Canada taking time with Windows Phone 2nd gen?

Is it possible that the entire country of Canada is doing away with Windows Phone? Doubtful. While that may be the case, we have gotten some news that Bell Canada has pulled its WP7 devices from its site.  Furthermore, there have been some reports that Canadian carriers are not providing any firmware updates for first generation WP7 phones to enable Wifi tethering or other Mango features. Rogers, however, is still holding on with the Samsung Focus being available, albeit heavily discounted.

We're not ready to claim that the sky is falling quite yet, but Canadian carriers have been a little quiet as of late on Windows Phone. Perhaps Bell Canada is simply pulling their gen-1 phones to make way for the new Mango lot.  After all, it was Microsoft Canada that had previously leaked the name of the Nokia "Sabre" in the terms and conditions one of their contests.  In addition, three other phones were named in the same contest (Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, Nokia SeaRay) suggesting they will be getting some new devices after all. However, there have been no official announcements about new WP devices headed to Bell Canada, or any other carrier, for that matter, leaving a lot of customers hanging.

Frankly, we're not sure what to make of this, so if any of our Canadian readers have anything to add, we would love to hear it.

Source: Bell Canada Mobility (Thanks for the tip, Kal!)


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Canada taking time with Windows Phone 2nd gen?


Wow that was a dickhole thing to say. Canada has a huge market and Microsoft Canada is actually doing a decent job of advertising here. Your comment is short-sighted, rude, and frankly: stupid.I see the removal of old devices as making room. Bell was the most intentional about advertising WP7 here so I don't see them of all people giving the OS the boot.

I agree about the comment. However I don't agree that Microsoft Canada is doing a decent job in Canada.I've monitored what the carriers have been doing since WP7 was announced. I cancelled my wife's rogers account because the Rogers people had no clue what WP7 was a month after it was released. I actually got her a Phone from Bell, in part so I could test my App and release it soon after the marketplace launched. Since then I have looked through the flyers I get every week from Best Buy, Futureshop, Rogers, the Source, etc.. and for the last 8 months not a single Windows Phone has shown up in those flyers. I've seen Blackberry, Android, iPhone and even Dumb phones in those flyers but not a single Windows Phone.If this is considered a decent job by Microsoft, then WP7 users in Canada are screwed!

From what I've seen, Retail WP7 device support is pathetic! I went to my local BestBuy to see if they were getting any new Windows Phones in over a Month ago, and nobody there knew anything about WP7 and they had none on display at all, not from any of the four carriers, and didn't know when they would. It seems they either pulled them off the shelves, or they sold out and were waiting for the next Gen phones, but they haven't had any for over a month and possibly longer. To not have any Windows Phones in the store for possibly months is inexcusable. Microsoft has to do a better job up here than that. If Windows phones aren't even in the stores and nowhere to be seen I really fear for the future of WP7 in Canada.

im no canadian but i do care. the more ppl using no matter where the more apps, support and new stuff we got.

im sorry i apologize ive just been really frustrated in the US with the support and the utter lack of care im getting with tmobile with trash low end handsets im looking for a high end phone but i dont want atnt and we are just getting the radar and the 710 and no 800 searay no titan no focus no focus flash no nothing and theres like nothing happening with the internet sharing on my hd7 and its just aggravating too see everyone else getting like the 800 and the titan in south america and all the companies i dont want getting it while im stuck on mid range phones i apologize that was just a snap of rudeness.

Thanks for the apology. I apologize for reacting so severely. It certainly is frustrating and we're all in it together to get these carriers to give a second look at the platform.

you know my dad went to buy a wp7 at tmobile guess what they told him this phone is a little too complicated for "someone like you" im like what the heck does that mean and he said "well i just think ud be better off with an android" im like ur telling him to get an android cuz hes to dumb to use windows phone i told him windows phone is simpler than android and ur calling my dad stupid?

