I'll keep an open mind until then. 

Best thing about TitanFall is that the gameplay is very balanced. Something that COD has failed many times over. I'm not expecting too much.

▶ I really enjoyed Titanfall. If they had the current content like they do now (burn card packs, insignias, etc) I would have kept going. Got to 5th50 and stopped.

MW2 was the best Call of Duty ever, I wish they would go back and build on what made MW2 so great! I'm not saying remake MW2 but I'd buy it if they just did a "HD" remake and add more Spec Ops missions. This new one is just going to be multiplayer with just everyone jumping around. No thanks.


I couldn't agree more! That was the last, and only COD game worth owning. On that note, I'll pass and wait for the new Rainbow Six Siege coming out next year. AcTivision has stolen enough of my money. ;)

I actually liked the original black ops better. And it had a kinda of cool story. And I liked the gameplay and the maps more, although, the graphics looked worse.

Agreed! I think with all of the money they make on these games they could make new maps and fix all of the hacks and sell map packs for $19.99 for MW2, COD4 and MW3.

Oh, I was about to say.

▶ It's times like this I still wish I was a QA tester. I got any retail game I wanted for $20, and I got to play everything way early, and watch it grow from terrible shit. The downside is burning out on anything you play, and spending a massive amount of time doing the same pointless shit over... And over... And over...

Oh, I see. I was just comparing it with the ghosts reveal and trailers, and ghosts looked meh. So the game may not be amazing, but for now, it does.

You realize this game was in development before Titanfall was announced? No way they changed the whole game in a year and copied Titanfall.

And this will actually be worth $59, Titanfall should've been $29-$39. It would've sold a lot better.

I never said that, but that doesn't mean they fully copied titanfall. Just because the movement is similar and it's futuristic, doesn't mean it is Titanfall.

Why in the hell, a game developer will give their idea to another in a different company before releasing it or revealing the trailer. That's just plain stupid.

▶ It may not have been an intentional leak/ sharing info. The framework for CoD is already there, and has been recycled for years. (Aiming, hit detection,etc) Seeing as it was an additive process [movement of the player] it probably didn't take long to achieve. They have a much larger studio than Respawn does. Storyboarding, graphics, and multiplayer netcode are independent of player movement for the most part. A tweak in level design and player animations, along with some efficient physics programming is all it really takes to have added that in.

Looks like a combi mix of the last 10 years of gaming tbh that's why I moved away from cod last year after being there from the very beginning. I can just smell all those noobs coming onto the battlefield franchise now

So much jumping around... I couldn't get past that thought while watching. Totally put me off of Advanced Warfare. I hope the campaign isn't like that.

Not a cod fan, but I have to say, this looks good and a nice comeback from ghost. The hint at titanfall boost jumps shows a bit with all the jumping.

Am I supposed to be excited for this?!?! So basically with the Exo suits, Call of Duty will be multiplayer with everyone just jumping around the whole time. Freak'n lame man, I had high hopes. Where's the coop campaign or Spec Ops.... or are they just going to throw in a lame alien mode again that requires paying for DLC? Luckily there are a lot better games coming out this fall than this!

Near the end if the video...was that a direct rip-off of the Hammer of Dawn from Gears or what? Someone said it already....it's a mash-up of all the cool stuff in a bunch of other games. It will simply sell better because it has "Call of Duty" in its title.

With new technology today, they should remake those world war 1 and 2 games. It was so hard for me to enjoy those games then.

If I wanted to play Gaylo or Titanfall, I'd purchase those games. Why would I spend good money on a copy/hybrid.

COD GayloFall...no thank you. 

▶ Couldn't agree more.
I could explain why he is wrong.. but anytime you see the word Gaylo in a post... you already know the kind of person you are dealing with. It's a pointless endeavor. Keep on rocking in the free world.

one shot kills.. so every retard with autoaim and a gamepad can kill something and feel good about their skills

looks like the same old crap

I'm all for the jumping and wall climbing. I can't count the times I wish I could do that in order to take out a sniper dug in so well in an elevated place. Like the buildings on Warzone in Ghost.

Never was into the Call of Duty franchise ,but I guess I might buy the Xbox One just to play this game and Destiny with my friends this winter.

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Destiny? Stellar? Hah! It's about as vanilla as they come. Just a ripoff of Borderlands with reskinned Halo AI, trying to be Mass Effect.

   Is it just me or does it remind anyone else of Titanfall without the Mechs? I'm happy that the soldiers can finally swim in multi-player. And the tsunami was a nice touch.

Yes, it reminds me of Titanfall, but I'll definitely buy this. I was on the fence with Titanfall and didn't buy it. I feel the same way about the swimming and Tsunami.

These game just look,plaint dumb jumping flying there is no way in reality someone would,move at that speed and I don understand is a game but I think is a rip off of titan fall game

First you take Crysis( 1, 2 or both ), then you mix some titanfall in it, then you add some of your previous shit and on that some new fancy shit; mix them properly for a year and Voila!!!