Same thing happened to my dad when he went to Telus to get one. But apparently they went further to say the keyboard sucks and they break down all the time. So they sold him an iPhone just before the 4S was going to be released. Outright lies.

fortunately in my case i got the worker fired incompetence should not be allowed in retail anything.... insulting the people they could be making money off of

I for one care... I am tired of Canadian carriers not listening to what we want or even mentioning / advertising Windows 7.We have Android buses and iPhone ads everywhere but nothing else.

Rogers has pushed Mango, can do hidden networks, but no tethering, and when asking if they are getting any of the new phones...I just get the canned response of "we cannot comment on products that we have not released yet" blah blah...

lol it sounded like that. They actually said the HTC Raider is on sale with Bell now. That's an Android device. Believe me, Canada is doomed with 1st Gen WP7 devices. They don't give a **** about us!

In all honesty I'm pretty ticked off. I've had my phone since day 1 of the launch. I usually switch up my phones every 6-8 months and it's been an eternity. Not only am I 'ticked' off, but I'm actually feeling like switching to Android right now because there's so much variety. I love the WP7 OS but the fact that there's nothing new coming is making me lose interest. I know a couple friends who feel the same way. What's Microsoft accomplished if they end up losing customers that were supporting them from the get-go? The least they could do is set a date saying HEY! We're holding a Windows Phone event on THIS date, so we know SOMETHING is coming. It's retarded. I'm right on the edge right now, I don't know if I should jump ship or sit and keep suffering. They're launching phones ALL over the World except here. Any suggestions?

Tweeted Rogers a question last month and they responded saying they were working with Samsung to bring the next generation of devices to us. A month later, still no ETA, no announcement.Rogers_Kelly, Kelly @ Rogers @weetigo Still no update I'm afraid :( Working hard w/ Samsung & Microsoft to make it happen for you guys soon!

From what I understand from a family member who works at Bell, the company has shifted focus and is now primarily pushing Android.They've even switched employees from Blackberry's to Android handsets!When asked about windows phone, they said they haven't heard about anything coming down the pipeline which isn't a good sign. :(

Same with Australia, basically no news on 2nd Gen Handsets from Telstra, Vodaphone or Optus (especially Telstra, deafly silent)!

I switched from Rogers to Bell on launch day, because Rogers was only offering the Focus to new customers. I switched to Bell just to get a Windows Phone, and if they stop offering Windows Phones I'll be switching to Telus when it's time to upgrade.Also, I was in The Source a few days ago, and an employee was taking down a Windows Phone display and putting up an Android display. He said that they will no longer be offering Windows Phones (for a while).

im sorry all i apologize i just feel overlooked at tmobile and am thinking of switching to atnt because we dont get anything high end besides pos android phones even an iphone here would be nice but nothing just trash google i didnt mean to offend i snapped at canada and i shouldnt have im just sick of not getting the same handsets that pos atnt and sprint are getting its irritating..

The North American cell phone market is dominated by the carriers to the detriment of the consumers. I personally am getting the feeling that despite the smiles at the press conferences no US or Canadian carrier cares for anything Microsoft at all, and they are more than happy to see WP7 die. All the signs point to it, and I hope MS can overcome that or else they should just focus on more accepting territories, like Europe.

I hate to admit it, but I often feel the same way. I know at&t will sell anything they're given, but it's clear Verizon would be all-Android if they could. It almost seems as though they're only selling the iPhone to stem the defections to at&t. Sprint only carries the Arrive, which isn't bad but it still speaks volumes about what they want to sell. T-Mobile's trying, but I don't see enthusiasm for the product. I think they would go all-Android too, especially since they are the only major US carrier without the iPhone now.Let's face it, carriers love Android because they can sell cheap, underpowered phones with all their bloatware trials on them. Apple held so much control over the iPhone experience that I imagine most carriers wouldn't give up their power over the phone experience in order to sell it. Windows Phone is a great middle ground, but without good marketing and consumer demand, it's tough to compete. I just wish sales reps would give the OS fair time when they're comparing iOS, Android, and Blackberry. I'm honestly amazed that more people aren't finding out through word-of-mouth by now about Windows Phone's awesome social networking integration, "Pocket-to-Picture," and other unique features. Most people don't even get full use out of the advanced features of iOS and Android, and meanwhile are missing out on something great. Windows Phone would be perfect for them and nobody is giving them an opportunity to even know that.

Listen all i apologized for my earlier comment but can someone explain to me why i cannot see my own posts cuz now i dont know if i posted it or not....

Bell has stopped carrying windows phones in their stores and online for over a month now, when i talk to the employes they have told me that they probably will now carry any more windows phones because of the lack of sales. This is disappointing since most stores when the phone launched barley had any in stock, on november 8 last year the bell store by my house in toronto ontario was only carrying a total of 3 windows phone. The lack of sales is due to a lack of quantity and advertisement, currently the only way for me to get a windows phone without paying a lot is by entering the canadian wp7 programming contest, which leaves hope that their may still be support for windows phones in canada

I really wanted to order the HTC Titan from Expansys, but they don't have 1900MHz support for HPSA for Canadian networks, so yeah, I don't know when any compatible Mango handsets will be available here, other than the T-Mobile Radar which is too low end for me.Doesn't look good.

u know, i got into a fight with my gf over this, i said i felt lonely and ignored when i found out Bell took out HD7, no updated hardware(not even HD7s ffs) and the Canadian MS site had like 4 phones left and dwindling quickly... very very unhappy at the moment, i won't even be able to buy unlocked phones if i stick with BellI think I'm going to just pay the fine and ditch Bell for Rogers when unlocked Nokia phones get to the states. may be ill get it there and bring it back, at least Rogers don't restrict their users like Bell on their high horse(I almost had to go see a psychiatrist over this :( very very unhappy and annoyed about this)

I remembered early this year, it was reported that Rogers was going to release the Dell Venue Pro but that never happened. Now, AT&T released the Focus S and no news on whether Rogers will carry it. it's really disappointing but I am sure MS will pull through.The Android bias with the carriers is a lot like what happened with the Xbox and the Xbox 360. The retailers were eating up the hype of the PS3 but when it actually came out, it fell short and MS took advantage of the situation. I'm sure a similar scenario will play out with WP7.

The Canadian WP7 users don't have a voice. As a developer it is depressing every time I look at my Canadian stats and see the lack of advertising here in Canada.I paid a penalty to cancel my Rogers and switched to Bell because they had a WP7 (I should have known since they had it hidden in the back room and not even on display) and now it would appear that Bell isn't getting any of the 2nd Gen WP7 phones?MICROSOFT this is sad! I only wish we had a more vocal Canadian site that could call these guys out and acutally get noticed!

They're ridiculous! Even if they said something like 'expect phones in a month' or, 'we're holding an event in a few weeks' to promote the bloody OS, then OKAY. The fact that there's no noise is LOUSY! They're making record sales and revenues, but can't afford to spend marketing dollars on such a huge market here and get their phones out there. I had a Blackberry before and jumped ship because they were lame phones. Now I'm thinking of jumping ship on Microsoft because THEY are being lame! Shame... that's all I can say to the situation. Even if they gave ONE good phone to hold down the fort until Nokia comes next year, OKAY. They're not doing anything!

Well this just sucks. I have been holding off getting a phone for about 6 months. Given the option for choosing any phone I want by my employer, I was very excited. So down to the phone store (they are all terrible here in Canada) and to my surprise, I physically could not find a WP7. I will try to take this in stride as this type of dissappointment is very typical of how electronics companies almost refuse to admit we exist. Geez...we have even had 4g service longer than in the states! Even Blackberry ships their units around the world months before they can walk down the street to the local store to drop off some product.How much longer can I hold my breath?

they should have a top tier phone for every single carrier what nonsense to have low end handsets somewhere and blah blah blah u get the idea they should each get a top tier phone not atnt get everything in usa tmobile get 2 and verizon get 1 thats not good enough people on any other carrier than atnt will not bother with a mid range wp7 if they can get a top tier android its nonsensical logic.....

im thinking of running an experiment go to every single carrier in my area and see how hard they push windows phone 7 and have my friend record it to show that these douchebags refuse to promote them

I have been using my Samsung Focus on the Rogers network for a year now and have been quite impressed. Three of the four major Canadian carriers offered a decent selection of Windows Phones when it originally launched but the lack of certain features that were available on iPhones & Android based phones seemed to turn many people away. In turn, carriers lost interest. Corporate customers are still very much into Blackberries, mostly because their IT departments aren't aware that WP devices can integrate with their MS Exchange servers. Younger consumers seem to be all about the iPhone, despite it's shortcomings, simply because it's trendy. Other consumers are leaning towards Android devices due to the wide variety of handsets. Personally, I think Mango blows them all out of the water, but the damage was already done long before it was released. Hopefully, the second generation handsets will be able to overcome this, but that will only happen if the Canadian carriers offer the devices. Best bet for WP lovers is Canada will be with Rogers & Telus. Bell has been losing the mobile phone race for decades & since Rogers bought Fido they have made sure it doesn't offer anywhere near the selection of quality devices that it used to. I, for one, am looking forward to upgrading my Focus to a second generation WP based Samsung handset if/when they become available in Canada.(Microsoft should consider doing WPNYC in Toronto and/or Montreal to bring some much deserved attention to Windows Phone in Canada)

hey! don't forget about Vancouver, we're pretty big too :Pthink I should pay the early termination fee and jump to rogers?

Don't forget Calgary/Alberta. I know we do not have the pop base that TO and Van do but we have just as much desire and we already have 4g networks in most of the province.Oh yea, and the Samsung Focus cannot be found in Calgary.

We should email Microsoft Canada and get them the word that we will show up if you build it. A 5 city tour of Canada and get the word out.

I really don't think so. WP7.5 is really starting to take off.It's really starting to catch a decent buzz as of late. We are going to start seeing a lot of low end, mid end and a few really good high-end devices this coming year. So no, I don't think this is a kill off WP7 move at all.

The biggest problem in Canada is many of the features in Mango are not available here. Zune pass JUST arrived and I've had nothing but problems trying to sign up for a trial. The Local Scout thing doesn't work here if I'm correct. It's not necessarily a Canadian problem, if I'm not mistaken Microsoft is very selective WORLDWIDE on who gets what features for some reason.

Yeah, I'd say a lot of this falls on Microsoft. Some of their handling for other countries is just terrible. I remember when Bing Maps US would show transit directions for Canadian cities but Bing Maps Canada wouldn't. I had to contact a friend of mine who works for Microsoft on the Bing team to get that sorted out.That'd be a big reason for the failure of the Zune as well. US only for so long - it might be a big market, but the entire US market is insignificant compared to the whole world.

I'm with Telus and I'm telling you there is no support for WP7 here. Not one advertisement, not one mention about new phones for many many months. I went into a store at Markville mall and the rep was a total looser. Told me that they don't have Windows Phones anymore and he was so misinformed about WP telling me things that we're not true. Everything he said was things you could have said at launch so I told him to go educate himself. He even said telus sent all the phones back and that they don't sell WP anymore. Then I saw the LG Optimus 7 on display. What an idiot. All he knew was android and praised Android the whole time. Just look at the Telus Website and it's full of Android. Microsoft better so something because people don't even know what a windows phone is.

I bought out of my Telus contract because the Milestone was such a POS and they did nothing about it. Loved my HD7, Gave it to my son because My employer would "prefer" me on a BlackBerry. He no longer cares what I use, so I am looking to go back to WP7 ASAP. Hope Bell gets off it's a** soon.

Sad to hear this since Telus was a WP7 Launch partner. Looks like we may have to import WP7 devices if we want 2nd Gen in Canada.

All they have to do is advertise in the Metro newspaper and the TTC. Wrap Subway trains, Buses and streetcars. I'm really pissed about the situation in Toronto. the carriers need to have more then just Two WP7 each. Have a presence in the store and educate those stupid employees.

Here's a better idea how about they wrap the CN Tower in a windows phone. Now that's advertising. A Microsoft store would be nice in al the malls to. Apple has one in every mall so what are you waiting for Microsoft. All they do is open stores to show off Kinect.

The problems afflicting all carriers here: staff ignorance of the WP7 platform, weak or non-existent efforts at marketing, and limited selection. Staff ignorance of the WP7 platform extends to all the Canadian carriers, and the training, commissions and/or kickbacks that sales people receive for selling other platforms apparently don't compete with WP7 or the field might be more level. I've never seen an ounce of WP7 marketing from any Canadian carrier. Not one. If Microsoft Canada is contributing marketing dollars to the carriers, they are being squandered by the most unimaginative and ineffective marketeers working in telco today. What's going well? 3 things: #1 for me is Zune Pass for Canada. My subscription quickly became an addiction. It realizes the dream of thinking of a song and being able to hear it within seconds. It's the best invention since the first MP3 player big enough to hold a whole collection. I tried to get my daughter a similar subscription for her Android, and it just doesn't exist here; not through Rhapsody, iTunes or any other host, and the Napster experience requires her to synch with a PC or Mac, not directly to her phone - not a good experience. Every Canadian music lover could be sold on this in a heartbeat. Rogers, why no plan with a Focus, a 32GB Micro-SD and one-year Zune Pass? Great for me, but for the platform, an opportunity squandered. #2: We have a strong developer community so there are plenty of solid Canadian apps including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, a few scattered transit and taxi apps, and even a few city guides. And by the way, Mango's Scout feature works fantastic if you change the regional search settings to US. #3: I've had acceptable service from Rogers for my awesome Samsung Focus. Updates arrive in a reasonable time, and despite not having enough on hand or any publicity to support their launch, I got one and it works. My friend did too, it broke and they got him another. Not overwhelming, but acceptable, and in this market that's good enough. Cheers,-Eli.

I for one would love to see the next gen WPs in Canada. I have a Samsung Focus with Rogers and have started to love it more and more especially since Mango. I know android and iphone users and they're both jealous of the WP's simplicity. It may not have all the features of the other 2 but hey, its a young OS AND they're doing it right by adding what is ready WHEN it's ready. The biggest issue with the WP is ignorance. No one seems to know much if anything about it. We need to change that. Start a WP revolution!

I doubt they're gone for good. More likely sales were slow, so they're approaching Mango devices with trepidation. Likely we'll see a few of the key phones, such as the Nokia devices, used to re-launch the platform in Canada. But we won't get them until 2012.Either way, it is kind of lame... But it's no secret that Apple has, for whatever reason, simply stomped the **** out of the competition in Canada: http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/09/20/comscore-iphone-4-most-popular-smartph...Only RIM beats them here, and that's a figure likely to take a steep drop soon. At 3% marketshare, I can see why mobile providers here wouldn't be so fast in snatching up Windows Mobile until it takes off in the US.

My wife and I recently switched to unlocked Bell LG Quantums on Telus. Since the Mango update, we've really gotten to love these phones. However, it's still challenging to promote them with friends when there are some basic things missing. The marketplace still requires a credit card. That's why I couldn't get my teens into WP7. Even I won't risk our credit cards for most of what I've seen in the marketplace so far. On the other hand, my kids and I spend freely in iTunes because we can use gift cards. Developers, please pressure microsoft. It will mean more money in your pockets and more users in general.The one app my wife and I were waiting for was Navigon. We used TomTom extensively on our old phones but when Navigon was finally released, there was Europe and USA. No Canada. Never seen that before. Microsoft seems to tout Office on these phones as the most amazing thing around. Overall, it feels restricted and cut down to me. On our old windows mobile phones there were more format options available either through Mobile Word or third party options. I can't turn off wordwrap and zoom out to see the actual layout of word docs I've received. Sometimes this renders them unreadable. I've scoured the internet but still can't figure out if our phones will ever get the internet sharing update. Is it Bell because they were originally Bell phones? Is it Telus because they have to allow tethering? Is it LG because they're the manufacturer? Or is it microsoft because it's their OS? In general, for WP to catch on, it just needs some basic support and features added. it's very close to being something I can brag about, but not quite there.

I can see Bell and Telus possibly ditching Windows Phone but I don't see Rogers doing it too. Windows Phone is a great OS and seems to finally be catching on a bit more, it would be a shame to see it leave Canada.

It is not looking good for Windows Phone on Bell. If they are abandoning Windows Phone I'll eat the early termination fee and jump ship when the right phone/carrier combination comes along--if there is another choice because while Canada is generally an awewsome country for some reason we are the international bottom dweller when it comes to wireless service.

Think Nokia better hurry up with those unlocked, pentaband (hopefully Skype equip) phones for my friends up North. **** the carriers. Oh, btw. The i'm a WP7 app lists Canada as the 4th most popular region for Windows Phone, behind the US, Germany and the UK. But in front of Australia, France, Italy and Spain.

I've also noticed this statistic. It is actually the reason why I feel even more outraged that Microsoft isn't doing anything here this year. It's so lame!

Been thinking about this for a long time, and I need some consideration, and replies on this. Maybe post it as it's own thread later this week. Maybe it's time we start harassing the CRTC (Canada's version of the FCC) To separate the carriers from the handsets. The specs are already cast in stone, and since they always beeyotch that the reason they lock us in for 3 years is the spread out cost of the set, those of us who do change more often would be able to argue for lower monthly rates, since we're providing the handset ourselves. We only got true competition. in wireline when we did the same thing there, so maybe it's time.

i have this im a wp7 thing and its like pointless to me cuz no one i know has a wp7 we should like all become friends on the app and keep eachother posted on news

Telus Mobility here in Canada are not bad. They still have the launch devices but I see that most Canadians do not care. I hope to see some more, as these are awesome phones. People just do not give them a chance. We need some viral marketing. That will grab some attention.

The carriers here in Canada are doing a terrible job promoting WP! As others pointed, almost no mention of WP anywhere, no in-store demo units, no posters.. nothing. And the sales people won't even bother. If you go on Rogers (Ontario) website, you'll see that the Focus is under "Windows Mobile"! lol. And they used a generic picture instead of one with the distinctive tiles of WP7. It's like they're intentionally hiding it. Isn't there someone from Microsoft reading this?!

I've got some contacts on the inside and write for a news site. I'm trying my best but a barrage of e-mail/tweets from a dedicated fanbase couldn't hurt. I'm @JoshMartin7

Hey guys, I just got confirmation from Microsoft that Windows Phone isn't going anywhere. No explanation as to weird website take-downs etc but they're dedicated to the platform. So no worries but make sure you take advantage of word-of-mouth. Get it in peoples' hands. Once it's there, they're gonna hate giving it back ;)

i think everyone already knew that nothing was going to stop the os.. it's more that microsoft is going to watch there phone sales go the way of the kin if they dont get there act together!

Hopefully Wind nabs a couple. I know they tried getting the N900 when they launched, so I'm sure they'd try to get any phone that users want if they could.I know Mobilicity won't carry any.The other option would be for the manufacturers to sell phones unlocked if the carriers won't have them. Better than nothing.

I was in at a Telus store and I outright asked the rep if TELUS is getting any of the new Windows Phones and he said "We haven't heard any news on the Nokia handsets." "Nokia?!" I said. Then he said that any news will be on the TELUS web site....."

Hopefully after CES they will announce something in Canada. Ill just have to buy the Focus S outright from AT&T and use it here. I went to Best Buy at Markville Mall and asked the guy working there about the next Gen WP7 devices and he had no clue what WP7 was. So frustrating